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I started writing went I started college, I continued writing then.



This is a series of just random stories I put together using MLP canon characters and maybe some background ponies. The set up is that my OC named Lord Justice Silverlight (unicorn stallion) has build a room in his home called the Foot lounge. He used this lounge to help ponies relieve a bit of stress without throw them in bed to make love to him.

Volume two for the first story take place after the death of Prince Justice Silverlight. He married Princess Celestia who now goes by Princess Celestia Silverlight. She is the proud mother to her and Justice's Royal foals.

Princess Aurora Silverlight
Prince Somnus Silverlight
Princess Blueberry Swirl Silverlight

The cover art was done by a friend of mine Miss Margony. You can find a link to her page on Deviantart on the Source. She had done all most all my art work that I use for covers.

Chapters (21)
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Comments ( 38 )

Thank you daba Zaba I wondering went you were gone to comment on chapter.
I am get closer to finish a new mare's experience :raritywink:

Been busy
But managed to come and see if there was new chapters
Ooh loving these new chapters and cant wait to see it finished.

So good
Love seeing twilight velvet getting attention and excellent choice in outfit for her.

Thank you daba zaba been using these chapters to build more background.
I add another chapter to The Twilight Velvet Experience, it has some background for real reason the Foot lounge was build.
I have a plan to add extra content to Twilight Velvet Experience it expanded scene for Justice and Celestia at the tavern. :raritywink:

Loved how twilight velvet was used
Definitely hope she pops up again

Thank daba Zada.

Time to have a little bit of fun: See if you can guess character

only clues:
A unicorn
initials: S and S

Oh man I'm bad at this ok let me think

All right one more clue:

Brilliant Yellow stripes in mane and tail.

A excellent new chapter
Loved the set up
And the bits with emerald and justice

thank you, next chapter will have Luna in it. :twilightsmile:

Oh this was great.
So more info on what transpired with celestia and justice.

Mostly your fault daba zaba :facehoof:

Would have never thought to use Queen Chrysalis.

Well I'm glad that idea stuck
It kind of fit.

Ahh a flashback chapter
Very good.

Ahh they finally met each other again.


I have an extra content Chapter for Celestia experience two that I am working on.

(It take place 20 years later after Celestia and justice reunited) :raritystarry:

Ok was only expecting that but
I definitely loved that.

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