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Moondancer shut herself off from the world when Twilight decided to study instead of attending her party. That is not a normal reaction to a negative response from somepony with the mental status of "friend." A snub from a crush, however...

A.N. This is the FIRST Moonlight story. Ever. It was written the night of the episode and approved the day after.

This story has been reviewed by Rage Reviews. The link can be found here.

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So, I guess what you're saying is... LOVE WINS!!

Well shoot, you beat me to the punch. My version of this topic is currently in the approval stage, so I guess we can let the best story win!:rainbowdetermined2:

I do like your take on this, though. It's very similar to my own, but mine takes some very different paths as well. Nicely done!:twilightsmile:

In case you wanted to check out the competition, I'll link you to my fic. No Longer a Doppelganger

6171749 Just finished reading it. Good stuff.

Dang, you beat me to it. Still a cute pairing.

Moondancer shut herself off from the world when Twilight decided to study instead of attending her party. That is not a normal reaction to a negative response from somepony with the mental status of "friend."

It is a normal reaction for people with aspergers, though. She didn't act like she had it, but I am saying people with aspergers usually view one person as their friend, and the rest as acquaintances. If that one person they thought was their friend suddenly bails on them, well, they can take it pretty hard.

I am only one person with aspergers, so it can be different, but from what I have read other people like me have similar feelings.

It bothers me that Moondancer doesn't have a tag... yet

6173474 I agree with this guy.

Moondancer was hurt, hurt way more deeply by Twilight's indifference than would be reasonable for a mere friend.
OH WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT GIRLS?!!! ahem, sorry, it´s just.............that happened to me with a friend and.........:fluttercry: :flutterrage: :fluttershbad: :fluttershyouch: :raritydespair: :twilightangry2:

6174732 I may not know girls all that well, but I do know shutting myself off. I'm not the most social guy to begin with, and what few friends I do have I met when I was little. I know what's it like to cut yourself off from the world, to spend all your time studying and not go to any social gathering. And I know that it took being romantically turned down to do it. You have to stick your heart out to form a relationship, and when it fails it can hurt on a level that a mere friendship could never reach. My referring to books being like a drug that numbs the pain is completely intentional, and fairly accurate.

If Twilight was Moondancer's friend, and nothing more, she'd be hurt, for certain, but it would be much less likely to cause her to break down crying in front of everypony like that. It's possible for them to be just friends, but her actions become far more believable under the microscope of romance.

In other words:
A friend causing this reaction: possible.
A crush causing this reaction: highly probable.

It can happen with friends, but it's far more common with crushes.

6174838 oh.yeah, u r right.apologies, I guess I had my own little break down back there.maybe Moon Dancer and I are just......special cases. the story itself is pretty good, I guess I should thank u 4 that

I sure hope to see more of this ship future, and I don't mean from you directly, but... I saw the same thing you did in that episode.

a soft, contended smile the implied all was right in her world


This was a really nice story. Short but fluffy. I liked it.

I've had the same thought myself, but I'm not sure whether or not Moondancer's fixation was sexual. What's obvious is that Moondancer considered Twilight a Kindred Spirit, however, and that this is why Twilight's rejection hurt so deeply -- it meant that even Ponies who were like Moondancer didn't really like her.

Now, if Moondancer is lesbian or bisexual, then if she considers Twilight a Kindred Spirit it is extremely likely that she's sexually-attracted to her. Though note: for this to have a chance of success, Twilight must also be lesbian or bisexual. A point that a lot of slash shippers miss is that most people, in any species with a reproductive system similar to humanity (slow-birth, high-maintenance, k-centered, roughly 50-50 sex ratio) will be heterosexual.

I find your theory plausible because Moondancer reminds me strongly of Marcie Fleach


who IMO was definitely lesbian and attracted to Velma Dinkley, who was in turn definitely bisexual.

I don't, however, think that Moondancer is poor. You're missing something signficant about her -- she owns, or her family owns, a large house in Canterlot. The capital city, partially delved out of a mountainside and partially canterlevered out over an abyss. Property values there must be immensely high. Like Twilight Sparkle, she obviously comes from money -- and probably old money, given her name. As in, her family probably traces its tree back over a thousand years.

6177596 Please read my post regarding Pegasister107.

A friend causing this reaction: possible.
A crush causing this reaction: highly probable.

It's all about predicting outcomes based on evidence, and right now the evidence points more strongly towards romantic than platonic interest. Also, I follow the "skewed gender ratio" theory.

As for her level of wealth, all I saw was a tiny house in a poor state of repair owned by a pony that didn't seem to have a job. Again, based on the evidence, I concluded that it's likely she's been selling her stuff as required to pay her bills. Actually, being from a rich family reinforces this, since it means she has more stuff to sell in the first place.

In any case, thank you for spending so much time on a lengthy comment. :twilightsmile:


Oh, I can very easily see Moondancer having a crush. What's less likely is Twilight Sparkle returning it. First, she has to be bisexual or lesbian (even with a skewed gender ratio, I don't think most mares are, and Twilight comes from a class background and is personally of high enough status that monogamy with a stallion would be realistic expectation even in an Extreme Stallion Dearth Equestria. Note that her parents are in a monogamous heterosexual marriage, and so is her fellow Princess, Cadance.

