Detachable Penis

by Shakespearicles

First published

Shining Armor's penis had a mind of its own. And it has something to say.

Shining Armor's penis has a mind of its own.
And it has something to say to Twilight.

Yeah... try not to think about it too much. ( I clearly didn't. )

Tags: [Incest? Incest-lite? Kinda? Shit, I don't know, this is a weird one.]

"Something I'd expect from Flutterpriest!" - The Computer Pony

Twilight, We Need to Talk

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"I love these visits," Shining Armor said. "I mean, don't get me wrong. I love Cadance and Flurry. But I just need a break once in a while, you know?"

"Hey, I get it," Twilight Sparkle said. "I'm happy to have you. And all of you guys when they visit. This big castle gets so lonely sometimes." He smiled, just sort of looking at her, not really focusing on anything. "What are you thinking about?" she asked. He blinked and came back to the moment.

"N-nothing," he stammered. A light pink tinged the corners of his cheeks. "I think the cider is just getting to me." He looked at the clock. "It's getting pretty late anyways. I should probably get to sleep."

"Oh. Okay then. Goodnight." Twilight said as he got up to go sleep in the guest room. She finished her drink and sighed. "I wish I knew what that stallion was thinking sometimes..." she muttered as she went off to her own bedroom.

A couple hours later, Twilight awoke with a start to the sound of a heavy thump inside her bedroom. She sat up in her bed and peered into the darkness by the dim light of her horn, but she didn't see anypony or anything. She reached over and turned on her nightstand lamp. Once the lamp was on she clearly saw something on her nightstand. She blinked and refocused her eyes in the harsh light.

There was a dildo on her nightstand, white and mottled with blotches of blue.

"Ha ha, very funny Spike," she said into the room. "I get it. I need to get a coltfriend."

"Twilight, we need to talk," a mare's voice said.

"Hello!?" Twilight asked into the room. "Starlight? Is that you?"

"No, it's me," the unfamiliar voice said again. Twilight's ears shifted like satellite dishes and focused on the direction, coming from the nightstand. She looked behind it, under it, and inside. "Right in front of you," the voice came from the dildo.

"Gah!" Twilight yelped. "What the heck! Starlight, did you give me an enchanted dildo?"

"I'm not a dildo, I'm a penis," it said.

"Why can you talk!?" Twilight asked.

"Because you wished for it," it said.


"You wished to know what I was thinking. And I wished that I could tell you what I was thinking. And since we're both unicorns... or at least part of one... our synchronized wish magic enacted the spell."

"I know how intention spells work," Twilight said. "But I never wished to talk to a penis."

"How does the joke go with you mares? Accusing stallions of always thinking with their dicks? Did you think that was just figurative? It's true. Even for your brother."

"Shining?" she balked.

"His penis, anyway," it said.

"No, this is definitely a prank! Starlight, did Trixie put you up to this!?" Twilight said into the room.

"I swear, I'm his penis," it said. "Go see for yourself."

Twilight huffed and rolled her eyes.

"You want me to go check to see if my brother is missing his penis?"

"Yes. Then you'll believe me."

"I still say this is a prank," she said. "I go lift up his covers, he wakes up to me checking out my brother, and then everypony jumps out and yells, 'Gotcha'!"

"He won't wake up. You know what a heavy sleeper he is when he drinks." Twilight grumbled as she climbed out of bed. She shuffled down the dark hallway to the guest room. "I can't believe I'm doing this..." She opened the door, silently slipped inside and walked over to the bed. No lifting of covers was needed. Shining had rolled over onto his back in his sleep and had kicked off the covers. Laying there with his legs spread she could easily see that the stallion's defining characteristic was markedly absent. She left quickly and went back to her room.

She sat on her bed and looked at the penis on her nightstand.

"Okay... Let's say that you're right," Twilight said, "... that you actually are Shining's penis, and that you can talk. Why are you here?"

