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We've known each other for years. You were the only one who ever understood me. All those books we shared, all those nights studying together. Did it mean anything to you? Did you even think of me once before you threw me away?

And now you're back. Just leave me alone why don't you?

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I was waiting for this pairing to show up somewhere. Still, that was damn quick.

Damn.... this was good...
I don't have tears in my eyes... no seree bob, not tears... OK maybe a little...

This was extremely well done IMHO. Good job!

Really enjoyed it. Your characterization of Moondancer feels fleshed out and real, far more than the 22 minute episode was able to give us. I liked reading about her and Twilight's previous interactions, especially since we we given such a brief glimpse in the show.

dragon stand their smiling vapidly back
dragon stand there smiling vapidly back

Thank you so much for I coming *I am copy editor *beep* *bop* *beep* *boop**
Thank you so much for coming

could take back because of how
*two spaces*

With that out of the way, damn, you're such a good writer, I personally thought the episode sucked
but I loved your writing style so much that I figured you could turn it into something good, so I started reading and, you did.
Before I started, I was expecting the explanations and rationalizations of everything that happened in the episode in question
to make the least sense, (since there, you had to write around previously written content) but what ended up making the least sense was what Moon Dancer blatantly pointed out! Twilight Sparkle leaving a life she had known for years (maybe even a couple decades) for a life she had only known for a freakin' day! Um.. Wow, when it's put like that, I'd like to hear Twilight's internal dialogue for the past (in this story's canon) leading up to the events of at least the end of the season 1 premiere. Just to know how she came to this ridiculous conclusion for such a large life altering decision. I mean, go back and forth between Canterlot and Ponyville before you make up your mind to actually move there, Cadence!

Thanks for pointing those out. It sucks not having a copy editor at times. I delete and rewrite sentences an absurd amount of times, so fragments of old sentences are always being left behind, and then you can never catch that yourself because your brain already knows what it's supposed to say.

And yeah, at first I was all "It's not that big a deal Twilight. If you don't remember their names, they probably weren't your friends and that's fine. It's alright if you were just casual acquaintances with some ponies." Then they showed the flashback of them as fillies and I was all "Oh...okay yeah, that's kinda bad".

"and then you can never catch that yourself because your brain already knows what it's supposed to say."
I get it. By the way, I never would've found your stories if it weren't for RaylanKrios posting what his favorite fics were. Do you think you could do something similar so people could see where you get your inspiration from and have something to tide them over while you're finishing Heart of Loyalty?

Alright, done. I finally bothered to actually look at my user page and figure out how to mess with the modules.

Yay!!! *clap* *clap* *clap* So much time... I'm going to waste it all!

Very nice. I think first person worked out well here, giving it a really intimate feel.

No comment. It was that great.

6715734 But yet you posted a comment, so by technicality, you do have a comment!:pinkiegasp:
Sorry, just had a weird day. Had to let it out a little.

7037328 we all have days like those sometimes.
But for me, I have them all the time.

I want to hug her so bad.

The insight into Moondancer’s brain was nice -- I hadn’t even considered the parallel with her taking her sister and librarian for granted.

Oddly enough, my favorite part was the bit with Tirek. Just the fact that she gets annoyed with it, rather than scared, cracks me up.

6234997 you need add Moondancer tag.

7903898 That best story about Moondancer, and one of the best stories on fimfiction. I go to read yours other stories now.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and it's helped me get better insight on Moondancer as a character. Perhaps I can improve my own story by following your example.

Moondancer's reaction during that part with Tirek... I just can't :rainbowlaugh:

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