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This is where my filth goes

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Comment posted by cunning_linguist deleted Apr 3rd, 2020

Loved it! A fun read. Very sexy!

A week later zecora. Finally is able to walk through her house...

Sadly it's a week to late to take any contraceptives

why did she break up with Twilight?

I have exactly one issue with this story, and it’s nothing you can do anything about. It’s the same problem I have with just about any story with Zecora. Or poetry, in general. After reading a bit, and getting used to the meter and rhyming pattern, I keep trying to read everything in that same pattern, and looking for rhymes. Even in the parts that shouldn’t include them, like non-Zecora dialogue.

But as I said, I always have this problem with poetry (Honestly, I read one page of Shakespeare, and I will spend the whole rest of the day trying to read everything in iambic pentameter.) so I can’t hold it against you. Even if it is your fault for being such a good writer.:pinkiehappy: I also have one question, and that’s why didn’t I give this a like when I read the first chapter? Oh well, I’ve fixed that oversight.

I don't see this story on the review order document.

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