"Because you wished for it," it said. "You wished to know what I was thinking, and I wanted to tell you."

"Okay. But if you're my brother's penis, why do you have a mare's voice?" Twilight asked.

"It's the voice he gave me," it said. "Besides, if I had a stallion's voice, that'd be pretty gay every time he gave me a hoofjob."

Twilight rolled her eyes and sighed, "Ugh. Stallion logic." She rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Okay, fine. So what is it that you needed to tell me so badly that you detached yourself to come see me?" she asked.

"I want to be inside you," it said. Twilight blinked.

"Um, could you say that again?" she asked. "I think I had something crazy in my ear."

"I want to be inside you, Twilight," it repeated.

"My brother wants to fuck me?" she asked with a cringe.

"Eh... yes and no," it said. "I want to fuck you. That's what I keep telling him every time we see you. So when you asked last night what I was thinking about, that's the answer."

"He was thinking about fucking me?" she asked.

"No! I was!" it said. "That's what I'm trying to tell you. In that moment, I was thinking for him. You know, like the joke goes?"

"Okay. So what was he thinking about then?" she asked.


"Nothing!?" she asked, suspiciously.

"Yeah. He wasn't lying," it said. "He was thinking about nothing. Actually, genuinely nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not a blip on the radar. And then when you asked him what he was thinking about, he had to stop listening and talk to you."


"To me," it said. "I keep telling him to put me inside you, but he never does."

"Yeah! Because I'm his sister!" she said.

"That is of no concern to me," it said. "You are an attractive pony, and I've wanted to be inside you more than any other mare we've ever met! No other pony makes me harder. When he clops, it's always the best when he's thinking about you," it said.

"Shining thinks about me when he masturbates!?" she asked.

"Usually," it said. "Although if it makes you feel any better, he always hates himself for it afterwards."

Twilight's cringe shifted into a frown. "Not really. In fact, that actually just makes me feel worse," she said.

"You know what always makes me feel better when I get worked up?" it asked her. "Cumming. I've been worked up ever since we came over. And you seem pretty worked up too right now. So why don't we help each other out? Put me inside you!"

"You're quite the pickup artist," Twilight sarcassed. "How often does that work for you?"

"When it comes to getting Shining to clop, I have a one hundred percent success rate," it said.

"I'm afraid I'm a bit harder of a sell," she said. "I just still can't believe he wants to fuck me. I always thought he was such a good pony."

"He IS a good pony, Twilight," it said. "That's what I keep trying to tell you! He doesn't want to fuck you. I do."

"But you are a part of him," she said.

"Yes. I am, irrevocably, a part of him."

"So at least part of him does want to fuck me."

"But he doesn't listen to me. He loves you. He will never act on my urges. He's a good pony."

"And you? A cruel, manipulating voice in his head?"

"I'm a penis. Morality isn't my department. All I knows is whats I wants. And whats I wants is to be inside you, Twilight Sparkle. Nothing would give me greater pleasure. Nothing would give him greater relief. Of this I have no doubt."

"Relief?" she asked.

"Twilight, if you honestly believe that spending his entire adult life having an internal struggle with his penis every time he sees you isn't unimaginably stressful for him, then I have a bridge to sell you," it said.

"No, I can imagine," she said.

"Then do us a solid, and do me," it said. "Put me inside you! Please! I'm begging!"

"If you want relief, you can go crawl back to where you came from and get it from him," she said. "While he thinks about me, I assume."

"Would if I could Twilight," it said. "I was able to inchworm myself in here, but as you can plainly tell, seeing you has given me a case of the ol'... rigor mortis."

"Fine. I'll bring you back myself," Twilight said. She picked it up with her hoof.

"HNNGG!" it groaned and throbbed in her hoof. She dropped it onto her nightstand again. "Sorry! You have no idea how long I've been wanting you to touch me! Hold me! Stroke me! Kiss me! Suck me! Please! Shining ate that whole pineapple platter just for you!"

