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I pop up in my fanfics as Maple, Phoenix Stone, and later Hikari. Most of the fanfics here will be based around the 1000 Years storyline


Rainbow Dash never knew how much her life would have changed when she was sent into the far far past to find Fluttershy. She never knew the trials she would face, the war she would fight, nor the love she would find. She gains new friends and new powers, yet thoughts of her homeland dwell in her mind and something calling to her. Sith. Jedi. Something familiar, yet different. This is a part of the Hourglass Series.

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Well let’s get reading.

Don't you mean hourglass?

Would you mind telling me where you think the hourglass should be? Because everything looks good when I read over it. But I don’t always catch things.

It was the last sentence in the synopsis, but you seem to have fixed it. Does this story have OCs in it?

Yes but she shows up later... they show up later. Except for Star Forge.

Chapter Five: How to Piss off the Jedi in Thirty Seconds For Five Days


Will there be mentions of Captain Fordo from Clone Wars 2003?

“Did you have a profession in mind?” Aide Doriana pryed and Rainbow glances at the Clones before answering. “I want to join the Republic Navy.”

Ooooooooh shit got real.

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