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I started writing went I started college, I continued writing then.


This story is a sequel to The Experience Files (volume 2)

This is a series of just random stories I put together using MLP canon characters and maybe some background ponies. The set up is that my OC named Lord Justice Silverlight (unicorn stallion) has build a room in his home called the Foot lounge. He used this lounge to help ponies relieve a bit of stress without throw them in bed to make love to him.

(this series is going to be marked teen for one scene in the Celestia experience file)

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Love these chapters
So hot this definitely is great start to a new story.

Thank you that just one of the stories. Still working on the other stories.

He used this lounge to help ponies relieve a bit of stress without throw them in bed to make love to him.

Then why is there a sex tag?

to be honest starlight nova I been think about getting rid of that sex tag.
By the time you get this reply it should be gone.

Oh these chapter's were great
Rarity is a favorite especially her feet so seeing her get some love was great
Loved that one of them had her in stockings
Stocking feet are great and loving seeing them in stories
Rarity getting into it with justice was amazing.

I know of the blueblood story you mentioned and I couldn't finish it do to the rape part so you're take was great in my opinion.

I can't wait to see who comes next there are alot of ponys that hope to see take a trip to the lounge.

Thank you daba Zada.
As for the blueblood story I read through it. That why I recreated the scene were Blueblood was arrested.
It fits Justice personality that he would feel guilty about not come earlier to save his friend Rarity.
One of Rarity lines in my story is:

"He save her from years of mental torment and stay with her as she broke down as a friend would."

She was basically tell him so you didn't arrive went it first started. But you arrive went she needed him the most just as she was about to break from Blueblood's torture.

That part was great

I'm really loving this story along with the others
Love how you handle the foot stuff

So good

Love the reference to crystal sole

Thank you daba zaba.
I read that one too.
I kind like it.
But it got me think what would happen if it got report to Princess Celestia.

Another excellent chapter
Lunas attempt at trying to find the spa was great
And love celestias little dream world and she still has foot fun there

And the ending with justice and cadence was also good
And love seeing justice sucking on her toes non chalantly.
And the reference to the human ambassador was nice.

Thank you Dada Zada in Cadence chapter you real didn't know how she did it. Unless you read the fanfic.
So that why Justice ask her how she did it.
And I wanted to set up that Cadence is some what like rarity the two mares don't mind the whole foot thing with Justice.
Some of Fanfics that use the foot thing use as a way to throw sex into the story and it a surprise to the other characters.
Make it sound like the character is some kind of freaky sex addict and can only do thing behind closed doors.
Went the character is more excepting of what going on like I do it.
It take that concept out of the mix, make it less of a shock.

Which I like
Kind of sexy with situation like that with them being non chalant with there feet getting love.

Ahh so good

Really intrigued on who is trying to bring up problems with the tribes

That ending with more fun with cadence is good.

Each new chapter I'm loving it

So perfect.

The gentle tickling was great along with the other fun

Also loved the shout out to swat kats in the diplomat story celestia told
(Wonders of there is a callie briggs there too)

A very excellent chapter.

You're welcome
Loving all the background details with the what's going on with the other kingdoms

Just to let you know.
The alysia experience has little bit of different opening.

Thank you daba zada twilight experience is not finish yet.
plus soon I be add a second extra content to Celestia Experience.
Something to do with justice back in Canterlot.

Thank you daba zaba she still has one chapter left. In her experience Files

Thank you daba Zaba.
I was just planning for two chapters
but set-up need the second chapter
so it going to have a third chapters.

Oh excellent to hear definitely cant wait for chapter 3

so dada zaba what did you think of how I did the description for alexandrine's feet?
I was trying to convey the excitement of Alexandrine have her bare feet revealed for the first time.
I want to know if I did?

Oh I thought you did it well
It was great seeing her get like that
I think some foot storys forget that little detail with some characters

Thank you daba zaba. Going to rework a scene in Celestia experience story (the stand alone story).

Thank you dada zaba still work on the next chapter of twilight experience

Thank you daba zaba :twilightsheepish:
Want to finally end that experience file.
might end few other ones why I waits for a piece of art to be started by my artist on deviant art.
It a new cover art for my mystery stories. :raritystarry:

How can volume 1 be a sequel to volume 2?

Believe it or not Starlight nova that how site set up the Sequel went I pick it. :rainbowderp:

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