"Um, excuse me, he eats pineapple because he likes it," she said.

"No Twilight. He eats pineapple because he knows you like it. He actually hates pineapple. But Cadance told him that it makes his semen taste sweet. And he wanted it to taste good for you."

"But he eats pineapple every time he visits," Twilight said. "And for what? On the off chance I just up and decide to suck his dick?" she asked.

"I can tell from your tone that you're expecting me to refute that, but yes. You're right on the money," it said. "I want to fuck you. I don't particularly care how. But just because he won't force himself onto you, doesn't mean that he doesn't want you to initiate it with him."

"This conversation is getting worse by the minute."

"If my answers frighten you Twilight, don't ask scary questions."

"So my brother does want to fuck me."

"No Twilight. I want to fuck you," it said.

"But he wants me to fuck him?"

"Eh, he would prefer the term, 'make love'," it said. "He wants you to initiate 'making love' with him."

"How is that different?" she asked.

Because you're not just a vagina to him? He cares about you?" it suggested. "Beats me. Ask Cadance. She explained it better. But seriously though, please beat me!"

"And speaking of Cadance!" Twilight said, "Shining is a married stallion!"

"Oh, hey, don't get me wrong! Cadance really puts the effort into sucking. And she had a decent vagina. After the foal though, eh... it gets the job done. And to his credit, Shining really tries to not think about you when he's having sex with her."


"Hey! You didn't make it any easier when you went and got wings, Princess!" it said.

"I never asked for these wings," she said. "Great, now I feel bad."

"Imagine how it makes him feel."

"How you make him feel," she said.

"I never asked for these urges," it said. "But I wants what I wants. And what I wants is to be inside you, Twilight. He refuses to listen to me. So whether or not you decide to help him feel better is up to you."

Twilight chewed her lip.

"If I do this... IF I do this, you swear that it will help my brother feel better?"

"Yes. I guarantee it."


Twilight reached over and picked it up again and held it in front of her. "Oh fuck! Just to be in your hooves!"

"It feels so real," she said.

"I am real!"

"I just mean this still feels so weird," Twilight said. "Like, not just that it's a real, disembodied penis in my hooves. But the fact that it's my brother's. And I'm actually touching it!" Twilight turned it around in her hooves and held in front of her, placing the base of it against her pelvis. She gave it a few strokes as though she were clopping. "Heh, now who's the stallion?" she said. The tip started to dribble a bit of precum.

"You've got to try this!" it said. "He ate all that pineapple just for you!" She hesitated for a moment, but brought the tip up to her mouth and gave it an experimental lick. It very much tasted like semen, but the sweetening hint of pineapple was undeniably there. "Yeah...?" it asked.

"Okay, yes, it's not horrible," Twilight admitted, licking it some more before she started sucking on the tip. She tried to take as much as she could, but she hadn't the practice to be very impressive before she started gagging.

"It's okay. Don't worry too much about sucking," it said. "Beside, you should get to enjoy this too! That's what Shining would have wanted."

"Well then he should have sent his tongue," she said.

"Oh, he totally would, too," it said. "If you initiated with him, he would go down on you until he had to evolve gills!"

"If only," Twilight said. "Pity." She brought the penis down between her legs and pointed it at her sopping-wet marehood.

"Ooh! Looks like somepony is excited!" it said. "Is it already that time of the season?"

"Yeah, yeah, that's enough out of you! No more talking while I do this. You're just a dildo to me now." Twilight pushed the blunt tip against her marehood, getting it slick with her wetness before lining it up with her vagina. It was a bit bigger than her usual toy, but with a bit more pressure, she managed to work the tip of it inside. A few small thrusts and she worked more of the shaft in, getting it deeper and deeper.

The medial ring offered a bit more resistance, but she was starting to get lost in the pleasure of it. A few good thrusts and it popped inside. After that it was just a few more inches until the base neared her lips. She felt the tip just barely kiss the back of her vagina. The girth and length were just right, filling her perfectly. Using her magic now, she working it in and out of her, with perfect control of the depth and speed. The medial ring rubbed back and forth against her g-spot, giving her little ripples of pleasure, making her clitoris wink.

