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Shipwrights - PonyAmorous

Twilight and Cadence are determined to get Applejack and Rainbow Dash to admit their obvious feelings for each other, no matter how oblivious they are.

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Plans C - Z

Applejack and Rainbow Dash entered the room that the spa ponies had directed them to when they had arrived at the front desk to find reservations already made in their names. A large heart shaped hot tub filled the center of the room, though not so large as to allow too much space between occupants. The surface roiled with turbulence from the powerful jets below, and the rising steam carried the intoxicating scent of lavender oil. The outer perimeter was sprinkled with a layer of loose rose petals, and the dark and windowless room was illuminated by a scattering of candles.

"Is there some kind of electrical outage in Ponyville I don't know about?" Applejack asked as she glanced around at all the candles.

"Maybe?" Rainbow Dash replied, wasting no time getting herself situated in the hot tub. "But at least they have snacks." She scooped up a hoofful of the rose petals and crammed them into her mouth.

"Didn't we just finish stuffing our faces?" Applejack slid into the water beside her.


"And I'm wondering how, given the way you pack away food and nap like a dragon, you aren't fatter than a tick in a blood bank. Much less, rocking the sleek and muscled look."

"That's because, between all that napping I'm burning calories like crazy with extreme stunt flying. Pulling a hairpin turn at the speed of sound isn't something you can do on just a light breakfast."

"Yeah, I guess that's true. I suppose there's a reason why all my family recipes use so much butter. Farm work ain't no joke, either."

"Speaking of which, that lunch you made for me the other day? Fantastic. Wouldn't mind some more of those in the future."

"Anytime. I'll be sure to fatten you up so much you can't even lift off the ground."

"Nah, that won't happen. Because you're forgetting that every time we get together, we always end up doing something physically strenuous. Some competition or something."

"True, we do have a knack for finding ways to work up a sweat, don't we?"

"Yeah. Hanging out with you is a surefire way to get my heart rate up."

Up above a slightly ajar ceiling tile, two voyeuristic alicorns were pressing hooves to their mouths to suppress screaming.

"Do you think they're doing this on purpose?" Twilight whispered to Cadence.

"Shh!" Cadence pointed down at Applejack who had resumed speaking after putting a hoof on her chest.

"Hoo! Speaking of which, my heart feels like it's near about to leap out my chest. I think it's time for a water break."

"Yeah, that sounds good."

Both ponies stood up and made their way over to the water cooler in the corner. After a few minutes of rehydration and idle chatter, they made their way back to the steaming waters. While Rainbow Dash slid her way in, Applejack dropped in a bit more suddenly, sending a small wave to splash her bathing partner.

"Oops. Sorry about th—"

She was cut off by a huge wave of water splashing into her face, instantly drenching her mane. She leveled a hard stare at the grinning polychromatic culprit. Then all Tartarus broke loose. The waters erupted into a churning mass of splashing, tackling, and peals of girlish shrieking, particularly once the unspoken ban on tickling dissolved. It was a small miracle that any water manged to stay in the pool given the escalating series of locks and body throws.

Finally, the tussle died down with Applejack pinned with her head just above the water, her blonde mane floating freely behind her and spread wild across the surface like a reflected sunset shining off the ocean. Rainbow Dash stood over her, victorious, her own mane pulled down around her head with the weight of water. A thick multicolored strand hung down over one eye, dripping gently into the water beside Applejack's head. Both ponies panted heavily from the exertion, faces flushed a deep red. A state mirrored by the two alicorns watching intently from the ceiling above.

"You-you're looking a bit red in the face there, RD." Applejack said with a grin. "You sure you're not slipping? Getting out of shape?"

"Hah!" Rainbow Dash grinned back. "Look who's talking. Your face is way redder than mine! And you're...heh...breathing way...heh...harder than I am."

"Well now you're just spouting nonsense. You're...heh...wheezing harder than a...heh...a chainsmoking...heh...something or other."

"Yeah, well I think it's time for some more water."


