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My favorite characters are Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. I like writing Anon-A-Miss stories.

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Comment posted by zachary12 deleted Jun 4th, 2022

(clenches chest) its enough hart touch to give a normal human hart attack.

Comment posted by wiccanminnesota deleted Mar 14th, 2021

So what happened to her injuries?

That will be answered in the next chapter. Note, there will be mentions of suicidal thoughts and self-harm.

He has grammar problems it's not his fault. Leave the guy alone.


I'm not one of those type of jerks. I'm just trying to help. Besides, I'm not 100% good on the Grammar thing either. Just know on how to spell the words correctly, and just want to help others. No Offense. 😐

So, about the story. I think that the Students for hurting Sunset should be arrested for assault! 😡

They will be. And the CMC have been arrested and are in juvie.

Swear to god, at first glance, I thought that cover art was a screenshot from Family Guy.

It seems today. That all you see. Is violence, movies and sex on TV~
Oh where are those good ol fashioned values?
On which we used to rely~
Lucky there's a Family Guy~
Lucky there's a man who~
Positively can do~
All the things that make us~
Laugh and cry!
He's... A...Fam...ily...guy!

While I do love stories like this, it feels a bit unrealistic for people to accept just like that.
I feel like there would be some hesitation, especially in the trust department.

She trusts Principal Celestia as much she would a mother, she's thought of her like that for a while but was scared to admit it and didn't want Celestia to reject her.

This story will have soft fluffy family moments like mother-daughter and father-daughter moments.

Along with bonding with her aunts Luna and Chrysalis, along with her cousin Dean Cadence.

Also, feel free to quote parts of the story and question me on them.

It's a bit weird for Sunset to be calling Celestia and Discord "mommy" and "daddy", considering how she's a teenager. Other than that, the feels! Ooof.

Probably cause she never experienced parents before its likely that's why she calls them that.

Not gonna lie but I felt that was a bit extreme. If they got expelled with a big record such as that, then it I'll be too difficult for them to find another school

The irony. The sheer irony of it all. Family Guy's anything but what the theme song does.

Still, they got Sunset hurt and ruined her life, along with traumatising her.

This is pretty good so far just try and slow down with the pace of the story telling juuusst a little bit

Comment posted by zachary12 deleted Jun 4th, 2022

wow. that's good to know.

I hope those NASTY Students deserve Jail Time for the death threats and assault!!! :twilightangry2:

Don't worry, they will.

And there's going to be a huge plot twist near the end of the story.

Spoiler in 3...2...1

Princess Celestia is Sunset's biological mom, Discord's her bio dad and Luna's her bio aunt.


*Seeing the whole thing.*

Welp. Those Students are SO DEAD!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

That they are.

Sunset will reunite with her biological mother, words will be said. And there's going to be a one-on-one argument between both Celestias.

Principal Celestia will tell her counterpart how much she's hurt Sunset and that she wasn't there for her.

Sunset will have words with her "mother" and former teacher. Not nice or pretty ones.

Even twilight will have a few words to say to her teacher about how she treated Sunset.


Isn't it Ironic that Human Celestia cares more with Sunset than the Pony and Biological Mother of Princess Celestia. And to think that Pony Celestia preached about "Friendship and Harmony", when her relationship with her Family is SO SCREWUP! With Luna/Nightmare Moon, Discord in Stone, etc..

Heck, the Mane Six, Luna, Discord, and ESPECIALLY Cadence ( considering that she is a mother herself.). Will definitely have nasty words to Princess Celestia.

Both Dean and Princess Cadance will have words with Princess Celestia, so will human Discord, Chrysalis and Luna. Sunset's family will need to rip into her.


That will be Savage! :pinkiecrazy:

But is their a slight chance for Princess Celestia to beg for forgiveness, or be a better mother to Sunset? I'm just asking? :rainbowhuh:

When Sunset finds out, she's gonna be pissed.

She'll resent her and hate her.

She'll be sad, hurt, angry and in severe emotional turmoil.

Because she knows she was given up, she feels like she was unwanted and still is. But her adoptive family finds so many ways to prove her wrong. Because they will always love her and be there for her.

Even both versions of Twilight Velvet will have words with her, even both versions of Night Light. Hell, maybe even Fluttershy, Rainbow and Rarity's family might even have words with her.

Even Mrs Granny Smith.


Dang! Guess Celestia is screwed! And if Celestia give the excuse that she is "busy" or something. But that's stupid. Because, even though Celestia is a Ruler, full of responsibilities of a huge Kingdom. Their is still MANY chances for her to be with her family.

