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Cinders of War

Even now there are only embers, and man sees not light, but only endless nights... - Dark Souls

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Technically, this would be a parody rather than a crossover.

*adds to read later when there's more chapters*

If this is going to have the Mane 6 as the equivalent of The Seven, I think a warning for potential OOC on some, if not all, of their parts might be warranted.


Thanks for the clearing up and feedback for me, haha.

I was just wondering if anybody had made a story of The Boys...and I'm not disappointed:D

This is a really good interpretation of The Boys in mlp eqg form so far. I'm going to follow this and see where you take it.

So is this going to be a point for point recap of the entire show with the names switched or something actually original?

Also, Protectorate Sod? As in, chunk of dirt or obnoxious person?

Haha yeah, sorry. I'm just so stuck on what to do for that story.

I'm hoping to get some originality into this as well, but I also plan on keeping key scenes from the series and perhaps the comics too.
As for Protectorate Sod... Both definitions :trollestia:. Dirt-wise, we're referring kinda to the homeground, or also possibly said, homeland, think you know what I mean.

“The Shallow”... I see what you did there.

Wait rainbow hair? Oh shit that was rainbow dash wasn’t it

I seriously want them all to fry at the moment

Just out of curiosity, are the rest of The Girls going to be OCs or background characters?

In terms of the team, we’re gonna go with characters that already exist in MLP, with the exception of our version of The Female, which we’ll have a little later on. :trollestia:
As for Mulcher, we based her look off Ebony Wings from our Bloodlines Continuity, seeing as the story stemmed from an idea of a goof from Servant of the Queen.

Out of curiosity, is this based primarily on the comic book, the show, or a mix of both?

“I’ll umm…” Refraction awkwardly pointed to the door. “I’ll just go, darling.”

“Well well well... if it ain’t the invisible cunt.”

Ah, it's going to be on the show storyline-wise. As for content, we might throw in some comic bits, depending on whether we pass season 2 or not.

“Well well well... if it ain’t the invisible cunt.”

I see what'cha did there. Rest assured, that's coming... :trollestia:

So the heroes are really mercanaries who knew

Haha hey, thanks for the heads up, yeah I've got a bunch of typos here and there and I definitely missed more than a handful. Thanks for the heads up!

As for the Neighstation, yeah, you got it, haha. :trollestia:

I have to say, Frenchie is the most stereotypical french guy in the entire show.

Wait...if their world collide at the speed of light, wouldn't that create an explosion stronger than that of a supernova?

Wild Stallion started shooting at him from behind, the sound of his rifle unloading its ammunition echoing through the bank and making the civilians scream again.

Shoot the civilians imbecile! They don't have powers!

Pine Resin was a human whom she had dated when she first came to the human world to popularize her image in school. He was in the football team and he was quite the star athlete. Someone who had a lot of eyes on him all the time.

Hence the Alternate Universe tag. So Pines replaced Flash. And there is no Twilight Sparkle. Good.

Sunset panted heavily. There was so much blood and bits of bone on the street. What had even happened? Then she remembered Pine. Where had he gone? He was just here, holding on to her. He still was...

Dude just got disrespected like that. Even a black slave from the 1700's got more respect from the white people.

And finally to the leftmost side of the group stood Refraction, the least seen hero of The Septet, and for good reason. She was able to turn her skin into diamond-like material, which could reflect light and grant her invisibility, and at the same time, near invulnerability. She stood there on the poster, with her dark blue suit the only visible part about her.

That could be problematic. Even though diamond is the hardest material on earth, it isn't actually the toughest. A single crack even if it's microscopic can literally destroy her in seconds. Heck, a single blow of a hammer can be enough tp break a diamond.

Sunset wasn’t even able to yell at the man for suggesting such a thing, because she was still very shaken about what had happened. In a single second, everything had been taken from her and Vogel acquainted forty-five thousand with the life of her boyfriend?

TRUE THAT! Add another five-thousand and I may consider the offer!

Curious to see if this is based more off the show or the comics.

I was imagining Zecora to be playing MM's counterpart, but this was a pleasant surprise.

Nice inverse on the name too!

Will it have part of the comic?


Haha, unfortunately, I haven't read much of the comics, so I suppose it'll mainly be from the show.

Man, that scene at the end makes me grind my teeth every time!

There needs to be a balance of sorts. While you need to be selfless on some occassion you don't need to go overboard with sacrafice unless there really is no other choice.

Well, that warning sure took... guts!

Not to mention diamond skin to that scale and in that shape would be easy to shatter if you hit it at a certain point.

I need a couple hundred thousand tf

“Refraction has been gone for almost twenty-four hours now. Do ya know how this looks on the company? Now, you’re going to tell me where she is. And Ah’m gonna go find him.”

I just wanted to say, there's been a couple typos where you refer to female characters as hes and hims just in case ya didn't notice.

has to be Spike, please, please!!!!!!!

Can't wait for more just blitzed the story in a day lol

Hey, thanks for the heads up. I’ve really missed a bunch. I’m still having the notion of the character being male in my head, that’s the problem, haha.

Is the title a reference to Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire? The title just reminded me with that piece of lyric from the song.

Haha, that's right, you've a sharp eye. There'll be more coming. :trollestia:

No matter what universe, I always enjoy this arc!

One step closer... now where are those two steps?

Well, I like the story very much, but my native language being French I have to make some corrections. In French most nouns and adjectives are written differently when talking about men or women, usually by adding a final "e".

"petit" > masculine
"petite" > feminine
"mon ami " > masculine
"mon amie" > feminine

In the future I would advise you to put a sentence containing "she" or "her" into a translator to add context so that the word you are looking for will be correctly accorded.

Patienter , Milly.”

Here you have used " patienter" as an unconjugated verb.
You should have conjugated it in the first person singular feminine "patiente, Milly" to mean an injunction, but in this case it would be much more natural for a French speaker to use the common noun "patience, Milly" to call for calm.

Hey there, thanks so much. I needed this, haha, I'll see if I can integrate your corrections into my future 'french'.

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