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A typographical mistake leads Nightmare Moon's return to play out very differently. It still gets the job done, though.

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This is great.

this is pretty fun well done

take my horse money!

This is so dumb I love it

Uh, you might want to check the site rules. I don't think you're allowed to write scenes from the show exactly how they happened.

Edit: For those disliking my comment, I'm saying that Nightmare Moon got pimp slapped in the show lmao

Exactly my kind of crackfic.

It still get's the job done, though.

Why did you put an apostrophe there?

Not sure how that even got in there. Fixed.

oh my

this is brilliant

Very curious exactly what Celestia’s reaction to these revelations in friendship was.

Reminds me of your recent work... Kinda.

The genre of harmony puns is surprisingly not exhausted even after a decade of fandom.

I gotta say that Whore Money never even occurred to me.

This fic was well cracked.

One fateful day, the younger unicorn refused to lower the moon to make way for the dawn.

Can't tell if this is intentional or not, since that should be Luna. Still, an amusing read all the same, and I cracked up at several points.:rainbowlaugh:

I can't believe you. I am whorified by this entire story. Waitaminute...

I thought is was weird too, but that's a direct copy paste from the transcript of the first episode. I guess historical textual errors really are a problem.

I need to go watch the second episode again. :rainbowlaugh:

With a...fresh...perspective...

Probably mixed, since she's Twilight's pimp and thus gets both a percentage and plentiful piles of paperwork. It's like they say: Whore money, whore problems!

Comment posted by Double_Bubble deleted Jul 18th, 2022

Huh! In that respect, the story is kinda meta in that has a typo like that along with the original script, especially in the book Twilight's reading!

There's also the classic issue of Celesita being shown with pink hair, and making the entire fandom assume for years that she got her multi-colored mane later, and then when they finally give us a flashback episode she just has her current mane during it, meaning the book was just wrong.


"Pinkie Pie, with boundless energy and unmatched passion for her work, represents the spirit of... Enthusiasm!"

"It rhymes with orgasm!"

I died :rainbowlaugh:

dont know what i expected from this, but i was not disappointed :rainbowlaugh:

that was a good laugh :rainbowlaugh:

Quality shitpost.

This is absolutely amazing. 10/10 crackfic. I am begging you to write the scene where Celestia finds out what Twilight thought the elements were. :D

"Yes. The Element of...A STRONG PIMP HOOF!

This is the greatest line. You deserve all the horse money. :rainbowlaugh:

Well that was entertaining if too short. 8/10 great job. Would love to see more of the ramifications of this.

*chef's kiss*

Do.. Do they really?


I really don't know what I was expecting, but that was pretty funny.

So, you said that this was a dumb idea that popped into your head during a lecture, and let me tell you, this sure as hell feels like a dumb idea that popped into someone's head during a lecture. But it's important to say that that's no bad thing. Sometimes a dumb, stupid idea can be great fun, and this is indeed all three of those things.

There's always the danger that by putting the punchline in the title, it runs the risk of spoiling any sense of surprise or mystery that you might try to build. But credit to you, when I finally got to the punchline, it was both surprising and hilarious just for how abrupt it was - a real "[record scratch]" moment!

And the way you changed the characters' roles to match this newly-desecrated misinterpretation of the Elements? Bloody genius. Better than it had any right to be for a mere thousand words, and got a good few actual laughs out of me at the same time. Noice!

This went somewhere I didn't expect and I love it!

Instead of imprisoning you for a thousand years, getting hit by the Elements of Whore Money just makes you get immediately sex-trafficked, which is technically not nearly as bad.

I'm just revisting this fic to say that I never hear "Elements of Harmony" the same way again. Now it's just the "Elements of Hormoney."

Well I know this wasn’t your intended purpose but thank you for making a story to help me calm down from an impending panic attack

Looks like there's not a single subject Twiggles hasn't studied just in case.
Pimplight Sparkle. Unexpected, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

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