• Published 27th Mar 2020
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Detachable Penis - Shakespearicles

Shining Armor's penis had a mind of its own. And it has something to say.

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Shining Armor farted. His asshole was feeling left out of the conversation.

This made me laugh so hard!

ay, robcakeran53 just said you're a bitch ass motherfucker

what the fuck is this

She smacked him and shrieked. "You put it back upside down!"

Letter of Notification

To Shining Armor, Prince-Consort of the Crystal Empire,

As a result of the egregious category GM*1 incident of TS/SA-464205-2, your Certificate of Non-Virginity is hereby suspended pending further investigation. You are expected at the Place in 10 days from this letter's arrival; please bring your wife and daughter so that we may question the former under truth serum and institute a paternity test for the latter. You are also expected to bring any other sexual partners you have had, regardless of any hesitation you may have in doing so. Not doing so may result in permanent Virgin status. Rest assured that your privacy is our concern*2.

With Regards,

*1: Genital Misplacement
*2: Disclaimer: Terms & Conditions apply

Same, goddammit XD


fbi open up

no bruh, whats the secret password

how should i know. go check them initials.


Sequel with more King Missile references pls.

This is hilarious, thank you Shakes.

It's fics like this that I regret not able to give it more than 1 thumbs up.

This was hilarious! Incest for win-cest. XD

"Gah!" Shining shrieked. "Why is Spike's replica fleshlight talking!?"
"I'm not a fleshlight I- wait, Spike's!?" it asked.

The chapter just started and we are already left with more questions than answers...

"Wait, wait!" Shining pulled his dick out and put it back on the nightstand. "If you're her actual vagina, does that mean that she could get pregnant from this!?" he asked.

Good to see that despite everything he is still concerned about this. Better than Twilight.

"What about Cadance?" he asked. She grabbed his face with her hooves and nibbled on his ear. [...]
"You can bring her along next time if you want. She can watch. I'll show her how it's done."

Depending which head-canon the author is using she might even be delighted...

I have no idea what I just read, all I know is that I must upvote.

Would an upside down vagina be more or less sexy to fuck?

A more fitting went could never be designed. Bravo Shakespearicles, bravo! :rainbowlaugh:

I don't know for a fact Majin had something to do with this... I just know it's true.

top kek
but also, like the romance

Holy fuck, that was amazing.

... Part 3? Or is that pushing my luck? You can't just throw out "upside down vagina" and leave us hanging!

Oh my GOD but that's a fucking TEASE. But Cadance had to've totally done something to help them out and NOW she needs to FIX IT because her sister-in-law's vagina is FUCKING UPSIDE-DOWN.

I mean... Better than backwards?

First thing I thought of when I saw the title was the song by King Missile


Would a n upside down vagina be more or less sexy to fuck?

More or less.

Right, I'm just gonna leave this here...

Glad you got it.
But this is like... the sixth repost of this comment now. :rainbowlaugh:

There are people out there that clopped to this fic.

Congratulations. You fucking weirdo. I love you.

My boner feels like it smoked something.

That picture... I'll be in my bunk!

She smacked him and shrieked. "You put it back upside down!"

*Walks out*

That was all sorts of weird and I loved it.


but just a smooth patch of blank fur where he marehood used to be.


I’m not sure about what I read, I have very mixed feelings about this.

Mostly girlish giggling and hyena laughing.

That’s a great way to explain it all :rainbowkiss: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowwild:

I think my dick and my brain are arguing about whether to laugh or to jack it. Because either way, it wouldn't be hard to do with how golden this piece of art is.

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