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I now aspire to write something fantastical. Or should I say... bizarre.


This story is a sequel to SuShi's Bizarre Adventure: Nugget Run Horizon

Quick note: This story takes place in an alternate reality where Sunset never left Equestria for power, instead, she left it because she felt everypony was turning against her. She also does this at a later point in time from the original Equestria Girls movie, and this now takes place fifty seven years after Sunset's adventure. In this universe, the girls never got their geodes, and so they don't have super powers. Other than Stands.
With this being the case, Twilight Sparkle has never been to the human world, since Sunset never stole her crown.
It's been decades since Sunset Shimmer's family saved the world from total destruction with the help of Stand power. With the world in a steady decline, a group of Stand-using activists calling themselves Die Die Riches have risen up to change the global status quo. Sunset Shimmer's granddaughter, Shiho, must follow the trail of destruction left by Die Die Riches and put a stop to their actions before they destroy the world for good. Aided by the Jojo family, Daring Do, and Twilight Sparkle, Shiho's quest will be one of the most bizarre adventures yet.

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Plus one like because I just know it will be awesome :rainbowkiss:

This is such a great start!

I already have a good feeling as Part 3 being Stardust Crusaders is one of my top favorite parts of the jojo series :pinkiesmile:

Can't wait you meet are new SuShi

Nice to see SuShi part 3 starting. I’m excited to see what we get in the future and how things get started.

Can’t wait to see what Stands we come across.

Amazing chapter! Didn’t expect to see another new chapter so soon

Can’t wait to see what new stands will be shown

Story telling, world building and most eye catching art. Your stories are amazing ♡

I’m looking forward to see the full extent of what curtain call can do~ it’s a really interesting stand I must admit

Stand Master: Shiho Sunfast
Stand Name: Curtain Call

Ability: Curtain Call is able to turn objects into other objects, or change the material that a surface is made from. Curtain call is also able to undo it’s transformations, which also repairs surfaces which have been changed.

Nice to see the first new stand. :pinkiehappy:

I’ll still be putting the little bios in the comments, but I’ll also copy and paste them over with the stand images. I’ll be more able to remember the ability of each stand that way.

Note to self: Find awesome comment section music to this great chapters :rainbowdetermined2:

Amazing chapter! And we got 2 stands appearing in this chapter Aswell

No matter the universe, the Joestars will never catch a break.


Before I finish this chapter, best sport right here. I'm not sporty and would probably hate it in real life, but the idea of it is still cool.

Interesting to see how the whole thing gets together, and also how 2 certain someones will become involved. They may meet Prism and Color in Canterlot.

Amazing chapter!

Looks like Twi and spike have seen the power of stands. Looking forward to seeing them learn more about them and this world..

And I’m 99% sure sunset and the others will react when they see her and try attacking.. and Twi and spike will freak out 😅

And so Twilight and Spike(\ovo/) have shown up

Looking out the window, Sunset tried to imagine her husband snapping pictures of the English royal family. That was the reason he wasn’t traveling with her right now and Sunset didn’t blame him for it. He loved taking photos and when the offer to follow the royal family around came up, she was the one who pushed him to take it. After all, it was such an honor to stand beside the queen, who till this day, remained healthy and able, surviving past even some of her great-grandchildren.

Until today...

Will Sunsets Stand keep resetting her old enemy like the blind guardian keep the Nugget people locked up or will she return?

Shiho is pulling a JoJo Episode 1?

The moment lethal violence is used, all rules are off.
Rip & Tear, until it is done!

Not the rich are the problem, but the guys keeping everyone else poor...

Is Twilight pulling a John Conor? Saving Sunset and their friends, perhaps to impregnate... Wait... So that what Spike was for all along... :moustache:

Idiots... The only equality to be found is in death.
How would a group of brain dead poor people successfully pull of anything? Rich can hire someone with a brain, but poor need to use it...

if she wasn’t a believer of gravity, she would be now

Do you believe in 'gravity'?

Nice to see Twilight's first reaction to stands, pointing out that she heard that magic doesn't exist, likely from Celestia's journal that she found out about the mirror from.

It seems that the doors opening are from an early form of her stand, which I am excited to see as it will likely be different to sci-twi's Weird Science.

Amazing chapter!

I wonder if that person at the end was who I think it was 🤔

I have to read this later in peace but i have a question. Once Sunset die of old age or otherwise, will the Director of the old School be free?

I would be surprised if her Friend survived the Terrorist attack.

Retarded people are beside fanatical retarded people the end of humanity...

Ah yes, the stand of "I Cast Fireball", who gets defeated by the age old "You cast fireball as a 3rd-level spell centered on yourself." outcome of the Wild Magic Surge table.

Is it odd I kinda picture hu hur dur sounds kinda like moe from the simpsons mixed with Danny davito ?

I don’t know why but that’s kinda the voice I picture in my head abit anyways great chapter

Do you want me to tell you or would you rather find out at some point as the story progresses? :trollestia:
Didn't have a voice in my head myself, but good choice, I'd say. :trollestia:

Why not both? You tell me now and I drink later for a blackout to forget it so I'm surprised reading about it later :derpytongue2:

Amazing chapter!

Nice introduction to Daring Do and like her stand. Very interesting

Ringo roadagain: finally a worthy advisory, our battle will be legendary!

Ngl yesterday gives me mandom vibes and I love it~

If I had a nickel for every concept for a Stand power I had that I haven't written yet, but you published your interpretation first...
I currently have one nickel.

Ah, I actually don't know what this is. :twilightsheepish:

You can thank Golden_Reflection for this one. It was an idea he suggested that I really liked. :trollestia:


Steel ball run/jojo part seven reference there was a guy with a similar stand ability to yesterday

Ah, nice. I have unfortunately not passed part 6. I should get into that sometime. :trollestia:

Shoot sorry if I spoiled anything then *zips lips*

No worries, I've read up bits of it ahead of time. I don't mind spoilers. :trollestia:
It just makes me more interested in what's to come. :trollestia:

Yeah! Nice to see Yesterday pop up!

I like how you gave it to Daring Do, an person who's line of work would see it used at least somewhat frequently.

The start of showing Yesterday's ability was slightly confusing at first, but after realising what was going on, I couldn't help but get excited to see it used as well as how it can be defeated.

Working with time when you don't know it's going to happen can definitely be disorienting, which can be seen by what happened with DIO and Diavolo in their parts of JoJo's.

Amazing chapter!

l another member of DDR taken down.

Also I know what happened there at the end 😅:rainbowlaugh:

Love this chapter

And to all members of die die riches

Dose the term oh cruel hubris mean anything to ya? XD

Nice to see Down Under's ability in action.

I'm wondering, if a member of DDR suddenly won the lottery or in some way came into possession of a lot of money, would their fellow members immediately turn on them with "you're rich now, you can't be allowed to survive" type of thinking, or do they have a thing where they distribute all the money evenly between members?

:rainbowlaugh: I want to say the first option. That's an amazing picture in my head now. :rainbowlaugh:

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