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Twilight Sparkle was perfectly normal-until now. For she has found a way to break the 4rth wall, and it isn’t going all that well.
A, B, C, D, Twilight is me!
There she is. Run!

I have been working on using dialouge in this!
Also, this has had no others help edit yet, but will mention any that help here!

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Young Twilight Sparkle is sent to the moon. And kidnapped by Discord. And more craziness ensues.

Disclaimer: This is a truly random story! It has more randomness and storyline! Yet it was speed written, so yeah.
Not meant to be featured or anything, just a fun bucket of a random story! :yay:

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Discord calls himself Sir Real. The princesses don't approve. So he is a statue now, and the dictionary just got updated. Twice.

Set before he turned to stone the first time.

Happy April Fools!:pinkiehappy: Oh, just don't mind me.

This was all thought of, written, edited, and published on April 1st. A big thank you to My Little Epona, my editor!

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Update: Second chapter will be updated before more chapters are posted. Additionally, I am not writing right now, but there will be more.

Luna, princess of the moon,the night, and the stars, has always been sad about the disrespect from her own ponies that were supposed to follow her as equally as they did with her older sister, princess of the sun and the day.
She just never expected to be sent to the moon, to only talk to one pony- herself. More specificlly, Nightmare Moon. In a tough battle of emotions, she learns to calm down a bit more, and hide her tears, for when all were to someday be gathered near, in the future that is yet to come.

Loosely based on the fan-made song Lullaby for a Princess. An attempted all on my own (with slight help) story. I am going to change the name once I think of a new one!

A big thank you to my editor, My Little Epona!

The picture used for this story is not mine.

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