The two once again made their way to the water cooler, oblivious to the glares of disappointment and incredulous fury being shot their way from the ceiling.

"How is this possible?!" Twilght asked in a harsh whisper. "How does a plan simultaneously go so well and still fail!"

"Well this isn't working. We gotta try another change of venue. We can't give up now!"

"Alright, just give me a second."

Twilight pulled out a scroll and quill and began drafting another quick letter. When it was finished, it vanished in a quick flash of teleportation, reappearing right above the two relaxing ponies and landing on the water cooler. Another flash quickly followed, leaving them alone in the room.

"Another letter from Twilight?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Looks like." Applejack replied as she opened it.

Hey guys. Sorry, but it looks like we couldn't make it to the spa after all. Hope you didn't wait too long. We'll be outside at the festival grounds. Meet us there.


"And of course she doesn't say where particularly at the festival to meet them." Applejack grumbled. "Come on, I guess we'll just have to search around if we ever wanna find out what this is all about."


Applejack and Rainbow Dash looked out at the mass of ponies circulating among the bright and colorful attractions of the Ponyville Hearts and Hooves Day festival. Finding two ponies in this crowd didn't look like it was going to be a simple matter. If either of them could magically transmit messages back to Twilight and Cadence, that would be one thing, but there was no sense crying over spilled cider.

"So, do you think we should split up or something? Check in at the big wheel every ten minutes in case the other found them, or maybe just have one of them fly up and shoot some sparks or something?"

"I dunno, seems like splitting up is just asking for more trouble. Maybe we should—"

"You there! Yes, you in the hat!"

Both heads turned to see a pair of mustachioed ponies in pinstriped suits and straw hats calling out to them from a nearby games booth.

"Care to test your skill and win a prize for the lovely mare?" the purple one asked.

Applejack shook her head. "Nah, we're not here for that. We're just trying to find our friends."

"Yeah. Besides, if anypony is going to be doing prize winning around here, it would be me."

"Hold on a minute there, Dash. Are you saying I can't be a provider?"

"Of course not. I'm just saying that between the two of us, it's pretty obvious who would be winning prizes for whom."

There was a sharp clink of bits being slammed down on the counter. Rainbow Dash fumbled about for bits of her own only to realize she hadn't brought any money with her.

"Uh, first game is on the house!" The pink games pony declared.

Both ponies proceeded to engage in a duel of carnival games. Water guns were fired at targets, rings were tossed, darts thrown, goldfish caught. All the while winning free new games in a frankly irresponsible business model while accumulating matching piles of stuffed animals. It was still a dead tie when the booth ran out of prizes.

"Uh, wow. You two sure are something." The purple pony commented.

"Yeah, but I'd bet you'd be even more unstoppable together" the pink one added.

"You know, I think they're right." Rainbow Dash said around her mountain of prizes. "I saw a whole bunch of two pony team events listed."

"So you reckon if we partner up and enter..."

"Yeah, we could totally crush this entire festival! Come on! There's still space to sign up."

They both threw their respective piles of prizes aside and rushed off to the sign up tent. Meanwhile, the two ponies behind the booth shared a look and tossed their disguises aside to chase after them, leaving behind the unconscious forms of Flim and Flam, still stripped, bound, and gagged beneath a tarp under the counter.

What followed couldn't be described as a competition, so much as utter domination. Rainbow Dash and Applejack decimated all competitors in the six legged race, the water balloon toss, couple's trivia, couple's charades, the newlyweds game, couple's volleyball, couple's dodge ball, couple's swing dancing, couple's break dancing, and the couple's cage match free for all. Though it wasn't an officially listed event, they were also winning at couple's trash talking.

"Looks like the Cakes just got served! Booya!"

"More like LyraBon-voyage!"

All fell before the unstoppable duo.

"Wait!" Rainbow Dash suddenly shouted as Applejack smashed a chair over Starlight's head, sending her down to the mat to collapse ontop of Trixie. "Wasn't there something we were supposed to be doing?"

