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Twilight is stressed and freaked out about her fans, and seeks shelter from the one pony she knows has experience with fame and fortune.

Editor: Stinium_Ruide

Cover art by: artist

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Shades of "Once Upon a Zeppelin" and "Fame and Misfortune" here with the fans.

In all, this was really sweet story with how Rarity comforted Twilight.

Thanks! It was actually written in half an hour months ago, just finally had someone have the kindness to look over it for me.

You could’ve just said no to the crown, Twilight.

This was really cute! It's nice to see Twilight get a moment of peace with Rarity. And as the meme goes, they seem to be very good friends.

It felt to me like there was always a punchline being set up, like Twilight's "fans" all turned out to be bill collectors and people trying to serve her with subpoenas over stuff that she did not know that she was on the hook for.

Very cute.
You’d think Twi would have some guards at this point lol. At least she’s got Rarity whenever she needs to hide away for a moment.

I think this was when she was still the Princess of Friendship. The story implies she was still staying at the Friendship Castle.

Shouldn't there be a romance tag on this? The shipping is quite obvious imo.

So you say she should refuse becoming the Princess of Friendship?

Do I really need to answer that question?

Uhm, maybe no need. I can guess the answer.
I think it's too extreme though. And I don't think it worked that way anyway. I am totally on the side that she should have refused to walk away from her friends to become sole supreme ruler of Equestria. But becoming a princess, I think that was automatic as soon as she became alicorn. "Should she have become an alicorn?", that's a different argument regarding the writing. But from her point of view, her status as princess was something she didn't have a say in. It's not like she could have just ripped out her wings. And I would say it didn't hurt much anyway, because it didn't break the mane 6 group and her destiny like when she became Queen of Equestria.

So you do understand. Good.

Lol, believe me. I have been a fervent objector to supreme ruler Twilight and the way the show ended as a whole since day 1.


Could the both of you please take this somewhere else? It's really annoying to me to see bells and get all excited for a comment, only to here back and forth conservation that could have been done in pm's to avoid this issue. Thank you in advance and have a nice day.

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This story hits close to me. This reminded me about how much I like to not be famous. Too much attention on me all the time is just too much work.

Nice little story, good work. :twilightsmile:

I can dig this story, very cute :raritywink:

Such a cute little story.

Heartlight necklaces in that cover art eh Nailah? :rainbowwild:

Sweet fluffy raritwi, pour it in my veins!

13 downvotes? Really guys? The whole point of the comment is that that never worked before and won't work now.

What's with the romance tag? Clearly Rarity and Twilight are just really good friends here.

Looking at the cover art makes me think of this for some reason: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RTZZPCw4nQM

Some people just don’t like to see anyone bring that up. Triggers feelings of unhappiness and anxiety and some can’t cope.

What was that comment about?

I don’t even remember. Which is why I don’t delete comments under my works for the sake of posterity.

Your review is up!
You can find it here!

Keep up the good work.

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This was cute, I loved it Nai Nai. :twilightsmile:

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