With her free hoof, she started rubbing her clit, getting her even hotter. Her first orgasm wasn't a big one, but it actually caught her by surprise. Her pussy rippled and quivered, squeezing down on the dick inside her. But she was far from finished. She caught her breath and refocused her magic, moving the penis slower and more deliberately. She felt another, bigger orgasm gradually building up. She could feel it building up in the bottom of her tummy, like a rope knot pulling tighter and tighter, threatening to snap. She waited until she was nearly at the brink, and then started fucking herself harder and faster, rubbing her clit again with her hoof.

"F-fuck! It's so good!" she moaned. "Why does it feel so good!? Ah!" She cried out as she came again. Her pussy spurted a gush of marecum onto her sheets and squeezed down on the dick as throbbed thicker. She pushed it as deep as she could against her cervix. She felt the tip flare deep inside her as it twitched and pulsed inside her, making her cum even harder. She just writhed and moaned in her bed as she was overwhelmed by the best sex of her life.

"So good! So perfect!" she moaned against her sheets, damp with her sweat and pony-knows-what else. Her heart fluttered and she struggled to catch her breath. "That was absolutely incredible! I might just have to keep you," she purred. She felt it start to soften inside her. Her magic was as exhausted as she was. She reached down with her hoof to pull it out. A dribble of semen leaked out of her.

"You came inside me!? Why didn't you tell me you were going to cum!?" she shrieked.

"You told me not to talk," it said.

"You knew I was in heat!" she said.

"Yeah... foresight is not my strong suit," it said. She looked at the small white spot on her sheets.

"Well, at least there isn't that much," she said.

"Oh, no, there was a ton of cum!" it said. "But it was a perfect fit in there and I lined right up with your cervix. Most of it went straight into your uterus and stayed there."

Twilight shifted herself on the bed and indeed could feel the massive load sloshing around inside her womb.

"What if I get pregnant!?" she asked, doubtful that it was even a matter of 'if' at that point.

"That is where my job ends, and his begins. And yours too, I presume. My work here is done."

"You're a dick!"

"Yes. I am."

"What am I going to tell him!?"

"Well, if it's of any comfort, Shining always did plan on doing right by you in the event of that," it said.

"He planned on getting me pregnant!?" she asked.

"I think 'dreamed' would be more accurate," it said. "Speaking of dreaming, I'm about ready to roll over and fall asleep. Do you mind bringing me back to his bed?"

"Typical!" Twilight snorted. She picked up the limp penis and cradled in her hoof to carry it back to her brother's sleeping form. Angry as she was, she didn't want her brother to wake up in a panic to find he was short one limb. She laid it on his belly and it wiggled like a worm back into his sheath, snuggling up inside its personal turtleneck sweater before vanishing inside it.

Twilight blinked and walked back to her room, wondering if it was all somehow just a weird fever dream. The massive stains on her bed, and her bloated abdomen told her that no, it was not.

She climbed back into bed and rubbed her eyes. The worry of being pregnant with her brother's foal was all she could think about. What would she do? What would he do? Did he really want to have a foal with her? she wondered.

She shook her head. She wasn't thinking clearly. She had been thinking with- with a dick! It had been so convincing and persuasive, and she didn't even realize that it had manipulated her like that.

How does Shining do it? she wondered. To have the kind of willpower to ignore that voice, day in and day out. And what if he gave into it? If he just came into her bedroom and pinned her down on the bed and rutted her like a savage animal, breeding her like a stud, and filing her with his foals-

Twilight realized that she had been masturbating while she thought about her brother fucking her. She pulled her hoof away and looked at it. It was smeared with more cum that had leaked out. Delicious, pineapple flavored cum. She realized she was licking her brothers cum off her hoof.

