• Published 20th Mar 2021
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A Lesson in Carnality - Cardinal Dan Productions

An unusual illness takes hold of Spike, so Twilight offers to take him to see Zecora. They never make it, however, as the young dragon’s state is revealed to be an ravenous lust brought on by a growth spurt.

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Wow short and right to the point neat

Heh. This was nice

Pretty hot indeed.

Wonder what happens afterwards of if Spike ends up banging other mares like Luna too?

I can see this happing and such a wonderful scene and view

Really appreciated this one ^^

Yay, for Splight. :twilightsheepish:

Luna? I want to see what happens when Rarity finds out that he gets five times bigger when under lust growth.

Now standing over twice her height and many times her length on all four appendages, the dragon towered over her. Each breath that came from his nostrils seared the air, and his eyes burned with a fiery look Twilight had never seen from her little companion before. “Spike? What’s... What’s happened to you?”


Twilight smiled, satisfied that the problem was resolved. There was no need for them to visit Zecora after all, and now that she knew the cause of his growth spurt, she wanted to study it further. A lustful grin crossed over her face as she playfully bumped her flanks into his shoulder. “Come on, then. Let’s go home and see if I can’t do a little more to help you feel better.”

Would love to see a sequel to this where somepony else does find out, possible haremfic? Spike's new growth comes with the side effect of the mares he fucks become addicted to him like Twilight seems to have become.

art looks cool, tried finding original but couldn't

Why I suggest Luna is due to seeing how she and Spike have much in common(and also wanting to see those two bang, like what if Spike now has two alicorns to bang and such).

***The End?***

I hope not. This has good possibilities for a sequel!

Making a twispike clip for every setting. Plain anthro and possibly human too.

Though I wouldn't mind another anthro twispike in a different setting. Like maybe with Midnight Sparkle or something.

His serpent-like tail swished from side to side, like a cat about to pounce, and his gaze was fixated on her.

:twilightsmile:: "You're going to pounce on me? Nah, that's silly. Right?"
:moustache:: *growl*
:twilightoops:: "Right?"

Her thoughts rested on one thing, Spike’s massive dragon dick stretching her inner walls to the breaking point. All others were a blur. “Oh, Spiiiiiiiiiiike...”

:moustache:: "Spike want!"

“Come on, then. Let’s go home and see if I can’t do a little more to help you feel better.”

We can't risk to have Spike run wild while in public, so she needs to ensure he is drained and satisfied regulary.
:twilightblush:: "Also, I kinda didn't come yet..."
Of course that's hard work for one pony, even for an alicorn. Luckily she has a few friend who would probably be willing to help out...

She didn't cum after that pounding?! How needy are you, Twilight?

His serpent-like tail swished from side to side, like a cat about to pounce, and his gaze was fixated on her. It was then that Twilight saw it, under his body and between his rear legs. A great shaft, blood red and glistening, protruded from Spike’s scales, nearly reaching the forest floor.

Twilight gasped as she finally understood what was happening to her little dragon. He was maturing, and he was in heat. Then, a terrible thought came over her as his eyes burned into her own. “Spike... That’s... I can’t- I mean, we can’t... Spike, please... You have to listen to me. Zecora will know how to fix this.”

This passage made me laugh so hard.

Nice. :moustache:
Was looking for a reference and found a good read.

This wasn’t meant to be a comedy, but I’m happy to please my readers in any way. :twilightsmile:

LOL. Sorry. I liked the story for what it is meant, but that passage just struck me as funny. Probably because of the non-con tag. I knew it was going to be fine.

Pretty hot scene, though.

***The End?***

I hope not. A sequel would be dope

Really nice one, well writen, its just a shame that twilight didn't have her orgasm... and it would be really cool if when spike turned back to normal, he was a little taller, the same height as twilight maybe...
But anyway, this need a continuation! Pls!!

His eyes avoided her own, choosing I stead to focus on the ground. Now, Twilight wondered if he could understand her, or if he was even ashamed of what he did. As his hardened cock began to grow flaccid, he too began to revert back to his original size. The beastly form shrunk until Spike was once again his usual self. “Twi-Twilight, I’m so sorry... I don’t know what-“

a little more emotion could've been shown in the in last sentence but overall nice story.

So.. I likedthis... but when we gonna get more?

Looking forward to next chapter

***Up Next: An Oral Treatment***


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