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Cinders of War

Even now there are only embers, and man sees not light, but only endless nights... - Dark Souls


This is a prequel to Flame of Disparity

As her homeland of Canterim began to fall to the plague of the spreading Abyss, Rainbow Dash, having no Flame of her own, had learnt about the tales of the legendary Sunlight Maggot, said to be able to give Light to those who could find and control it, Light that could be the only salvation for her land. With a desperate need of Light, Rainbow leaves for the ancient land of Veorea, where Flame and Abyss originated, where disparity began.

This tale takes place before Sunset Shimmer's arrival to Veorea in Flame of Disparity, and how she came to this land from her own.

For those that may be new to this story or Flame of Disparity, this Rainbow Dash is an alternate universe one, whom Sunset meets in the dream world of Flame of Disparity.

A Dark Souls/Bloodborne Crossover.

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This is a remake of Hero for Fun by Georgdoza

Georg Filipe Mendoza was living everyday life as per normal, until an eventful trip to a costume convention. After purchasing himself a pair of Saitama replica gloves, he finds himself in Equestria and eventually, the human world from Equestria Girls, plus, he somehow gained all of Saitama's powers, at the cost of something great.

He meets Rainbow Dash and the girls and learns to acclimatize to a new life in a new world, at the same time, protecting it from monsters that threaten to end his new home. Having zero hero background, Georg has to learn what it takes to be a hero before he can become the unassuming hero from nowhere.

I was asked by Georgdoza to try out a remake for his story and so here is my attempt. I do hope I'm doing this story justice. While it doesn't have the best of grammar, the idea of it surely is interesting and entertaining enough. Do let me know what you think!

PS, I added the subtitle so they can be told apart.

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This story is a sequel to Why Does Everyone Wake Up in Equestria?

Waking up in Equestria after buying a piece of replica gear from Comic-con, a boy finds himself assuming the identity of Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. Learning from strange horse creatures and other humans who had woken up here, he learns that humans wake up in Equestria after either dying or falling unconscious. The question is then asked as to why that happens. Not wanting to spend the rest of his life in some random world, the boy is determined to find his way home so that he may live with the comforts of his life once more. Needing answers, he asks around, meeting new and old faces alike. His life would never be the same again. Quite literally.

This takes place many years after the events of Why Does Everyone Wake Up in Equestria.

Note: This story isn't part of the Bloodlines Continuity.
And also note that this story is totally 100% random and the idea for this has come from all the many stories about a character waking up in Equestria and is a satire on such stories and other ideas, like flawless heroes and more random stuff!

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This story is both a sequel and a prequel to Leap of Faith

In the aftermath of Leap of Faith, Twilight Sparkle visits the human world to close the book on several things, one of them being her study on this world. What she learns from Morning Blade will reveal not only information of the final years of the Assassins, but insight into the life of the acting Mentor, Frigid Night.

A Bag of Plums is the writer of the first story, Leap of Faith. Be sure to check it out if you haven't.

This story is in our Bloodlines Continuity.

Assassin's Creed Crossover

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Rainbow Dash and the others tell horror stories around a campfire, each of them aiming to scare everyone else. What kind of stories will be told? Why, it depends on the storyteller, be it Rainbow Dash or any of the others. Be prepared for a slew of spooky stories around the campfire, be it a well-told story or a story that is completely not scary at all.

An annual Halloween experience.

This story also features Home Run, Jetstream and Lightning Rain of the baseball team, and more characters from the Bloodlines Continuity.

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Commander Shepard finds himself in Equestria after saving the universe. Meeting other humans and strange horse creatures along the way, Shepard learns that every single one of the other humans has woken up in Equestria as well, just like he did. Wanting to understand why, the commander heads off to find out why everyone wakes up in Equestria. Prepare for a strange adventure ahead.

Note: This story doesn't take place in the same universe as our other stories.
And also note that this story is totally 100% random and the idea for this has come from all the many stories about a character waking up in Equestria.

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"But then there was Fire. And with Fire came Disparity. Heat and Cold, life and death, and of course... Light and Dark."

Sunset Shimmer awakens in a cold and distant land, with no recollection of how she got there. Finding her way around, the girl learns of the flame she carries and how everything else in this world would kill to get it.

To escape, Sunset has to fight her way through dangerous foes and deadly beasts; beings that covet the Fire. This would be her most trying task yet.

(Sort of a Dark Souls/Bloodborne Crossover.)
This is now part of the Bloodlines Continuity.

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Thanks everyone, for making this happen!

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A completely random story based on the legend of the Ocelot, mainly featuring Home Run and the Wondercolt Baseball Team from A Rift Between Worlds.

Chapter 1:
Home Run has been waiting for the big baseball game all day, and the one class that stands in his way is Computer. Mr. Pierce is CHS's most boring teacher yet, and with time barely moving, Home Run looks to keep himself busy to get to the baseball game he's been waiting to play, along with trying to guess their teacher's past.
After winning a close match, the Wondercolts baseball team head to Sugarcube Corner to celebrate over a few drinks. However, talk soon shifts to a legend that lives on the field of baseball, one that may or may not exist, and the baseball team soon try to determine where it all began, just because.

(Just a random spin-off from the Bloodlines Continuity) (Also, a little Metal Gear crossover/reference.)
Seriously. Random.

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After learning that Equestria and the human world could come under threat from an old adversary, Princess Celestia must reawaken ancient powers to stop the advancing enemy. Friendship from one world alone would not be enough to stop the growing power, so she looks to the human world for help, hoping that the combined power of both worlds would have what it takes to take down the enemy once and for all.

It's Home Run's first day at Canterlot High School, having just moved over from Fillydelphia after the winter break. Before he can start things right, the baseball player is dragged into a whole new world, filled with aliens, guns, blades, and robotic suits. Trying to make sense of the events unfolding around him, Home Run soon comes into contact with Sunset Shimmer and the girls and even Princess Celestia herself. Will he be able to overcome the alien forces, or will the world forever change?

This story takes place in our Bloodlines Continuity.

Warframe Crossover

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