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The Red Parade

Cars are still parked outside. If the rapture had happened, why was it unrecognizable? Why was the sky blue? Why did no one tell me? Do these things not announce themselves?


Tempest Shadow lives alone, in a shell of a house that isn't a home. But a visit from Fluttershy reminds her that she might have more than she realizes.

A 2020 Jinglemas Breezie Fic for Zontan. Check us out here!

Edited by the combined brainpower of Silent Whisper and WishComeTrue.

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That was sweet, and I loved it. Thanks so much for writing something for me, Red. <3

Oh god, I loved this. The feels in this are palpable to the point of almost making me heartache. The emotions and thoughts running wild in Tempest's mind are drawn perfectly, from her loneliness and thinking that she deserves it to the visions of the Storm King's Army invading Ponyville. And Fluttershy's interaction with her is depicted in such a sweet, heartbreaking way that shows Tempest's scars and regrets in a brutally honest way. This was such a good depiction of Tempest's character, and also such a sweet read.

And also, EDEN is pog:

Nice and warm story!

Really good. I liked the ending part a lot

This story reminds me of this song.

Nice one! It really grabs you! :fluttercry:

such a sweet story i love how you have spun the story of Tempest Shadow.

A charming little story, though I always have wondered about the meaning behind the phrase used as the title—and the bio line.


The phrase 'Cassini don't come home' is from a song called 909 by EDEN!

The full line as it occurs in the song is

Cassini don't come home, you don't want to say it
And I don't want to know, but I feel it, I feel
And I don't want to be here, but I don't want to go
'Cause I need this

Cassini was a space satellite sent to Saturn in a project by several space agencies across the world, and it's often considered to be one of the more ambitious space projects conducted.

There are a few ways the lyric can be interpreted, at least according to me.

First is the more literal sense: Cassini can never come home, because by design it isn't able to. The craft was disposed of after its mission was accomplished, and in 2017 it burned up in Saturn's atmosphere. This can represent a character well in the sense of storytelling: someone who's made great strides and contributions in the name of something they believe in, but at the same time knowing that they can never go home and never return to normal.

In a different sense, I like to interpret the line as a speaker talking with the satellite directly, saying "Cassini, don't come home," because the world is so horrible and dreary that things are better up among the stars then they are down here. So it's asking, in a sense, Cassini to stay up among the stars where its safe, and not have to come home to see what the world's become since its departure.

Circling back to the story, I guess I consider Tempest to be Cassini here in a combination of both ideas. Tempest doesn't think she can ever go home or fit in anywhere because of what she's done and who she's become. If she were like a satellite, she's been launched away and not ever expected to go back to where she came from.

And in the second sense, perhaps Tempest is talking with Fizzlepop, as she largely considers these to be two different identities, Tempest thinks that Fizzlepop is long gone now, and maybe for the better: what would her younger self think of Tempest Shadow, of the mare she's become? Someone overcome by bitterness and anger, blinded and betrayed by the idea of revenge? Maybe it's better if Fizzlepop never 'comes home,' because it's safer now wherever she is than the world Tempest has made for herself.

But that's all just speculation. Hope that answers a bit of your question, the tl;dr of it is that it's a song lyric I really like. :U

Being a longtime space-program enthusiast, I did follow Cassini’s progress with great interest, and I definitely agreed with the rationale behind ensuring it would be effectively incinerated. It was the song of which I was unaware, and I thank you for the explanation—especially the exploration of its connections, however roundabout or tenuous, to the story for which you used it as a title. :twilightsmile:

Always a sucker for Tempest the Civilian

“Fluttershy?” Tempest pulled the door open completely in surprise. “What brings you by?”

Tempest does a surprisingly good Zecora.

Stunning work. How does this not have more views?

I especially loved the opening descriptions with the sunlight as if it were a sapient creature.

I also loved the ending chapters when Tempests closed her eyes and Fizzlepop opened them. Beautiful.

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