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the secret student, hidden master. but which is which?

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I'd... rather not talk about Autumn Rain. I made her 'dissappear' from the story because she was based on an ex girlfriend. We had been together for three years and she broke up with me about three months before i was going to propose to her, so you can see why i 'replaced' her with lead runner.

2160445 my pleasure. btw, in one of your chapters you mention the hazards of work place relationships. a stallion looking over to a mare he dated and now she's with someone else. can't remember which chapter and rereading to find them, but i wanna say the mare was Autumn Rain? i want to reread the chapter and catch both their names. can ya help me out? that and what's going on with Spitfire and Wave Chill hits a nerve with me and reminds me of a couple arcs from my character's story. a side story has been on my mind for the last 5 days. trying to decide on that or make a fresh one based on that. i love the emotional draw of your characters and the sense of urgency and anticipation of your action scenes. much cleaner than mine. i'm studying your writing style along with Allen Fesler and his Tales Of The Folly. and why do i get the feeling the blue stallion is Sombra?


Thanks! And that's awesome ;)

Thanks for the follow too btw! :eeyup:

2159723 your welcome Calm Wind and thanks for the welcome. i've been reading a few stories for a while now. Goldfur put me on the fence, considering joining with his stories "Growing Up Dandy", but your story "Piercing The Heavens" sealed it. i joined just to fave and follow both your stories. btw/fyi dashes combo of twisters and matteo's moves my character calls a snap roll. instead of banking left for a left turn and the associated drift, he does a 270deg twist right, angles his body up (physically sideways) and power-strokes down with a forward draw of the wings forcing down thrust at 45deg into the turn for a nearly 90deg turn in half the radius. aka barrel roll sideways point your nose where you want to go and flap damn hard! looking forward to the next chapter. --E.

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