"Why did it have to feel so good!?" she groaned, trying her best to clop herself off. But it was nothing like the sex had been. All it did was leave her craving the real thing. Not just his dick, but the whole stallion. Not just rutting but making love. Cuddling, kissing, foreplay, and yes, the rutting too. She wanted it. She wanted him!

"No!" Twilight grabbed her hoof with her other hoof and held it down. She wasn't thinking clearly. She wasn't thinking objectively. Shining was a married stallion. He has a daughter. And he's her brother! She grit her teeth and fought back the lecherous thoughts. Even if it was the best sex she'd ever had, she couldn't want this. She couldn't let herself want it. She needed to keep her urges in check.

But part of her...

Part of her really, really wanted it.

Twilight understood at last. She sympathized with the mental anguish of the tortured stallion. As much as part of her wanted her to go straight in there and tell him how she felt about him, about how she felt the same way he did, her rational mind buried those thoughts down deep. She would not allow them to have a say in her life anymore.

She opened her window and changed the sheets of her bed with fresh ones. She focused on her work. It cleared her mind, along with the air in the room. She showered and washed away any last traces of the night. If she was pregnant, she would deal with it later. She would come up with something. But she wouldn't tell Shining the truth. She wouldn't make it his problem.

Even if it was the best sex she ever had.
Even if part of her wanted it again.
And again and again.
Every time her brother visited her and her foal-

"NO!" Twilight turned the water to cold and doused herself until she was shivering. She dried off and went back to bed, keeping her hooves above the covers. She was a good mare. She would not act on those thoughts.

It had been a long night. Twilight was exhausted and had turned off her alarm to let herself sleep in for a few extra hours. The first rays of dawn streaked through Shining Armor's window. He rolled over to look at the clock on his nightstand. He blinked awake and focused his eyes. There on his nightstand was what looked like a lavender fleshlight.

"Shining, we need to talk."

Shining, We Need to Talk

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It had been a long night. Twilight was exhausted and had turned off her alarm to let herself sleep in for a few extra hours. The first rays of dawn streaked through Shining Armor's window. He rolled over to look at the clock on his nightstand. He blinked awake and focused his eyes. There on his nightstand was what looked like a lavender fleshlight.

"Shining, we need to talk."

Shining's eyes went wide as dinner plates and his fur turned a whiter shade of pale. He pulled open the nightstand drawer and pushed it inside and closed it shut, looking around the room in a panic.

"It's not mine!" he said, searching the rest of the room, trying to find where the other voice had come from. "Hello? Hello?" Even with his spells he didn't find anypony else. Once he was certain that he was alone, he cracked opened the drawer again.

"How did she find you?" he asked.

"Hey! Let me out!" it said.

"Gah!" Shining shrieked. "Why is Spike's replica fleshlight talking!?"

"I'm not a fleshlight I- wait, Spike's!?" it asked.

"Well I didn't bring mine," Shining said. "B- because I don't own one. And- and even if I did own one, it definitely wouldn't be the replica Lavender Princess® model with the deluxe ultra-vibe base to ensure maximum pleasure!"


"Because... you know... that would be weird," he said.

"Are you done?" it asked.


"... I'm Twilight's vagina," it said.

"Why does Twilight have a fleshlight?" he asked.

"I'm not a fleshlight! I'm Twilight's actual vagina. Look, can you take me out of the drawer so we can at least talk face to... folds?" Shining opened the drawer and levitated it out with his magic, setting it back on top of the nightstand. He leaned down and inspected it closely.

"Wow. They really nailed the detail on this!" he said. "It looks just like the real thing!"

"That's because I am the real thing!" it said. "Wait, are you not even curious anymore as to why I can talk?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah yeah. Sure."

"Twilight wished to know what you were thinking and your penis detached itself to-"

"It even smells like her!" he said.

"And now I've been sent to take over the world and cleanse it with hellfire."

"Uh huh."

