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Quiet Time is a unicorn mare. She's small, rather unassuming, and quite happy with her life. She has good friends, a supportive family, and a job that makes her excited to get up every morning. It may not be the most glamorous of jobs, but working for the princess is always a new experience.

There's really only one problem. Miss Quiet is mute. She was simply born that way and her condition is accompanied with any number of problems. Yet, that's never stopped her from being a hopeless romantic. Meeting ponies without her voice is hard enough, however will she meet her special somepony?

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I love this story! Please continue


I should keep writing it! Progress will be a *bit* slow however, as Student gets priority.

Ah. I gotcha.

Can't say no to this.

But, I think you need a proofreader or an editor.

dahh! another one of my good ideas beaten to. i was working on a combat vet named mr. quiet. your's is cuter. can't wait to see where your mare goes in this story.

Hope this continues


I believe the edited chapter has been uploaded ^^


It should. I'm outlining it now ^^


It should. I'm outlining it now ^^

one year later no update im not calling you a liar but im not calling you a truther

Hey, just wondering if this is gonna continue or whether you've lost your drive for this story? Feel free to ignore this if you want.

I don't know. I love quiet it's just... I dunno. No decision one way or the other. Life is making it hard to write lately unfortunately.

Fair enough, life has this funny way of fucking people sideways when they try to do what they love, for instance, I got a new bass and a few weeks later my amp died, anyway, I understand what you mean, hope you can get round what life's thrown at you, may your chaos spread through the winds of time.

What's the shipping? Twilight x Quiet?

How did I not notice this was yours when I stumbled across it. Interesting premise, I hope you decide to come back to it once you've finished other things.

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