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"Only the most subtle of references." -No fanfiction writer ever


No one said being a princess was easy.
No one said being a princess was fun.
But somepony has to do it.

Cadance has been doing her best to bring the Crystal Empire back up to speed with the rest of the world, but running the entire government was never meant to be a one pony job. So when Sunburst uncovers ancient records that that the Crystal Heart is but one piece of a set of artifacts, she jumps at the chance for adventure and a well deserved break. But when faced with countless challenges, new creatures, and exotic locations, will she ever get any time to actually rest?

Part of the Season 10 Bingo Writing Contest.

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*Reads Description*

… Who is Starburst? Is that Cadance addressing the ship?

The opening has me choosing to believe that this story is in-continuity with Princess Celestia Hates Tea.

"Technically, you're an Empress," he corrected with a grin, "And since I don't see any others around

Cozy: “I tried! The world is a mess and I just need to rule it…”

Dangit. Missed that one. I've been writing a lot of Starswirl lately and he keeps slipping through as other characters.

I am SO ready for this.

Ha! I figured that cake would somehow enter into it, though at first at the bottom of the pit when holes had been mentioned I had expected it to be a snake pit. Just with the snakes instead being nothing but bones at this point.

As the adventurous alicorn crossed the threshold, she felt a slight tingle in her horn and wings. Maudite. The walls were lined with it. Without direct contact it couldn't fully block her magic, but even then the sheer amount in near proximity was enough to limit her to simple spells only.

That's a deep cut.

The Royal Vaults were not the kind of place an individual would wish to spend their free time, excepting perhaps truly dedicated scholars, undead, and mimics.

Dead Ringer, a historian and lich who had been locked into the form of a bookcase upon completing his phylactery, deserves special mention.

I had to laugh at Celestia's HAREM, to say nothing of the term "caketivity." Definitely looking forward to seeing where you go with this from here.

Ahhhh it makes sense that Peridot would give Luna the artifact that can find all the others! Surely she wouldnt have hidden them without giving them all a means for retrieval! I am very curious about what they do.

Also: nice burn, Luna. XD

The way Cadance spun that was more gold than Gladmane's replacement statue will be.

Nice XD And Gladmane gets to make a statue of himself, so he’s happy. And hopwfully he won’t be blabbing about this idea of dark artifacts under the threat of it looking poorly on him. These are hilarious!

If occurs to me only now that a pony named “Darkened Peridot” might not have been an entirely beneficent pony, and I’m wondering if gathering all these artifacts is indeed going to be a good thing.

Hmm, that pony that Cadance used to know...Prismia?

You only realized that now? I’ve had my suspicions about the artifacts since day one.

So Twi was a gambler and made casinos cry...

Stalled for non-MLP writing contest. Future chapters are outlined, but incomplete. Updates will come, but they'll be unpredictable.

Ah, Sunset. I can only imagine how she'd feel if she heard Cadence was using her as a role model.

Glad I finally caught up with this chapter. Looking forward to more whenever it may come.

Oh, hey, an update! And what a fun chapter this is. I thought for sure Cadance would just challenge her to an aerial race or something, but then we wouldn't have gotten to see Ember all flustered. :pinkiecrazy:

Hah, nice. :)
Thanks for the new chapter!

Cadance is a clever pony. Most underrated pink princess by far.

Wonderful to see more of this, especially Cadence outwitting not one but two mighty beings through guile and power. (Outwitting yourself still counts. :raritywink:)

Sorry for not responding sooner. I’ve been in a funk for a few months. Getting back to things now, though.

The second impasse was one of wills, stemming from the smoking hot dragoness that sat across the low table from her.

Shining Armor, if he’d overheard that thought, would probably be jealous for a moment followed by thoughtful and inquisitive by the possibilities.

Smoking hot, that is, in the sense that she was so ticked off that actual smoke escaped her breath in small angsty puffs and the very air around her shimmered with heat.

It could still be both things!

Just as quickly as it had begun, the spell finished, leaving behind a statuesque pink dragoness where once had been a pony.

Shining Armor: “It could definitely still be both of those things.”
Cadance: “Really?”
Shining: “Hey, you’re the one who swears by the Harkness Test.”

Maybe she was sensitive to foreign magic?

I’d ask how Cadance could possibly miss this as the Princess of Love, but then again it’s not like Twilight is always the best at being a friend.

I just noticed this story and read it for the first time, and I'm enjoying it a lot. You write a good adventurous Cadance :moustache:

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