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Since the debacle of the last Grand Galloping Gala, Twilight Sparkle has begun dating an army cadet named Flash Sentry. Things between them are going very well, until Flash decides to invite Twilight to this year's Grand Galloping Gala. What follows will prove to be a night of magic and romance.

Written for the RIGHT BACK AT IT AGAIN! contest, under the prompt 'first kiss'. Set a few weeks after the Season 2 finale.

I am aware the cover art shows EqG characters, but at the time of writing I did not have the time or budget to commission specific cover art.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 24 )

I liked this story, ALOT

I copied my story now how do you past it hear

Please PM me. This comment section is not the place to discuss this.

How do you do that I'm new at this I olny sarted lest week I have got the hang of it yet

There should be a button on your dashboard marked 'Private Message'. Click on that, and fill out the textbox.

I figured it out how to rite a story with help from my brother

Did you get it published?

Once again you’ve done a excellent job

You’re welcome
Keep up the good writing

Thanks. It's interesting really; I first shipped Twi and Flash back in the days when the ship was really unpopular.

-reads the top part-

Heh... make me wonder what the top speed limit is for the Train System in Equestria :3

Ex-cell-ent (Trying out my ways of saying it like that. XD)

Given their level of technology in the world, probably between 40-60 miles per hour, given that their rail system consists exclusively of single track lines.
Th-an-k y-ou.

Okay, so far so good. I keep forgetting that this is a humanized AU though.

Not bad, but I think Flash and Twilight needed a bit more time and build up before just kissing like that. Flash and Twilight's relationship are supposed to be the focal point of this story, right? Unfortunately, the relationship ends up getting lost in all the background details like trains, dresses, and snooty aristocrats.

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