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Tom has been unusually busy the last few weeks with non-transformation issues. However, he today will get thrown once more into a world of character driven madness, all across Europe.

The first part of a three-part story.

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Here we have a human rendition of the character, and was this interesting to write, given the only previous Shining Armour TF I was aware of was FtM (shudders).

Say.... that TF wouldn't happen to be from the iconic Five Score, Divided by Four story by Twisted Spectrum, would it?

and this particular agent is loosely modelled on Jimmy Hook's OC, rather confusingly called Jimmy Hook as he also has a self insert of that name.

Would you blame me though? It can still be hard to come up with really good OC names of course, plus..... I do wanna prove that after all: Both Males and Females can have the same name even if that is normally reserved for only one gender. :ajsmug:

1. It's on dA.

2. If only as a shorthand.

1. Oh. ^^'

2. Yeah. Besides, I envy those that are good at making great OC names. It's just too bad that I'm not good at being creative for names. ^^'

Usual method is to throw together a noun and a verb.

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