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Ponyville Houses Look Like Old German, Russian & English Houses! · 6:22pm June 21st

The houses in Ponyville remind me of old houses with timber frames!

Literally! Look it up for yourselves! Similar architecture!

Has anyone really given it thought behind the inspiration for the houses? Or am I looking into it too deeply?

I'm sorry, I just love the architecture of the buildings, they just look so human-designed. Yes, I know, animated houses made by humans for a show.

But if you lived there, you'd think the same thing, right? The architecture would seem so very human.


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Comments ( 3 )

.... I mean you're not wrong, when I think about it.

Thanks, dude!

I only brought it up since I looked up Ponyville houses and compared them to old timber-framed houses in different countries.

It's not my autistic hyperfixation or anything, It just made me feel really curious about it.

In fact, someone should write a story with a human in Equestria who ends up in Ponyville or Canterlot or something, befriends ponies and notices how their architecture, like the barn at Sweet Apple Acres, and the houses in Ponyville(since they're timber-framed like old human houses used to be) seem so human-like.

And yes, I'm using anthropomorphism.

sykko #3 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

They're very heavily inspired by Bavarian, Slavic and Elizabethan architecture. Though the bridges are modeled after Japanese garden arches.

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