"Aw, shoot! You're right. We still gotta find Twilight and Cadence!" She turned over her shoulder and shouted. "Hey, Big Mac! Make sure my trophies get back to the farm, will ya?"

"Eyup" Came a moan from the broken heap next to Sugar Belle.

"Right. Now where to start looking."

Just then, a voice rang out from nearby.

"I can't wait to ride the big wheel!"

"Yeah, I bet you could see the entire festival from up there!"

"Yeah, that sure would be useful if you were looking for somepony in particular!"

"What a strangely specific and yet entirely accurate observation!"

With a shared look and a nod, the pair took off, closely pursued by two hooded ponies.


"Well I don't see anything. What about you, Dash?"

"No I don't see them anywhere either."

"Well keep your eyes peeled. They gotta be here somewhere."

As their carriage reached the apex of the circuit, there was a sudden lurch and everything stopped. Down below, sparks flashed from the box where a mass of gears and wires had been ripped out by telekinesis.

"Arrgh, what now?"

"Dunno. But at least it gives us a little more time to search up here."

They continued searching the crowds down below for a solid ten minutes, but all they could see was the stunning view. It would be a while yet until the sun was properly down, but it was still low enough in the sky to add a tinge of color to the horizon and set the surfaces of the various lakes and small ponds that surrounded Ponyville sparkling like diamonds. A pony who paid more attention to such things might even suspect that somepony had called in a favor or two from Celestia to get some early dusk rays and stretch the whole thing out a bit longer.

Applejack gave a sigh. "Well, no luck here. But I gotta admit, at least the view is something. I can see why you like living with your head up in the clouds."

"Eh, it's alright I guess. Maybe I'm just too used to seeing them all the time." There was a brief pause. "Though I guess there is something about company that makes it look better. Still nothing compared to the view from above the cloud line though."

"That does sound like something else."

"Yeah. Maybe we can get Twilight to dig up that cloud walking spell again and I can show it to you some time. And then you could come hang out at my place once in a while. I've got a patio I sculpted myself that has a pretty good view of the stars. Probably catches good sunrises too, I imagine."

"Heh. Can't imagine you rising with the sun."

"Yeah, well that's why I said 'I imagine'. Purely speculative. You'll just have to come over and let me know sometime."

Far down below, two ponies were struggling to hastily assemble a parabolic microphone.

"Hurry up!" urged Cadence. "I have to know what they're saying!"

"Just a second!" Twilight replied as she snapped the last component into place and aimed the device at the top of the wheel, twisting the knob to focus. With a crackle, they finally heard Applejack's voice coming through.

"Yeah, I'll be sure to do that sometime soon. Just as soon as—hey wait a minute. Is that them down there?"


"There. Holding that thingy."

"Oh, yeah that totally is them! Hey! Twilight! Cadence! We're up here!" Rainbow Dash shouted down at them, forcing Twilight to quickly lower the volume on the microphone.

"Ah, shoot. But now we're stuck all the way up here."

"Not for long!"

With an utter disregard for the rule of keeping one's limbs within the ride at all times, Rainbow Dash wrenched up the passenger bar and hopped free of the immobilized carriage. Wrapping her forelegs around Applejack's midsection, she lifted her free and gently carried her down to the two princesses below. Twilight hastily hid the device behind her back, incinerated it, and teleported the ashes away as they touched down for a landing.

"There you two are! We've been looking all over for you! Now, what's this thing you needed to tell us about?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Oh, uh. The thing?" Twilight stammered out. "Yes, the thing. The important business. Very important. It's, uh..."

"A mission!" Cadence answered.

"Yes! A mission."

"Like one of those friendship missions from the map?" Applejack queried.

"Yes! Except no. A different kind of mission from a different map." Twilight answered.

"A romance map!" Cadence added.

"Yes! The romance map in Cadence's castle."

"Wait, there's another map in the crystal empire?" Rainbow Dash asked, confusion etched on her face.

"Well of course." Cadence replied, as if it were obvious. "I live in a crystal castle too, so of course I also have a crystal map that gives out missions."