"You're not even listening."

"Yeah huh! Twilight something dispatched whirled cleans elf something!" he said. It was hard to speak while he was drooling.

"Dick, can you just let him think for a minute, I'm trying to talk to him!" it said.

Fuck it. Put me in it! Fuck it! Fuck it! And think about Twilight while you fuck it! Fuck it! Put me in it! Put your dick in it! Cum inside it! Fuck Twilight's vagina! Fuck it!

"Dick! Shut up! I'm trying to get him laid!" it said.

... You had my curiosity, but now you have my erection!


"Hello," he said, suddenly lucid. "Wait, am I still dreaming? How are you talking? How are you actually Twilight's vagina?" he asked.

"Yes, welcome to the conversation!" it said. "I'm Twilight's vagina. Her actual, literal vagina. If you don't believe me, you can go look for yourself."

"Okay, yeah. This is definitely a dream," he grumbled. He got up and walked down the hallway to his sister's room. He opened the door and quietly walked inside. He stood at the edge of the bed, and grabbed the corner of her sheet.

"I hope they serve beer in Tartarus," he thought. He lifted the sheet and looked under her tail. Nothing. Not like a missing part of her body, but just a smooth patch of blank fur where her marehood used to be.

"Huh." He let the sheet lie back down and he went back to the guest room. "Okay... so... what the fuck?"

"Last night, Twilight asked you what you were thinking about, and while your answer was 'nothing', you were actually thinking about fucking her."

"N- no!"

"Don't bother trying to deny it. Your penis told us everything."


"Last night, Twilight wished to know what it was you were thinking, and so your penis visited her to talk and told her everything about how you felt about her."

"Oh no! This isn't a dream- it's a nightmare!" he cried.

"Relax. She took it rather well. And so did I." it said. Dick snickered. "But now she has a new problem. After she had sex with your penis, I became addicted to it. I've been having her dreaming about it all night. I've been practically drowning with how wet I've been."

"So you want me to fuck you?" he asked. "I mean, I guess. As long as Twilight doesn't find out."

"I mean yes, I do, but- MMFFHH!"

Shining Armor stuffed his dick inside and started fucking it. It was even better than the deluxe model. "Fuck!" he moaned. "It's so good! Such a perfect fit!" It was wrapped snugly around his shaft without being too tight, just the right depth to perfectly accommodate his length. It was so warm and wet and it was practically quivering around him as he worked it up and down on his shaft, fucking it as fast and as deep as he pleased. "Wait, wait!" Shining pulled his dick out and put it back on the nightstand. "If you're her actual vagina, does that mean that she could get pregnant from this!?" he asked.

"I... I need a second..." it said. "It's a b- *burp* bit too late for that," it said. "She's almost certainly pregnant from when your penis came inside her earlier."


Sorry dude.

"Dick!" Shining yelled. "What the fuck! Why do you always get us in trouble!?"

Dude, this is what we've always wanted! Just go in there and tell her how you feel! And then fuck her. Or make love to her or whatever. Be a stallion for once and stop acting like a pussy!

"Excuse me!?" the literally pussy said.

Oh, put it in your fucking blog, Pussy! I'm trying to give him a pep talk!

Shining Armor farted. His asshole was feeling left out of the conversation.

"Guys, enough!" Shining said. "Nopony is fucking anypony! If Twilight is pregnant, I will deal with it if she asks me to. And you're going home!"

"She wants to have sex with you," it said. "She just doesn't want to act on it because she feels bad about it," it said.

"Yeah. I get the concept," he said. "There's a reason why we don't just do whatever our genitals tell us to. I'm married, and I'm her brother!"

"And soon to be the father of her foal," it said. "Let's not forget that little detail."

"And I didn't even get to enjoy it!" he snapped. He rubbed his face with his hooves. He looked at his sister's vagina as his eyes glistened. "Did she?" he asked. "Did she enjoy it at least?"

