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My Sister Tia



Update: Second chapter will be updated before more chapters are posted. Additionally, I am not writing right now, but there will be more.

Luna, princess of the moon,the night, and the stars, has always been sad about the disrespect from her own ponies that were supposed to follow her as equally as they did with her older sister, princess of the sun and the day.
She just never expected to be sent to the moon, to only talk to one pony- herself. More specificlly, Nightmare Moon. In a tough battle of emotions, she learns to calm down a bit more, and hide her tears, for when all were to someday be gathered near, in the future that is yet to come.

Loosely based on the fan-made song Lullaby for a Princess. An attempted all on my own (with slight help) story. I am going to change the name once I think of a new one!

A big thank you to my editor, My Little Epona!

The picture used for this story is not mine.

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This is really good!

The Luna fanfics are kind of annoying. In the words of Daybreaker, "We get it, you’re sad".

I was trying to do something for fun in my comfort zone. It was from her perspective.

I like what your going with so far. though a lot of Luna fanfics tend to be sad, i still like what your going with. i hope you keep going with this.

I don't think the concept is bad, per say, but it's been kind of done to death by now. I love Luna (she's actually my favorite character in the whole show), but it'd be nice to see a story that tries something new with the character.

Thank you! I will!
Also, this chapter was basically a long proluge. The other chapters will be like that.

What a great start! Also, great choice for a cliffhanger! I'll be tracking this bad boy! Love it so far.

Also, do you have any ideas for what should happen next? I'm still trying to think of that myself.

Apparently no longer trying, but writing.

Oh, thank you for reminding me!

Hmmm....none that I can think of at the moment. If I think of something, I'll DM you. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you! I assume you mean PM!

(please forgive me if im butting in here-)
Maybe you should go on to her time on the moon; with that cliffhanger, it'd make for a great transition! How at first she was bitter and angry, which slowly ebbed away as she realized how horrible she had been being. And then, if you wanted, you could go on to her return to Equestria, but from her perspective; how she feels she can never escape her past, how awkward she feels about other ponies, and her relationship with Celestia.
(Sorry for the lengthy comment; but I hope it helps in any way!!)

No, you're fine. Thank you for the ideas!

DM just means direct message. Same thing basically.

Oh, okay. I'm just used to Personal Message. I'm okay with both.

This reminds me of me against the world by simple plan.

Thank you. I shall listen to it sometime.

I am currently 181 words into the second chapter!

This is so beautiful! I love it!

Thank you very much! I am currently working on the second chapter.

Ok so I finally got around to reading it

The plot is a bit generic, covering the reasons why Luna turned into Nightmare Moon. The execution is not bad, though I would say the language is a bit basic. It’s nothing to be ashamed of however. It’s a good read, and so I’ve given the 20th like.

Yeah. I will change it occasionally, but have this one be my mane.

Thank you! there is going to be more! But first, a short story to unwind.

Here's some advice from a future bestselling author: plan it out first. Then, fill in the blank parts with normal conversations, actions, etc. That's what I'm doing with my story.

Okay, thank you. I hope to read the story that you write in the end.

It'll take a while just to get started...lol

Okay. There is more in my story to come.

When can we expect the next chapter?

Within the week. I have contacted my editor.

Or not, but it's ready now anyways.

A little on the short side, but well written nevertheless. Good job!


Thank you! How was it short, exactly? It was such a long wait that I had to just push this out without much more thought. But it is all edited, to not be rough draft quality.

I was expecting it to be at least 1000 words tbh but this is ok

Sorry. I might update that one sometime. Long chapters isn't really my strong suit. (PM for details)

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