"That's just science." Twilight added.

"Uhh...alright then." Applejack nodded "But what does that have to do with us? We haven't noticed our cutie marks glowing recently or anything."

"Well, uhh..." Twilight grasped for an answer. "The mission is technically just for me and Cadence, but we're allowed to delegate, and to be honest we could really use some help with this one. Would you mind?"

"You kidding? Of course we'll help!"

"Sure thing, sugarcube. What exactly do you need us to do?"

Twilight breathed a sigh of relief. "Well, there's two ponies somewhere in Ponyville who need to become an official couple by the end of the day. They're a great match, perfect for each other, and they get along great, but they're either too scared to make the next move or too oblivious to even recognize their mutual feelings for each other. Their friends all know they belong together, and it's driving them all crazy! So do you think you could help?"

Applejack nodded. "Say no more, Twilight. I think we both know exactly what needs to be done."

"Yeah," Rainbow Dash added, "we have a pretty good idea who it is you're talking about."

The two looked at one another and shared a knowing smile before turning and running off in the same direction.

"Wait, WHERE ARE THEY GOING?!" Twilight screamed as she and Cadence ran after them.


"Just be honest about your feelings!"

"Tell her already, you coward!"

"Everypony else already knows it!"

"Seriously! All this will they, won't they crap is driving everypony up the wall! It's the most frustrating thing ever!"

By the time Twilight and Cadence caught up, a small crowd had gathered around to watch Applejack and Rainbow Dash haranguing a pair of ponies about their love life with all the subtlety of a freight train. From within the center of the commotion, Viny Scratch opened her mouth to speak, but Octavia quickly raised a hoof to stop her.

"No, don't say anything. I...I need to get this off my chest. Vinyl, I...when I look at you, everything within me...crescendos. The tempo of my heart shoots straight to prestissimo, while my stomach drops out from under me like so much bass. The world is a waltz whenever I'm with you, and I never want it to end. Vinyl, will you make sure this party in my soul never stops jumping, forever?"

Vinyl smiled and gave a silent nod, causing the surrounding crowd to burst out into a wave of cheering. Applejack and Rainbow Dashed emerged, sharing a hoofbump, and approached Twilight and Cadence.

"Well I'd say that is one romance problem officially solved." Rainbow Dash said, radiating self-satisfaction.

"Uhh, nope! Guess that wasn't it!" Cadence responded.

"Right, no glowing cutie marks." Twilight pointed at their flanks. "There must be some other pair of ponies in town who need to get together."

"Ah, dang! I really thought it would be those two. Don't worry, Twilight. We'll find these ponies and make sure they pull their heads out their hindquarters. Come on, RD! We're burning daylight!"

The two alicorns set off after them just as soon as they finished a bit of cosmetic magic to cover up the bruising from the force of their facehoofing.


"Just do it!"

"Yeah! Quit fussin' about like a bunch of little colts and fillies at their first school dance! It's just plum embarrassin' to watch!"

"But this is our first school dance!" a small filly cried back at them.

The rest of the room nodded and shuffled about, still refusing to make eye contact with anypony else. Meanwhile, Twilight and Cadence sipped from glasses of punch that they had enhanced with additions of generous proportions from a metal flask.

"That's no excuse!" Rainbow Dash fired back. "For all you know, this could be your last and only chance!"

"But we're only twelve!"

A steely and distant look settled over Applejack's face.

"The reaper ever waits in the shadows. Nopony can ever know the date or the hour. Any second could be the one in which his terrible scythe descends, cruelly truncating the story of one's life to a sudden and bitter ending without resolution. The threads left forever dangling. Leaving behind only grieving loved ones who did not realize how little time they truly had left. A crushing weight of words left unsaid, chances not taken, experiences not lived. A world of possibilities blocked off by fear and uncertainty, now forever blocked by the cold eternity of the grave. That scythe hangs over each and every one of us, and none can know when it will drop. In light of this horrible yet inescapable truth, an opportunity not seized, a chance ignored with the unfounded assurance that there will always be a tomorrow in which to try again, is not only a tragedy, but the most horrible of crimes! Not only against oneself, but against those we love."

