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I started writing went I started college, I continued writing then.


head up · 2:36pm Dec 22nd, 2022

I have move the three special experience files into it own stores. That will post as soon as the site clear it

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A word on my world timeline · 12:59pm Nov 23rd, 2020

Here a quick run down on my Case files timeline and my MLP: FIM world.

- Any case that involves Lord Justice Silverlight take place before the birth of the Royal Foals and him marrying Princess Celestia.

- Any case that involves Prince Somnus Silverlight is after the death of his father Prince/Lord Justice Silverlight and Princess Celestia Silverlight is the mother to the Royal Foals and Justice wife.

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Chapter 10 for The Shatter realm · 1:46pm Oct 4th, 2020

I am going to write a chapter 10

TThe Shatter Realm
This story is in response to some questions Queenchrysalisforever put into a review of one of my story. How does Princess Blueberry Swirl Silverlight feel about this war.
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taking away thumb up and thumbs down · 1:12am Sep 23rd, 2020

I have disabled the thumb up and thumb down on all my stories. I have taking away option that some readers use to be anonymous went they don't like the story.

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Doing some self promotion on my blog · 5:50pm Aug 19th, 2020

I am doing self-promotion on my own blog right now till next week.
I am added another chapter to my Experience Files (Volume 2)
More with The twilight Velvet Experience CH 2
This will give you more background on how the Foot Lounge got started.

TThe Experience Files (volume 2)
This is a series of random stories that I put together with canon characters volume 2
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inspiration hits · 6:24pm Jul 3rd, 2020

I have decided the Celestia Experience, Extra Content, Job security will be a stand alone story. I am got to remove it from the experience files storyline. So I can add more chapters to it. So any of my watch who fav that story it going to be a stand alone story.

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No I am not leave this site. · 1:36pm Jun 8th, 2020

normally I don't ask for comments, But I did this time.
Something I am not going to do again.
I do this because I enjoy the writing and interacting with my low number of readers.
To me if I am right, the low number of reader mean they enjoy reading my stuff and take time to read it.
I might not get featured on this site at all. That is fine.
The one that put thumbs up is genuine and not because hey look I know how to use the thumbs down button.

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Going to leave this site · 3:16am Jun 8th, 2020

Normally I would not give-up on sites like this.
But if scanning is what that do for reading.
Their no hope of my style of writing to get any traction. My style of writing thrives on people taking the time to read it. I do have some good readers that I am pleased with. Who take the time to read it.
Who enjoys my story I am sorry to give up on them.

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