• Published 30th Jan 2020
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That's what Friends are For - The Blue EM2

A short 'what-if' story surrounding the events of 'What Lies Beneath'.

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Vincent Tong-Sandbar
Tabitha St. Germain-Rarity
Ashleigh Ball-Rainbow Dash
Shannon Chan-Kent-Smoulder
Gavin Langelo-Gallus
Devyn Dalton-Ocellus
Lauren Jackson-Silverstream
Katrina Salisbury-Yona

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Write more Sandcellus stories and I promise you that I will not pay you handsomely.

I'd happily do it for nothing.

And on dA, if I remember correctly.

strange ship, but i can hack it

Why do you think Sandcellus strange?

used to yonabar is all

Nice work. And although it's not my ship, it's still cute as hell.

One line stood out to me though, I think it was mentioned before:

"None of us are so shallow to only look at the surface," Sandbar continued. "What lies within is what counts."

I thought of this line as a metaphor for MLP as a whole when I first read it, strangely enough. :rainbowhuh:

That was partly my intention. A lot of people just see a show for little girls, but if you look deeper, there's so much more.

Precisely. Not only that, but we're always quick to judge anything new as well. Remember when Equestria Girls was under fire? The Movie? And the spin-off series too, that's a divisive one. I have seen so many people writing that off just because of the look. And while that's not my preferred animation style to look at, I'm at least giving it a chance before going: "lol that's sucks goodbye fandom MLP is ruined".

More people need to take that line to heart.

Or how lots of people initially shat on the Young 6? On the other hand, I find them more interesting than the Mane 6!

Those characters are some of the best things to come out of this series. Anyone here can fight me on that lol

If they do fight, I'll back you up.


Ain't that the truth.

Though I will admit there's a lot of GallBar going about at the moment.

There also seems to be a lot of Smolcellus.

I noticed that too.

Any Gallstream?

I've noticed. Again, not my ship, but hey, to each their own.

I ADORE that ship. Anyone here can also fight me on that one too lol

Been awhile since I've seen a Sandbar/Ocellus ship fic--they all sort of died out after Yonabar hit TV screens, which was sort of a pity. Yonabar's great too, but there was something to the Sandbar/Ocellus ship too. :twilightsmile:
Some. Seems to be the go-to Gallus-related ship for those that aren't into Gallbar.

There's been a LOT of the gay ships on the Discovery contest though, to the point that I've sort of been hoping there'd be a few more fics that bucked that trend if just to do something different from everyone else, so that's another plus for this fic, I suppose.

I was never keen on YonaBar. The two don't have any real chemistry, whereas Sandbar and Ocellus go together perfectly. Why the writing team went with that I have no clue.

Really? I hadn't noticed most of the ships were LGBT in the other stories.

I've noticed a fair share of Gallstream. That's my second favorite Student Six ship, right behind Sandcellus.

Same. I've shipped them since What Lies Beneath.

Just did a count. It depends on how you want to count them, because some I recall had only implied ships, but didn't really feature them too, and it doesn't seem totally fair to count them for this. So! Sticking with just clear instances of LGBT ships where its the feature focus of the story, of the nineteen stories currently posted, seven of them have at least one clear instance of an LGBT ship. By comparison, only three (thus far) have focused on non-LGBT ships. The rest are either not ship fics at all, or only implied.

Again, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but I was sort of hoping that if there was going to be any ships, there'd be a bit more diversity among them than this. :applejackunsure:

Oh well. That aside, the contest's been great--some real great fics to be had. It'll be interesting to see who the winners ultimately are. :twilightsmile:

Does the three include this one?

Should. I was looking at the complete list, including this one, and I don't see why I would deliberately exclude it, so...*double checks to be safe* yes, that's including this one.

OK. Looks like I'm in limited company.

Always gotta love the credits chapters from you my UK Friend. X3

No problem. Thanks for reading.

Heh, true. Although I did hear it in the first Shrek movie for me of course. X3

Crap. Went ahead and fixed it :) Now can you see what I said above it? :3

I did see. Most people know Smash Mouth's cover, however.

No hoot.

And you are correct on that note. I do admit I was gonna draw out what A Xenomorph/Changeling would look like.

Not to mention all the memes.

Okay, that was rather unique, but not quite what I pictured

Hmmm. Could a facehugger impregnate a Changeling? Not sure how that'd work...

I believe it could. But if I were to guesshow that would happen, maybe Chrysalis or someone else figured they could get a new kind of Changeling drone with Xeno qualities so they sent some unspespecting ones to get impregnated but then it backfired on them

Hmmmm. That gives me an idea for a story...

Oh boy.
If you need assistance on it, you know where to find me

I just realized that this fic was published on my birthday.

Well, a late happy birthday to you.

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