After a moment of stunned silence, the room erupted into a storm of crying, terrified hugging, and desperate romantic confessions. Twilight and Cadence followed after Applejack and Rainbow Dash as two of the teacher chaperones showed them to the door with great insistence.

"Come on, that had to have done it!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

"Nope, still wasn't it." Twilight replied once again in a flat tone, taking another drink of her punch.

"Well we ain't givin' up on this, are we RD?"

"No way! There's still a bunch of ponies left out there!"

Twilight and Cadence just groaned


"Do it!"


"Kiss already!"

"Tell her the truth!"

"Tell him how you feel!"

"Just kiss the girl, you idiot!"

As the sun continued to dip lower, the duo continued to race back and forth across town, uniting waffling couples with a complete lack of tact or discretion. Their tagalongs finally decided they had had enough when they broke out into a musical number that was both highly problematic from the standpoint of affirmative consent, and a blatant violation of copyright law.

It was dark by the time Applejack and Rainbow Dash finally stopped on a grassy hill on the outskirts of town.

"Well I'm pretty sure that's everypony in town who weren't already hooked up to begin with. Did we miss anypony?"

Rainbow Dash shook her head. "I don't think so. That had to have done it."

"So what do you think, you two? Did that—" Applejack looked around to find that they were alone. "Now where did those two go running off to?"

"What? I thought they were right behind us."


"Maybe they just went to go get a seat for the fireworks?"

"Right, I heard that was starting soon."

"Yeah, that's probably it."

"So what do you wanna do now?"

"I dunno. I guess we can chill here for a bit."

They sat in silence for a few moments with only the chirping of crickets. After a while, Applejack spoke up.



"I just had a crazy thought."


"Well...I know it sounds ridiculous, but what if the two ponies that are supposed to hook up are..."

"No way. You can't mean..."

"Think about it. They're the only two ponies left in Ponyville that haven't gotten together, despite palling around all day today. They're about as close as two ponies can be. What if the answer has been right under their noses the whole time?"

"But...oh, that would be so weird!"

"It sure would. But maybe that weirdness is worth pushing through. Maybe they just gotta...go for it and see what happens."

"Yeah, but how would that even work?! I can't even picture it. Although, AHHH! I pictured it! Now I can't STOP picturing it!" Rainbow Dash shook her head as her face burned bright red.

"Y-Yeah! Me neither." A scarlet tinge was creeping up Applejack's own face.

"But seriously, though. How do we know it'll even work out?"

"We don't. But some things you just gotta take a leap of faith on."

"Alright. I guess I'm onboard."

The two ponies sat in silence, staring up at the stars.


"But what will Shining Armor think?" Rainbow Dash finally voiced the question on both their minds. "I mean, his wife and his sister?"

"I dunno. But maybe they'll be able to come to some sorta...arrangement? I mean, it ain't exactly common, but I've heard that that kinda thing wasn't entirely unheard of when it comes to royalty. At least, in some parts of history."

"Yeah, I guess. And I think that's even, like, a whole genre or something in those backwards comic books that Fluttershy likes. Well, whatever! It might be weird, but if that's what ends up making them happy, then I'll support them!"

"Right, we just gotta find them again. Then make them face their secret feelings for each other."

The night sky suddenly lit up with a series of colorful explosions.

"Which can probably wait until tomorrow." Applejack quickly amended.

The two ponies sat and watched the display in the night air that was comfortable, yet not so warm that one couldn't still enjoy the body heat radiating off a nearby friend. The perfect kind of night for etching precious memories deep. From a bush on a nearby hill, a pair of alicorns, binoculars in hoof, maintained a constant vigil over the two. As the fireworks continued, the two observers watched as the fatigue of a busy day slowly crept over the pair.