"Shining, it was the best fucking sex we've ever had!" it said. "You felt what it's like in here. We're a perfect match for each other. We fit together like lock and key! I've never cum so hard before!"

One side of Shining's mouth curled up into half of a weak smile.

"I'm glad," he said. "I'm glad she at least enjoyed it." He picked it up to bring it back to the rest of his sister.

"Shining, wait! We may never get the chance to speak again!" it said.

"There's nothing left to talk about," he said. "Not with you, anyway." He walked into Twilight's bedroom and pulled the sheet back off her again. She had rolled onto her back. He placed her vagina in the blank area between her legs and it slowly melded with the rest of her body like a droplet of rain falling into a puddle.

"Shining," it said as it merged with her, "At least kiss me goodbye!"

Yeah! At least be a gentlecolt! Dick said.

Shining obliged her, and leaned down to kiss it. Her scent was one thing but her flavor was even better. His kiss turned into licking, sucking, probing with his tongue. He gave her clitoris little licks and sucks, making her even wetter. He happily lapped it up and dove in for even more. After a minute or so he felt it quiver and tremble in orgasm, spurting a gush of marecum into his mouth.

"How was that?" he asked.

"Wonderful," Twilight moaned. Shining's head popped up and looked at Twilight. She blinked at him and rubbed her eyes.


"Shining!? What are you...?" she looked at her wetness still dripping off of his chin.

"Uh... funny story!" he said, before he realized just how crazy he would sound. "And you wouldn't believe a single word of it." He got up to run out of the room. She stopped him at the door.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"I'm taking myself to the gelding clinic!" he said. "My dick has gotten me into enough trouble!"

"Don't you dare!" she said. "I love your- You! I love you. Don't do that to yourself!"

Just tell him!

"Look, I already have Flurry and..." He trailed off and looked at his sister's belly. "And I don't want any more foals."

"That's a lie and you know it!" she said. "It's been your dream to have a foal with me!"


Yeah... I might have told her that, too.

"Stop lying and just admit it!" Twilight said.

Just tell her!

"Fine. I admit it," he said. "That's why I need to go do this. I already feel terrible about this and I don't want to hurt you." He turned to grab the door handle. Twilight't hoof grabbed him be the shoulder and spun him around, slamming him against the wall. Hard.

"Have you ever stopped to consider how I feel!? What I want?" Twilight asked.

"I thought-"

"No, you fucking didn't!" She said. "And you didn't even bother to ask!"

"... Okay Twilight. What do you want?"

Just tell him!

"I want you!" she said, grabbing him by his mane and pulling herself in to kiss him. "I want you to kiss me back," she said, kissing him again. He did as she asked and kissed her back. She tried to talk between kisses. "I want you *kiss* to take me *kiss* on my bed *kiss* and finish what you started!"

One last doubt plagued the back of Shining's mind.

"What about Cadance?" he asked. She grabbed his face with her hooves and nibbled on his ear.

"She can have you back when I'm done with you," she growled. "You were mine first!"

"And then?" he asked.

She patted his cheek and strolled back over to the bed, flagging her tail, bidding him to follow her.

"I don't care," she said. "As long as you keep visiting me. As long as you keep rutting me with that perfect cock of yours. You can bring her along next time if you want. She can watch. I'll show her how it's done." She climbed onto the bed and laid on her back with her legs spread for him. She could easily see how hard he was getting for her. "Now get over here and fuck me already!" She tugged on his erection with her magic, and he followed it over to her like a divining rod.

"I know what your dick likes," she purred as she reached down with her hoof to play with her pussy for him. "And it likes being inside my-" she stopped mid sentence as she rubbed her pussy with her hoof, becoming increasingly frantic. "Did my pussy detach itself and come visit you?" she asked.

Shining chuckled. "Heh, yeah actually. Funny story; You kinda caught me... 'kissing it goodbye' after I came in here to put it back."

She smacked him and shrieked. "You put it back upside down!"