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My Sister Tia

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Young Twilight Sparkle is sent to the moon. And kidnapped by Discord. And more craziness ensues.

Disclaimer: This is a truly random story! It has more randomness and storyline! Yet it was speed written, so yeah.
Not meant to be featured or anything, just a fun bucket of a random story! :yay:

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This entire story reads like a crackfic. I love it.

This is so random, I am loving it

Thanks. :derpytongue2: Did someone just say McMuffins?

I loved this so much

Thanks! Oh wow, a McDonald's ad on my story! What irony!

Absolutely genius LMAO :rainbowlaugh:

What the crap I love the randomness!

Wow, the apples are going to become capitalists ! 100 bits!

Yeah. I speedwrote this, and randomness was just inevitable.

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