• Published 19th Jun 2019
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Fallout Equestria is a Very Serious AU - garatheauthor

In Equestria's grimdark future, humour is utterly dead as ponies struggle to survive the wasteland.

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Littlepip nodded. “It just works.”


The man chuckles to himself and instantly tosses the report into his recycling bin.

Oh shit, you just straight up wrote him into the story. :rainbowlaugh:

For, in all of his years of service, Todd Howard has learned one thing.
Glitches save lives.

i can see what this relates to, but im still with calamity. like "wtf,Oo"

“What the fuck was that?” Calamity breathed, holding a hoof to his racing chest. “That ain’t right.”
Velvet shrugged. “You learn not to question it.”
Littlepip nodded. “It just works.”

Calamity: "Next you are telling me this is some kind of feature?"

Littlepip nodded. “It just works.”

Ro beat me to posting the song, but this is fantastic. And it even still kind of makes sense in the context of the universe. I could easily see soft places cropping up in a fabric of reality so warped and stretched by megaspells.

"So Todd Howard and Lauren Faust walk into a bar..."

Dang... this inspired me to write a chapter on DLC.

Hopefully Littlepip has enough caps for the mandatory microtransaction...

... I'm gonna have to pony up $9.99 to hear the rest of that, aren't I?

Yarp. Best chapter yet.

Now I want this to actually feature in a serious Fallout: Equestria story.

Vigorous laughter

Could you write a chapter about Sunset's side business (Sunset's Sarsaparilla) and how it was the most popular drink...in the Moojave. It admittedly never reached anywhere more popular than that.

Sadly i have moved onto the Deltarune fandom

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