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Scootapops!: The elite brony gamers' first food choice!
Scootapops!: Try our skinless flavor!
Scootapops!: When your body needs an excuse to have another energy drink, you can microwave one of these and call it a meal!
Scootapops!: There's a party in your mouth and this time you're still not invited!
Scootapops!: I can't believe it's not humane!
Scootapops!: Who knew the inside of a pony looked so much like pizza sauce?
Scootapops!: Where were you when they started making tiny ponies into microwaveable snacks, and how long did you weep when you first heard?
Scootapops!: Perfect instead of trying to kill yourself directly!
Scootapops!: No refunds.

A tribute to Fiddlebottoms, God rest his soul.

Co-written with darf. If you like my work, consider donating to my Ko-Fi!

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i can feel a lot of david foster wallace in this one, but maybe also hunter s. thompson, if that's who fids is channeling in the first place. who the fuck is it that talks to themself in extended philosophical monologues? everyone? question mark?

i can feel a lot of regret

that's just gas, probably

This realy isn't even the weirdest thing I've ever read. In fact if you stand back and realy squint your eyes, one might even consider this some kind of literary masterpiece.

Or I could just be over thinking things again.

Majin Syeekoh

This made me very uncomfortable.

the concept of a jello-sock is honestly the peak worst thing about this

at least the parts that i can fathom the awfulness of

enjoy your upvote and my despair

Disgusting. A fucking abomination. 9/10 Great work.

Alright, where's the bleach.


Well said, you've summed up my thoughts far better than I could of. I guess this story now qualifies as high literary art, the sort of thing that universities will teach with great gravitas in the distant future. What a time we live in

you joke but at some point a hundred years from now someone is gonna look at a cache of fimfiction and be rewarded for the scrutiny of their observations.

i also feel like reading William S. Burroughs (that's who i meant earlier, not thompson, duh me) writing stories about assholes that talked to each other and constantly shit out their faces is a good sign for this becoming literary canon in the future. But we're just going to have to wait and see, I guess.

I'm pretty sure I've got a pulse.

And don't say you're not a nerd and then use a nerd word like "gerund." No one knows what that is or even if you can eat it. Makes me almost as angry as the revelation that there's an "Anon" character tag.

the fuck? whose gravestone have i been visiting for the past four years, then?

Mine, because I read this story

Is it bad that I want to eat a Scootapop? Like, I'm really hungry for a Scootapop right now... What have you done to me?

Why is this the first story I chose to read?

I am in horrible psychic suffering on a daily basis

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