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Pony on human-female action? You sunovabitch, I'm in!

I often see your work read the description and like it then stopped cold by the anthro tag. thanks this was fantastic

nice work.

Stories like these are the reason why I come back around to lurk from time to time.:heart:

One þing I wanted to make note of was ðæt “slutset” is always written æs a lower-case word, never cæpitælized like a name should be.

"Well, you used to be called Sunset Shimmer,"

…So how about we call you slutset instead?"

Now, I don’t know if ðis was intentional or not, but I like ðis æs a stylistic choice, æs if ðe newly-christened slutset is no longer deserving of a proper name.

Are you going to be doing a female on male version of this?

What's with the weird writing in your comment?

I'd like an alternate version of this where twi is the one that gets bimbofied and sunset gets a horse penis, basically she wins instead of twilight.

(and not too much more in terms of intelligence)

Actually that one's not a typo. "what now amounted to [...] and not to much more".

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