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This is where my filth goes

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Ok but that cover art, isn't it just the greatest?


Majin Syeekoh

This appears to be pornography.

Are there other stories that take place in the same timeline/ universe

*Gasps loud enough to be heard in the vacuum of space*

I'll have you know that this is a family story, my good sir!

Nice choice of password for the event. I'm going to assume that was intended as a reference.

Hmmm, not that i've written. Though i do have a pair of other SparkleCest fics you might enjoy. i never really envisioned them as being part of the same AU though.

It was :P. Just finished reading it a few weeks ago so it's still pretty fresh in my mind.

Will you be making a story that tells us what rarity was doing when this was happening

Hmmm that does sound nice. i will totally think about it. My September is going to be hecking busy however.

Is this a unicorn thing like they’re all super into bdsm. Do earth pony and pegasus Have their own thing

i mean i mention an Earth Pony (Hoity Toity) and a few pegasi. Though, Canterlot has a larger unicorn cast so of course they're over represented. A Ponyville Play Part would probably have a more even mix.

are you sure this isn't a comedy, that was quite hilarious at the end.

All of my incest kind of takes on that route TBH. Though i do have an incest comedy on my main account.

Found here.

This was pretty okay! I liked the intricacy and the detail of the blowjob scene quite a bit. It could have afforded a bit more floweryness, and I think a touch of stream-of-consciousness would have worked wonders for something as focused as that scene was, but I quite enjoyed this thing overall. I think, with such a “classy” setting and theme, you could have absolutely afforded a bit of F. Scott Fitzgerald-esque vernacular and overall structure - streaming run-ons filled with information and simile - but this was perfectly functional and interesting.

I was left wanting more from that ending. What ends up becoming of their relationship? Does this end up being thought of as an unfortunate mistake or does it lead to a incestuous relationship of some kind, maintained by Velvet and Rarity? And what was all that about the West Wing? You left me wanting more, and few fics in this contest could have done that. Very good showing.

Your story popped up in my suggestion box, read this fic and after this the other two of yours.

Really like your work, keep it up.

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