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I'm leaving a like on this because you've got a peculiar theme going on here. Carry on. :twilightsmile:

Nice chapter there should be a another story to it where they have their child

This was a nice story, I liked how you pointed out Twilights nerdy side :twilightsmile:

“Don’t even think about it, Twily,” Shining warned. “You aren’t incesting me.”

Off to a strong start, I see

He was Shining Armor, and he loved his sister more than anypony in the world.

“Bitch!” Cadance screamed through the door. “I can feel you loving her more than me. You stop that right now.”

Shining snorted. “Sorry babe, it’s my dick talking.”

Ha! :rainbowlaugh:
What a dynamic this is.


I need no convincing.

I've only read the first part, but I must say, I love the pre-intercourse 'discussion' between Twilight and Shining, what with all that, well, in-character nerdy history talk. Very cute.

In fact, if I go about my usual routine of commenting on everything I find interesting, I'm liable to make a very long comment (I quote full paragraphs).

I wonder what Shakespearicles will think of this.

P.S. Just invited him to read.

Wow, this is some really beautiful clop. :twilightblush:

Twilight seems to be missing the whole point of why the Pharoes did it.

For her it's "Fuck you, a book said so and books are always right. Plus I'm too lazy to get laid the normal way."

Not sorry.

Cadence is the best!

there needs to be a ch 2 where twi and shinning get married and prego sex!

Quality erotica right here!

Little bit silly. Actually a lot silly, but silly can be a lot of fun. Amusing to read.

I do think there could be more variation in the paragraph lengths and some more supporting narration around the dialogue though.

Pretty judge here! Let's do this!

So overall, I must say, I adored this one! It was structured neatly for easy reading, had a play on words, and it even tried rationally convince not only Shinyling but the audience as well. It captivated me with Twilight and Shining's relationship imitating a relationship going through its cycle. A rough rocky start before understanding bonding and then eventually acceptance. As for negatives, I have to say, that this could have been better fleshed out. A little more description some actions for Shining in between dialogue and Cadence seemed a little bit dropped in for a premise that could easily be forgotten. But everything else did well and flowed well. Worth my time reading this.

So corrections to work on. Try being a bit more descriptive and don't have characters just idle mode about. Especially when they should be in distress. If you are to add a character have them fully intertwined into the meat of all. Otherwise pay them no mind.

This was fucking fantastic.

I think this may be my favorite clopfic opening line ever. Hilarious from start to finish, and the actual clop scene was really hot too.

“Bitch!” Cadance screamed through the door. “I can feel you loving her more than me. You stop that right now.”


She's his sister-wife. What did you expect?

Fucking quality comedy :twilightsmile:

Top job, loved this. Really good description without an overuse of the same words. Visualize was very easy.

Need a sequel with a pregnant twi and all of Equestria finding out

That was quality stuff.
I'd complain how fast he gave up and joined the darkside but its a pornfic. Itd be like complaining "why is there a pizza guy?"

Loved it. Fantastic descriptions of body actions

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