Rainbow Dash was the first to succumb, tipping sideways to lean her head against Applejack's shoulder. Applejack did nothing to dislodge the drowsy pegasus and simply laid her own head down ontop of hers. What followed was a slow and gradual collapse, like the subsidence of a continental plate. Their sleeping forms sank lower to the ground, then re-positioned, unconsciously closing in on the nearby warmth. By the end of it, the two sleeping ponies were curled up together, wrapped in each other's hooves under the gentle starlight.


Eyes, bloodshot from lack of sleep, continued to peer through binoculars at the still sleeping forms wrapped tightly around each other as the sun began to rise. Applejack's ears began to twitch, followed by an eyelid. She yawned and blinked a few times before finally opening her eyes fully and looking around.

"Ah, dangit. Hey, Dash. Wake up." She prodded at the sleeping pony beside her, eliciting only annoyed grumbling noises. "Come on, get up." She repeated as she worked to extricate herself.

"What? What is it?" Rainbow Dash mumbled.

"We went and fell asleep out here, that's what."

"Ah, seriously?" Rainbow Dash groaned as she rolled over and immediately felt the truth of it in her back. She climbed to her hooves and attempted to stretch out some of the stiffness. "Ah, I can't believe we did that."

"Yeah, there's some fair difference between a hilltop and a proper bed."

"How do you think I feel? I typically sleep on clouds!"

After a great deal more grumbling and cursing, they managed to get through some morning stretches and finally started to feel a little better.

"Well I should probably get on back to the farm and check on things. Maybe get some breakfast started. Then we can start looking for Twilight and Cadence."

"Sounds good, I just need to pop back to my place and check on Tank, then I'll join you for breakfast."

"Alright, see ya in a bit."

"Catch ya later, babe." Rainbow Dash planted quick kiss on Applejack's lips.

She was about to take off when she was interrupted by sudden uncontrollable screaming from a nearby hill. Her head whipped around along with Applejack's as two figures burst from a bush and raced straight towards them, flying in circles around them and still screaming like banshees. Rainbow Dash and Applejack shared a concerned look, worried over the apparent bout of madness that had overtaken their friends.

"Uh...Twilight? Cadence? Are you okay?" Rainbow Dash cautiously approached the hysterical ponies who were now hugging each other tightly in midair while crying tears of joy.

"Of course we're okay!" Twilight shouted back, sporting a manic grin, bloodshot eyes, and a disheveled mane. "You two are together!"

"Uh...come again?" Applejack replied.

"It took forever, but we both believed in you! We never gave up on you!" Cadence cheered.

"And now the day has finally come!" Twilight continued.

"Uh, Twilight?" Rainbow Dash gently asked.

"I mean, maybe it's technically the day after Hearts and Hooves Day, but I'll take it!"


"And now your life together can finally begin! The future is bright!"



"Um...I was pretty sure you knew this already, but Applejack and I have been dating for months."

"W-What?" Both princesses said in unison, mouths hanging agape.

"Yeah. We thought you knew. Everypony knew. I mean, we're flirting all the time! And I'm always staying over at her place."

"But...But I've never seen you guys making out or anything!" Twilight choked out as she attempted to grapple with her entire reality falling to pieces.

Applejack stepped forward to answer. "That's just because we ain't big on overly showy public displays of affection. Or all the schmaltzy holiday stuff. Don't mean we don't care about each other, just because we don't go suckin' face on every park bench."

"But...But what about all that stuff you said yesterday about it being weird and awkward and not being ready for change?"

"Right" Rainbow Dash answered. "We're totally fine with the way things are, but at the moment, we're just not ready to...open things up to anymore parties."

"Not that you're not both wonderful ponies." Applejack rushed to reassure. "And maybe things might change someday in the future, but for the time being, we're just more comfortable keeping things simple with just the two of us. You understand, right?"

There was a beat of silence as mental gears turned.

"Oh. OH!"

"Yeah, no. That's fine. Totally fine."

"Right, we're not...that's fine. Definitely fine!"

"Great really!"

"So great!"

There was another beat of silence and then the entire group broke out into laughter. The tension finally broken, Applejack wiped a tear from her eye and spoke.