Heck, Former Dragon Lord Torch and his Daughter Ember, or Queen Novo and her Daughter Skystar are BETTER Parents, and have good relationships with their children. And don't forget that Cadence and Shining Armor are good parents to Flurry Heart.

And it doesn't help that Celestia keep this a Secret? Why would she do that? And WHY didn't she reveal the truth to Twilight and her Friends when they meet her in Equestria Girls 1? Or went their herself to make amends with her daughter? I would have done that myself, so that I WOULDN'T want for my Children to hate me for neglecting them.

Comment posted by PrinceOfDarkness deleted Apr 7th, 2022


Princess Celestia gave up Sunset to an orphanage.

Well shit!!! That definitely doesn't help Celestia's case. I bet everyone/everypony ( even the Dad: Discord, and Luna) will rip her ass a new one.

Discord probably would try to deny it and would try to get out of the situation, causing a you are/you are not the father situation like on The Maury Show.

Celestia would be fucking yelled at. And would be disowned by her entire family.

Celestia can't be a better mother.

Reason? She can't use an age spell/turn back the clock and reverse her age. Sunset wouldn't want that now would she?

So Celestia is pretty much, simply, factually, FUCKED!


Well, since Celestia is certainly screwed. Will Pony Luna and Discord get a chance with Sunset at least?

No, Sunset didn't get to meet or know her aunt, so no, she'll think Luna abandoned her, when also Discord abandoned her. They won't get a chance.


Wait a minute!!!! It's NOT their Fault! At least they have a excuse "somewhat". Luna being banished to the moon, and Discord in Stone. Plus, when they are freed, they didn't know about Sunset, and I doubt Celestia have told them.

So unlike Celestia. Sunset will understand and feel that it's not their intention to not remember her. And should give a chance for the family relationship.

It is Discord's fault. He was in stone, which was his fault. He also didn't try to look for her or even ask anyone or the princesses to help locate her. He could've used his chaos magic but he didn't try to find her in person. Therefore it is his fault to a degree.

Luna couldn't enter her dreams, therefore being unable to talk to her or see her. Along with also being in the moon which WAS her fault. Oh, and she knew about Sunset from Celestia, so she's already been yelled at by her little sister.

It was their actions and those punishments were their consequences.

Sunset won't want anything to do with Discord, as he didn't even try to look for her as I just mentioned beforehand. And Luna couldn't get into her dreams as she's not in Equestria.

Pony Celestia and Discord failed at being her parents.

Here's something else:

When Sunset was being taught by Celestia, she viewed her as a mother figure, but when she came back through the portal and saw her bonding with Twilight like a daughter, that broke her heart and angered her. It left an emotional and mental scar. When she finds out Celestia is actually her biological mother it's going to feel way worse. Reason, she's going to feel down because she felt and still feels that Celestia replaced her, gave up on her. And when she and Twilight find out, they are going to disown her and Twilight will try to comfort Sunset. Because Celestia treated Twilight like the daughter that Sunset never got to be.

Hence one of her reasons she turned bad and wanted revenge. Jealousy, all her life she just wanted someone to love her and take care of her.

Twilight's going to feel really guilty, which Sunset will tell her it's not her fault and immediately forgive her.


Okay. That is just unfair. I mean, Celestia is the one that IMPRISONED both of them in the first place. So, it's also her fault. Plus, Sunset should be angry at Celestia, not her entire frickin Family in Equestria. I just think that Luna and Discord just have Bad luck, and they probably DIDN'T know about Sunset's true identity. It's not like their Omniscience ( Know Everything).

Okay, Discord might not have a excuse, since he is a God of Chaos. But, I doubt he is smart enough to know everything? Including about having a Daughter?

Celestia told him, so he knew very well he had a daughter. He just didn't and still doesn't care.

Luna was on the moon and couldn't get into her dreams. So she couldn't talk to her niece. And she already knew about her.

They both knew about her. One cared but couldn't even talk to her, the other didn't bother to try and find her. Because that's Discord for you. He only cares about himself and chaos.

And it's not unfair, it was both their faults for what they did.


Okay. I guess Discord is at fault too for not caring as well. I think Fluttershy should have some WORDS as Punishment at least! :flutterrage:

But I still think that Sunset shouldn't be mad at Luna at all. I mean, you said she cared but DIDN'T found a way to call Sunset. So, maybe have Twilight tell Sunset that despite Celestia, and Discord DIDN'T have a excuse for this. I think she would have told her to go easy on Luna. I mean, Luna did have a bad relationship with Celestia due to the Nightmare Moon Incident. And now learned about Celestia having a Daughter and neglecting her.

