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I like Anon A Miss stories. My favorite characters are Princess Twilight and Sunset Shimmer.

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No, it's the son of wolverine, James Hudson, but i'm referring to him as James Howlett for now, and this sort of takes place after the events of an AU LOGAN(2017), except the Son Of Wolverine, (James Hudson) is transported somehow(Space Stone), to the human Equestria in 2013.

thanks, first story but it's in an alternate version of the Anon a miss events.
Because sunset has a friend, bodyguard and lover.
everything else is still the same though.

It’s not my cup of tea to ship Sunset with a non equestrian character, despite that you have something here but it’s a bit rushed and the description made it sound like she meets James and they soon become friends. There’s no built up to their friendship as James starts out already knowing Sunset but also her mom.

he doesn't know Celestia that well, he only knows sunset and the Mane 5/6, sorry for the interpretation, it's not rushed, he's meant to have a more caring and loving tone than what the comics make of him.

He's also meant to be better than his fuckup of a father, i mean, James Logan Howlett is a terrible fucking father because he never raised or parented any of them, instead, he abandoned them or gave them up to other people.

oh wait, nevermind, you mean Gabby?, nope, this is an AU of the James Hudson son of wolverine storyline combined with LOGAN(2017). it's not based off ofthe comics entirely, it's also using the live MCU Hugh Jackman x men and wolverine movies.

This story is based from all the live action MCU movies, not from the comics, sorry to disappoint.
while some comic references will be mentioned, it's not from the comics, well, it is(By my new version of the timeline), but that's it.

thanks, but Gabby's not in this story, it's mostly based around the movies, but using my AU version of James Hudson based off of the James Hudson from the comics, but that's it, this is Dafne Keen's movie version of Laura, and the appearance of Hugh Jackman's claimed dead father(and this is Logan from the LOGAN(2017) movie). Will appear and be in the story when it nears it's end.

ok. that's sweet. wish i could help them out in some way.

if you need an oc sure. though i don't know how a diamond dog with a robo right arm would look as a human.

Comment posted by PrinceOfDarkness deleted January 14th

perhaps a former veteran soldier who lost an arm in war either from a mine or gunshot wound, and was given a bionic arm which thoroughly acts like a real human arm.

huh. i can see that happening then. he could also know james as well and help him out with clearing sunset's name because they have good history. can that also work?

they could've worked with Shining armor, and one of them got severely wounded but sure.

cool. that's good to hear. do you need any info on my oc at all?

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wow. that went even better then i thought.

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well you did it as a flash back. i thought for sure you'd do it that sunset would see it happen.

oh, sorry. only James saw it through the flashback, not Sunset.

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yeah. and that's a good thing.

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Oh boy. The Rainboomers and the students are in big trouble now.

yes they are.
After all, Rainbow gave Gilda and the group the location.

oh boy. things are about to get crazy.

Yup. Do you think they should go to jail for that?

Berserker Wolverine, Daybreaker, Nightmare Moon and Midnight Sparkle may happen, due to Twilight loving Sunset like a sister, and Luna and Celestia being a protective mother and aunt, and James going berserker mode out of love for Sunset, and the harm brought stirred the animal's rage.

In the next chapter your OC may or may not be forced to attend court with James and have those who attempted to kill her sentenced to not only solitary confinement but also death, and he and James may or may not be forced to kill them.

Comment posted by PrinceOfDarkness deleted January 16th

sweet easter morning that's dark. i would of had them put behind bars with no bail. not to death.

i mean they tried murdering royalty, which is plotting against the crown, in which they deserve death, but fine, i'll let em live, if only for a little while longer.

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