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I like Anon A Miss stories. My favorite characters are Princess Twilight and Sunset Shimmer.


Who here can interpret dreams? · 3:07pm Yesterday

Hey guys.

Quick question: who here can interpret their own or other's dreams?

I kinda need help with the dreams involving Laura.

I don't know what they mean.

I don't know if it's telling me a piece of my future or anything at all.

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My father/grandfather passed away. · 9:36pm Last Friday

Hey guys, sad news.

Remember when I told you all I was raised by my grandparents?

Well, my "father"/grandfather passed away a few hours ago from Alzheimers, he's had it since 4 years ago.

I didn't want to have to mention it. But now I feel it is the right time to let you all know.

Me and Mom went to visit him yesterday before he passed.

Mom asked him to forgive her for having me at such a young age and along with some other stuff.

He forgave her.

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Here's what my girlfriend looks like: · 9:03pm June 2nd

Here's what my beautiful girlfriend Fleur looks like:

Love you so much sweetie.

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TONIGHT! · 12:57pm June 2nd


I wear a hat!
James wears a hat!
And Richard is behind a low wall!

Now everyone in the comments make your own.

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Story Script. · 4:51pm June 1st

"Your name, ma'am?" The ticketer asked the bacon-haired teen.
"Rose, Kesha Rose." Sunset replied, hiding her real identity in case her ex-friends found out she was here.
"Make your way to the stadium then, Ms Rose." The ticketer politely informed her, as she went through the gate to the stadium to perform.

This is a new script piece from my new story Anon A Miss: The Story Of Kesha.

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I had a death dream. · 7:15pm May 25th

I had a dream in which I died.

I felt my soul literally leave my body, and I saw my sleeping body from an outside POV.

I saw Jesus, literally with my soul's eyes, he led me to Hell and I saw the spirits in a lake of fire who tried to pull me in, they were screaming in agony, rage and hate. I could feel their dark energy pull me in.

Except I didn't go in, because Jesus gripped my arm tighter and pushed them away from me, his hands were still scarred from when he was crucified.

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One Last Mission: Story Idea · 5:53pm May 24th

I've got an idea for my second story One Last Mission.

Basically, Daken kidnaps Sunrise by using a drug made by Transigen which weakens her powers albeit temporarily. Her healing, senses and strength will be weakened due to the sedative.

Once James, Laura, Sunset, Jean, Logan and Victor find out...

Family berserker fight!.

That's right!. Logan and Victor will have a back-to-back fight against some of the Transigen doctors/scientists.

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What Me And Mom Look Like. · 4:40pm May 23rd

This is what me and Mom look likee so you guys can see the resemblance:

What do you guys think?

Any clear resemblance to Mom or my apparent missing bio father?.

Which one more do you guys think I look like?.

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Update: I've made up my mind. · 11:58am May 23rd

Hello everyone, I have spent the morning thinking about it all and I have come to a decision.

I'm going to let her adopt me and take me back, it's the least she deserves.

She's spent my entire life being my big sister when in fact she's been my mom all along.

Imagine that agony she went through, because I can and I have. It feels awful.

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I just found out something big... · 7:39pm May 22nd

I have something I really want to tell you guys...

I just found out a few hours ago that my big sister is actually my bio mom.

I don't know what to do from now...

I don't know what to feel...

I always felt motherly feelings around her I guess. But I just can't believe she never told me this. I feel betrayed.

Am I allowed to feel this? Should I accept her as my mom?

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