And IF she learn that Sunset hate her for a stupid reasoning for NOT finding a way to call her? Seriously, HOW can Luna even call her from a different Dimension?! It's like a Bad Phone Connection in two opposite parts of the World.

I mean, Luna and Sunset are the same person. BOTH were Villain's because for Jealousy, got screwed from their Family Members, and maybe have Mental Issues. So, just give Luna a benefit of the doubt. But you can still mess up Celestia, and even Discord for not caring as well. Both are Terrible Parents!

You're right, both pony Discord and Celestia are bad parents who don't deserve a child.

But the human versions are much better for Sunset since they care.

Sunset's got her parents, the human versions of Celestia and Discord who are married.

She's also got Luna and Chrysalis, Discord's and Celestia's parents who are her family.

Sunset won't forgive Fluttershy that easily since she loved her like a little sister and Flutters loved Sunset as a big sister. That bond has been tainted forever.

I might have pony Celestia become daybreaker and try and kidnap Sunset. Possibly even have her try to erase all of Sunset's memories and use a de-aging spell on her so she can try to re raise Sunset as her own. And it's going to fail.


You're right, both pony Discord and Celestia are bad parents who don't deserve a child.

But the human versions are much better for Sunset since they care.

Sunset's got her parents, the human versions of Celestia and Discord who are married.

She's also got Luna and Chrysalis, Discord's and Celestia's parents who are her family.

Agreed, Pony Celestia had her chance, and she SCREWED it up. Isn't it Ironic that she didn't learn her lesson with Luna of all Ponies?! The Lesson: DON'T ignore or neglect your Family Members ( Luna turning into Nightmare Moon, and Sunset turning Bad.). Heck, I think Luna should address this, that it's like the Nightmare Moon Incident ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!

At first I thought Discord "might" have a chance. But considering that he already knew, and still DIDN'T use his Powers to teleport to Earth and visit Sunset. Then screw him as well. I think Fluttershy should be really Livid at him. :flutterrage:

As for Luna. I will still defend her because she is the only one that CARES for Sunset at least. But, didn't find a way to contact Sunset. Plus, they are the same if you think about it. Both become Villains because of Jealousy, and probably have Mental Issues and everything. I just think Sunset should give Pony Luna a chance. As for Pony Celestia and Discord? Do what you want with them. 😈

Guess it shows that the Human Versions actually show Morals and Humanity ( Unlike the Rainbooms, and the Heartless and Dumb Students of CHS). Ironic, huh?

Sunset won't forgive fluttershy that easily since she loved her like a little sister, and Flutters loved Sunset as a big sister. That bond has been tainted forever.

Dang! Then Human Fluttershy is rather stupid for screwing that up ( along with the other Rainbooms). I mean, she SHOULD be smart enough to give the benefit of the doubt, find Real Evidence if Sunset is really "Anon A Miss", or represent her Element of Kindness!

Now, She have both FAILED her Element ( along with the rest of the Rainbooms), as well with Sunset's trust. I will only forgive her ( And maybe the other Human Mane Four) IF she works hard enough to earn back Sunset's trust back.

I might have pony Celestia become daybreaker and try and kidnap Sunset, possibly even have her try to erase all of Sunset's memories and use a de aging spell on her so she can try to re raise Sunset as her own. And it's going to fail.

Well, Shit!!! I think it's a bad idea ( For Pony Celestia that is.). Because IF she fails ( Obviously). The Consequences and Karma will destroy her reputation forever.

Because it will not only make Sunset to forever Hate her, with having No chance for forgiveness. Her Adoptive Family ( Human Celestia, Luna, Discord Cadence, Shining Armor, Chrysalis, maybe even Twilight) wants some total payback and revenge.

Maybe even have them Sue her for Kidnapping, and messing up with her Mind and Age, or something? ( Question: Can they even Sue Pony Celestia, or just let the Reasonable Pony Equestria Government like Luna, Cadence, Shining Armor, and Twilight handle that?)

Heck, maybe they ask the other Ponies like Princess Luna, Twilight, Cadence, Prince Shining Armor, and others to BAN Pony Celestia for ever coming back to Earth, FOREVER!!! And I doubt that Pony Luna, Cadence, Twilight and her Friends, Spike, Starlight/Trixie, and even Discord would have "forgive" her for this.

I mean, IF the Pony Population of Equestria themselves also HEAR about Celestia's Sins ( As well with learning her horrible past of neglecting Sunset.) Her "Good" Reputation and her status as Royalty will be thrown out like garbage!

She will be despised everywhere. Especially from the Pony Parents that have Good Relationships with their Daughters/Sons. They would probably form a Angry Mob and beat her up. I will probably like to see that. But, it's your choice.

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