Secondly, she has to return it to Moondancer. Twilight almost forgot her existence. This does not sound like true love to me. When she realized how much she'd hurt Moondancer, she sympathized with Moondancer and went far out of her way to help her, but that was at least as much her sense of honor and duty (and general niceness) as it was any personal attraction to Moondancer. There are several characters to whom she is already canonically closer and/or romantically attracted (she's closer all other five members of the Mane Six and romantically attracted to Humanoid Flash Sentry).

It's more likely that Twilight has realized that Moondancer is enough of a Kindred Spirit that she's worth befriending than that she's falling in love with her. And that would be true even if Twilight was bisexual or lesbian.

Moondancer, on the other hand, if bisexual or lesbian probably is falling for Twilight. So you could get unrequited love. From a barely-sane mare with some interesting fields of study.

6177773 At no point have I said anywhere that the feeling is mutual. If I ever write a followup to this story, I'll get into that.

Excellent oneshot! I'm working on my own TwiDancer fic. This was a joy to read.

And I agree. For putting so much stock in Twilight showing up, she clearly meant something more to Moondancer than Minuette, Lemon Hearts, and Twinkleshine.

Not too shabby, but what's with that 88888 thing?

6181155 A relic from my time on fanfiction where a simple *** scene change got deleted as it was being uploaded. Using a couple of 8's wouldn't be removed, so that's what I used instead. Combine that with being a fan of Homestuck, and those few 8's turned into eight 8's. I could switch back now that it's a not problem anymore, but I happen to like this version.

Great story. A good amount of feels as well. You are definitely right about there obviously being more than just friendship there at least in Moondancer's eyes. Who knows how it will go from here. I hope it goes well for her at least :twilightsmile:.

I will admit one thing I find odd is how little love Moondancer has received so far from the fandom. I figured she would get a good bit of it. Maybe it's because people see her as a little too much like Twilight or something.

Regardless this was a really well done story. I hope it continues to be a 'stealth' hit. Also don't be too disappointed it isn't featured. That is something really hard for one shots from what I have seen. Unless it is clop or the author who wrote the story already has thousands of hardcore followers on the site.

6182354 I'm not that disappointed. It's actually really fascinating to watch the like count grow without getting the attention of the site algorithms. Also don't worry about Moondancer love, there's a group for her, and the episode isn't even a week old.

I also have aspergers. There are five people dearest to me, and the rest are people I know but have no interest in. I feel devastated when one of my friends implies that I'm not as loved by them as they are by me. And I keep loving them anyway, because I never consider that friendship with other people might be easier.

Late to the episode, but as soon as I watched it I came here looking for this and wasn't disappointed. :pinkiehappy:

contended smile


Little bit of trivia here. The original Moondancer from G1 was married to a mare named Glory. Not even joking; Hasbro had a special porcelain figurine of the two of them as a married couple http://mylittlewiki.org/w/images/5/50/Wedding-prance.jpg So canonically Moondancer is in fact gay.

Finished reviewing this story for the Goodfic Bin. Whilst I think it was a bit of a close call (for reasons I've explained here) I think it was good enough for me to let into the bin.

Have a ribbern!


to a pony she'd barely even spoken too.

spoken to

through the whole Twilight had punched


Good story, like the limited perspective.

Wait wait wait they actually did that? Wow Hasbro, you got guts!

Personally I think Moon Dancer looked up to Twilight and that was the reason she reacted so strongly.

As a girl, with Asperger's... I agree with you. Moondancer's reaction was completely implausible if Twilight was just a friend (and given that Twilight claimed to have no time for friends, and never once considered the fates of her "friends" in Canterlot until the fifth season of the show, they were not close friends by any means.) A girl could react this way to being dismissed by a best friend, but Twilight obviously wasn't that. A person with Aspergers' could react this way to being dismissed by a close friend, but Twilight couldn't even have been all that close to Moondancer. Twilight is someone who, when introduced to close friendship, took to it very, very strongly... which suggests that she couldn't have had any close friendships before. Certainly not with Moondancer, or she wouldn't have forgotten.

Moondancer having a crush on her, though, makes it much more plausible. Moondancer probably also strongly identifies with Twilight, but even that all by itself wouldn't have been enough if it had been fully platonic. Moondancer might not have a sexual crush -- it's possible to have romantic but non-sexual feelings for someone (I wrote love songs to a friend I hardly ever got to see, when I was 6. Pretty sure that was not sexual, given my age. But it sure as hell wasn't platonic either.) But I think it does have to be a romantic crush at least, to explain Moondancer's overreaction.

I definitely got the same feeling of MD having feelings for Twilight. I mean, I have felt extreme hurt like MD, but it has only been because it was a close friend, and it's pretty clear that they weren't that close. It makes sense that MD felt a lot more hurt because she liked Twilight as more than a friend, and I think this story perfectly captured that. The limited perspective really pulls it out, too.

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