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This story is a sequel to A Prince's Tale

Jimmy est coincé dans un lockdown et complètement ennuyé. Son anniversaire se révèle également être un buste à cet égard. Heureusement, il est sur le point de voyager vers une terre étrangère par des moyens non conventionnels ...

(Jimmy is stuck in lockdown and thoroughly bored. His birthday is also proving to be something of a bust in that regard. Luckily, he is about to journey to a foreign land through unconventional means...)

Written for JimmyHook19's 24th birthday.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 17 )

Heeey... The cover was moi old pfp!

"Sacre bleu! Cette situation ne pouvait pas être pire. Non seulement je suis une Chrysalide, mais je semble être une Chrysalide française!" ("Sacre bleu! This situation couldn't be worse. Not only am I Chrysalis, I seem to be a French Chrysalis!")

hooray for French chrysalis! She's the best! Yaaay! :D

Oh? C'est très intéressant.

A fitting tribute to the foreign language cast of the show, eh?

Glad you liked it.

Heh, first Chrysalis's Evil form (two times of course :3).... then Reformed Chrysalis.... and now French/EG Chrysalis :3 Now there's just one more extra alternate form of Chrysalis that I have yet to transform into. :3

And who would that be?

Anthro Chrysalis :3

I will find a good one in the coming months for sure. ;3

does that mean freach people are changelings?

No no no, monsieur. Ce ne sont que les versions françaises de Chrysalis et Thorax.

oh...she is cute. at least shes not cruel or benevolent..just...french

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