"Well, now that that little misunderstanding is finally cleared up, there's only one last thing to take care of."

Cadence and Twilight looked at each other in confusion. "What?" they both asked.

Rainbow Dash nodded. "We finally found the solution to your problem."

"Our...problem?" Twilight asked.

"Your mission from the map."

"Oh? Oh! R-Right! That mission. So, uh, what did you find out?"

"Well, it turns out you two are the ponies who need to hook up."




Two voices answered simultaneously, one accompanied by an utterly scandalized expression, the other by a nonchalant shrug. There was a short beat before Cadence corrected herself.

"I mean, whaaaat? Noooooo. That...that would be...greedy."

"Yeah, Dash and I did a lot of thinking, and we're pretty sure this is the answer. I mean, we worked through every other pony in town, so unless you got the all clear yesterday."

"I didn't." Cadence answered with surprising haste.

"I...guess I didn't either." Twilight answered through grit teeth.

"Then it must be you two." Applejack concluded.

"Sounds like ironclad logic." Cadence nodded. "I guess it can't be helped."

Twilight turned to Cadence, shocked look still plastered across her face.

"B-B-But we can't!"

"I mean, it's not that unusual to be honest, is it?"

"Well, not exactly. I can think of five immediate examples from history where a ruler shared their bed in an alternating arrangement with—but that's not the point!"

"Then do you just not like me? You don't find me attractive? Is that it?"

"What? No! I-I like you just fine. And you're a very attractive mare. But I don't—I've never thought about you that way! At least not more than few times when I—AAAAHHH!" Twilight quickly clamped her hooves over her mouth.

"Tell you what. Why don't we head back to your lab and I'll show you some charts and a presentation that I think you'll find very convincing."

"W-Well if there's charts then I guess I could spare them a look. What about...speculative literature?"

"There might be a rough draft or two around."

"Good, then I can edit. Maybe punch it up a bit."

"That would be very helpful."

The two began flying off in the direction of the castle, leaving Applejack and Rainbow Dash behind.

"Well, that was an...interesting Hearts and Hooves Day, to say the least." Applejack commented.

"Sure was."

"Right. Well, I'm off. See you at breakfast."

Author's Note:

I did not initially intend for that Twidence ship when I started this fic, but it just sort of happened.

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I did not initially intend for that Twidence ship when I started this fic, but it just sort of happened.

Don't you just hate love it when characters start living their own life during the writing process and run away from the one who supposedly has ultimate power over them? :twilightsmile:

That was pretty much a defining feature of my extremely long running (mostly because I kept disappearing for like a year at a time between chapters) dark romance adventure fic Heart of Loyalty. I want characters that are supposedly brilliant and competent to behave somewhat consistently with as few instances as possible of a sudden onset of idiocy to drive the plot forward, meaning they need to fall for something they really shouldn't have or conveniently forget they can teleport, etc. When you have two or more such characters in opposition to each other, things get messy. My initial plans for scenes or entire plot thread trajectories end up rewritten because Character A would see such a trap coming a mile away and take precautions, and Character B isn't foolish enough to underestimate them in the first place, etc. Then I'm like, Character C probably wouldn't stand for that and would then get involved.

At the same time, I abhor the "all according to plan" chess master cliche' where a character's overly complex plan goes off without a hitch despite depending on dozens of moving parts they would have no control over, where the whole thing would fall to pieces if somebody arrived at point X 5 seconds late because they stopped to pet a cat or had to wait for some kids to cross the street. When writers mistake intelligence for omniscience. Which is why I prefer characters making additional preparations and contingency plans that might turn out to be completely unnecessary because they don't have perfect information and only guess how things are actually going to go down. Sometimes you make a Plan B, but Plan A turned out fine. Sometimes you unnecessarily cover yourself in mud and space blankets because you don't know if those cameras have thermal imaging or not.

OHMYGODYES!! :rainbowlaugh:
I loved every minute of the story from start to finish!

i actually chuckled at this line 😂 so good!

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