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Magic, the most forbidden art. Only nobles are allowed to learn from the great wizards and witches, and only from special schools set up by the state. For commoners, learning the mystic arts is nothing but a dream, a fantasy that many strive for but none achieve.

With one exception: Stalliongrad. The great, northern city boasted more magic schools than any other, and among them, the only one that accepts low born ponies. It's a dangerous trek to get there, and even more dangerous to simply stay in the frozen city.

Twilight Sparkle, however, will not be stopped. Destined to become the archmage, destined to sit at Princess Luna's side, she will not be stopped.

After all, Archmage Twilight Sparkle has a nice ring to it.

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So where's the AU tag? Just based on the description alone, this is most definitely not show canon. Minor nitpick though.

This does look good, so I'll stick around for it.

You so right, completely slipped my mind. Fixed!

This is so good so far! I'm really looking forward to finding out what happens!

Ok I'm liking what I'm seeing and am now just playing the waiting game until the next chapter comes out.

The idea of low born Twilight has always held appeal for me then what we got in canon. It just adds that something too Twilights character. To be honest makes her desire for knowledge a little richer. Instead of a quark. She has have knowledge in a school of hard-knocks.

A mare has too have tricks up her sleeve after all.

Seeking Power really handles this really well as well. Though I believe her line is of noble birth. You do feel the strain of her work.

Word. I will also add in agreeing. Its interesting from both a writing and a broader perpective that...a thousand year old. Immortal? Ageless? Getting up there in years? Solution too soceitys problems after a fashion is nobles.

Or...put a better way. Why even have nobles? If you are immortal where is the creativity in society? Like you just didn't have the imagination. And could not let anyone find out...so you...just...keep at it.

Just like drinking tea.


Funnily enough, this will actually be talked about in the story haha

Thats cool too hear. Well I like Celestia's character. It stands to reason how benevolent can someone be if soceity has...not truly evolved past the medieval model.

Equaty is more my style.

Im excites too see what you have in store!

Pft. I saw this story and thought "Hey this looks almost exactly like an earlier story I read years ago"
By the same author. Whoof.

Yep! Spiritual successor. I wasn't happy with the quality or plot of where Student was going so I'm rebuilding something similar from the ground up here. It'll be significantly different but have some of the same themes.

Silent Knight, keep an eye out for her. A grunt from behind her, Twilight just able to see the white fur coat and blue mane of the stallion behind her.

Is this a nod to Anzel and Crystal's Silent Knight Royal Guard in their Quill and Blade set of fanfictions? Or just a happy Coincidence? (As he is a white stallion with a blue mane too heh. Not sure yet if yours is also a pegasus...)

Either way, this is an amazing start and I can hardly wait to read more~! :D

It is! I don't talk to them much anymore, but we used to be very good friends.

Thank you!!

I've got a lot planned :3

I'm gonna try and keep a consistent schedule here, but we'll see tbh

Its actually interesting because seeking power was like, next on my reading list!


More to come!!

I'm in that same boat. Still on their Discord server, but since they stopped writing on here haven't really talked much either. Hehe though yay! I love nods to other fanfictions so that is a big brownie point in my book! :pinkiehappy:

I may as well give up on some of my stories. This out runs my 3 current

That was quite the intro! Oh, and a quick tip but type

in your document to create a perfectly sized page break.

wow I love this.

Can't wait for the next chapter

the sheer number of errors in this makes it a hard one to like. The most pressing are nearly a dozen open speech sections where you just forget to add the second "

Well I'm sold.

So very sold.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Forgot to add spaces in between the brackets.
He means this:

[ hr ]

~Skeeter The Lurker

Yeah type [ Hr ] then remove the spaces between the brackets and the hr.

all i did was read the description then look at the cover art and i was hooked. will update my review after i read the first chapter. :)

Update: Im hooked and i cant wait for more!!!

Fair enough. I wrote this super late one night and didn't really go over it since I didn't expect many people to read it. Going forward, I'm going to have an editor and will likely be going over this chapter at some point today.

haha working on it!

I try and nail that first - got a whole process for finding music to set the tone and all. I wonder if I should link the songs here?

Whatcha mean?


I started writing it today ^^

I went ahead and did a quick look and I'm gonna ask my editor to go over it too. I should have fixed the open quote sections at least if you wanna give it another shot ;.;

I'm glad :D More to come, hopefully!!

I'll do my best to keep it up!

Comment posted by Movingtarget Productions deleted Apr 10th, 2021

This does not compare to my 3 stories (1 published, 1 in the works, 1 waiting for approval) and I think this is better than the 3 combined


Shamed to say it wasn't until I saw a previous comment and looked through your stories that I realized this was a reboot.

And if I recall right, the old one was a damn good one as well.

So, yeah. Excite.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I'm always up for some song recommendations. Especially if instrumental.

Curiosity killed the cat!

in Stalliongrad you get detention before you even sign up for school

Good!! I hope it can live up to that one!

Ill add 'em!

And imprisoned the pony ;.;


This actually made me fucking crack up over here. This is hilarious

in a week you won't thank me. :rainbowdetermined2:
You shall rue the day you ever posted this wonderful fic when you see dozens of 'update?':twilightsmile:
by me naturally:ajsmug:
and if you dare cancel this story, i'll go pinkamina on you:pinkiecrazy:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:pinkiehappy: Best of luck with the fic, i don't know how much help i'll but you can ask me for ideas :twilightsheepish:

I feel like just the other day I was thinking about Student of the Night and how sad I was it had been canceled. And here comes the author of that story using the same cover image and a slightly similar premise to smack me upside the head with some excitement! That said, a great first chapter, and I can't wait to see more!

Oh I've got it pretty much all planned out from the start this time :3

I totally read your mind and went for it :D

ALSO! You probably know me if you were in their discord server. I was Quiet TIme/Quiggles.

Yes, that does sound familiar... I was usually Queen Chryssy/Junonia I think...

Very interesting can't wait for more

I really like this so far! Cannot wait for more

She’d never done that before! “All good!” Twilight agreed, as they walked down the cobblestone streets of Stalliongrad.

Four paragraphs later:

Only then did Twilight realize that she probably should have said something back to Azure. “All good,” she agreed, a little quietly.

Does Twilight have memory issues? :derpytongue2:

Just me, mainly :D

I'm dearly hoping this does not get abandoned. You're off to a lovely start.

Nice chapter. I'm not sure if Luna forgot about her prophetic dream or if she was just being vague to Twilight but it matters little and she is to learn magic now. We 'll see next chapter how the other students and even the teachers treat this small village mare who somehow got Into the school.

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