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Really loved reading this one <3

First chapter, nine-hundred words. Second chapter, nine-thousand words. On a porno story. You find time and talent in the weirdest places.

Not enough Applejack stories like this! Loving it!

Awww thanks Miss Cyne.

I clearly know what the readers want.

1 Day and Dat Ratio Later

I don't know what readers want.

Thank you so much, glad you're enjoying it.

Interesting and hot. Though it got me curious about AJ' history pre and post the story. Was she already plenty feminine before the hormones? When did she start, of she managed to get a huge dong before them? Does she intend to go all the way and get a surgery or does she not care about that part? Did she think about asking for magical help with that in equestria? Do they have the means?

Will we actually get any answer for those questions or only Rainbow getting bred like the good bitch that she is? :pinkiecrazy:

As much as I enjoyed Play Party, I’m also enjoying this! Who knew Sunset could be such a bottom when she wanted to be? (I did)

Though, based on certain things you’ve described about AJ, it makes me wonder what her relationship with Granny Smith is like.

Currently working on the rough draft and will probably resume in September. Kinda got side tracked since August has so many contests.

You use 'they' on Pinkie's pronouns.

This story is so damn cute! I'm really glad to see an update and enby Pinkie is great stuff!! It's just cool to have some nice queer poly stuff to read.

She wanted nothing more than to shove her face between Pinkie’s thighs and eat her out, or maybe bend her over the table and rut her hard.

Oh I did notice these times that Pinkie has she/her pronouns. Wasn't sure if that was unintentional or if they use they/them and she/her pronouns.

Thanks for catching that! i did intend for Pinkie to only use they/them but i may have made mistakes while writing.

Glad you're enjoying the story so far!

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