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I started writing went I started college, I continued writing then.


The most famous unicorn supermodel in Equestria Miss Fleur De Lis Glitter was attacked in her room at The Moon over Silver Shoals Resort in Canterlot after attending an after-party for the premiere of her new movie at the Canterlot Amphitheater. Miss Fleur De Lis Glitter survived the assault on her, but left her shaken from the attack. With a super busy schedule in Coltifornia/Applewood that she must keep no matter what. Miss Fleur De Lis Glitter phones her friend Lord Justice Silverlight, the son of Baroness Shimmering Diamond Silverlight, the co-boss mare of the Silverlight Unicorn family. Lord Justice Silverlight is also the Royal Investigator for Equestria and the Princesses of Equestria.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 12 )

Ahh excellent new story

Fluer is a great Choice for this and love the inspiration for the story
Big fan of lego3s storys.

With her old assistant stalking her I do wonder where its going to go with that.

Plus more fluer foot fun.

The suspense is exciting
The two siblings conspiring there plans,
Abd justice trying to find out who's is stalking fleur

Really good
The one applewood restaurant was a kind of thinking that fluer was going to indulge Innsoke footsie

Comment posted by keithsterling deleted February 14th

The restaurant that Justice and Fleur went to is actual place:

It actually called:
The Spare room and it is located on the second floor of Hollywood Roosevelt hotel on
Hollywood boulevard. All the place in this story are actual places here in LA with their name changed.
With the exception of the movie studio it loosely based on any motion picture studio in California.
In this case I loosely based the studio on the Warner Bros studios in Burbank.
I took a tour of the studio sometime ago.

As for more foot play I pick the right time to add to the story.

Wow it actually exist
Had no idea that most of the places where based on real locations.

Ooh excellent to hear

Well my idea for now is to stay in California for few more stories.
I have one with Octavia Melody and more real place in LA.

Good idea

Ooh Octavia definitely cant wait for her

Nice chapter. Can't wait for number 3.

Ooh the plot thickens.
Now that they have the identity wonder how It will play out

Minerva Sugar Spice definitely like her would like to seem her in some foor fun.

You have to wait to learn what is going on. Because that end of that story line.

Can't wait to read it.

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