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My Sister Tia

Thank you all for being kind to others.


Twilight Sparkle was perfectly normal-until now. For she has found a way to break the 4rth wall, and it isn’t going all that well.
A, B, C, D, Twilight is me!
There she is. Run!

I have been working on using dialouge in this!
Also, this has had no others help edit yet, but will mention any that help here!

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Uh oh! Something's gonna happen!

Spikey Wikey, try to be true to the characters, only Rarity calls him that as far as I know.

Unless there's something in the story explaining it, it is fourth or 4th, not 4rth.

Okay, I just forgot. I’ll fix that.

Oh god her with this kinda power is not good :rainbowlaugh:

“ Blah, blah, blah. So, I, Twilight Sparkle created a boring chapter! A, B, C, D, Twilight is me!”

oh no..... What now?

But, Spikes the protagonist now. The narrator will follow. And sparkles follows.

I’m afraid to think about who she’ll talk to now that she can speak to us haha

This is pretty much close to Twilight Sparkle now...

I think I understand what your saying now. Most likely not but maybe.

Okay, then. As long as you got the crazy part, yeah.

Ah good I did understand it. Also thank you for showing me song it's rly good.
Also, how self aware is Twilight? Does she know she's in fanfic of a tv show or just the tv show? If I said something in the comments would she see it? How self aware is she?

You’re welcome! Beat saber songs are always catchy, and visually enticing.
Also, soon, my friend, she shall join the comments section.

Ok then. I'm just gonna leave hints to twilight where Spike is hiding incase she somehow loses track of him.

The fate of this story may just lie in your hooves.

In one hoof I hold the sanity of spike. In another I hold the insanity of sparkle.

I would send a song, but I have another chapter out today...

Comment posted by Loganic deleted Sep 15th, 2020

Okay, Itś in another coment.

But, thatś about him being terrible.

So, you listened to it, and watched as blocks were actively being destroyed?

Didn't scroll down far enough. Thought I accidently deleted it.

In a land where those who thirst perish.
Where trees are rare.
I wish I knew how to do this right.
Where Celestias sun burns the air,
Where Luna's Moon freezes the earth.

That is fine. Also, my apostraphe is broken. I must be Spanish now, I guess. Or not broken?
Hola, Senór.
*Internal Confusion*

I'm telling twilight by not telling twilight. She's smart. She can find Spike.

Somepony needs to step in and fix this :rainbowlaugh:

Like me! Just tell me where Spike is!

I cannot tell you that Twilight I am sorry

Pinkie Pie, I have club passes if you tell me!

Simple. I´m gonna make communism work properly for once.

you can’t break the fourth wall to get me to tell you!

And the author will kill us if we tell you

My Sister Tia, featured! :twilightangry2:
*Is not wanting to make her explode with anger* Help!

Not sure quite what to say after that last chapter...

God damnit who told her!

i tried to stop her!

No one. She still didn’t know his location.
Also, I added a sentence at the end of the story.

Is this the story I was allowed to do my test runs on?

Yes! :pinkiesmile:
(Managed to type the emoji, instead of the other way.)

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