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After over a hundred years of ruling, Princesses Celestia and Luna are finally getting around to having their capital city built. For head mason Gabion, it's a once-in-numerous-lifetimes opportunity. Canterlot can only be built once, and he's the one overseeing it.

But there's a snag. The design of the castle is eye-poppingly impractical, ready to fall over the cliff at a moment's notice. It's a sin against good architectural practices everywhere. Even Celestia's assurance that she'll personally lend her magic to help build it does little to reassure him.

...And now he'll be giving orders to Princess Celestia herself for the duration of construction. This is going to be a weird job. Maybe he can get to know her a bit, if only to make things a tad less bizarre.

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With a title like this I'm going to be tracking this one.

Flagstone snorted. “She better look good in work clothes.”

Flagstone watched Celestia as the mare levitated several thousand tons of stone in the air. "Oh, daaaaaaamn."

"I'm sorry?"

"Nothing, nothing." She smiled. "Keeping doing what your doing, it's really working." She coughed. "I mean, it's getting the job done. That's all.

Anyone care to place bets on wether he is committed to a normal insane asylum or goes mad and gets lost in the corridors of the architectural monstrosity he will create never to be seen again?

I love your work and style. Keep it up!

Hmm. Intriguing. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

And I have to agree with Gabion. "We have such confidence in our ponies that we choose to live in an apparent deathtrap" isn't the best architectural message to send.

That went better than I was expecting.

I'd like to see a scene in an episode of the castle, and Canterlot, from the base of the mountain.

Something like this: https://www.deviantart.com/jowybean/art/Behind-the-city-of-the-Rulers-443939303

I love seeing stories where Celestia does things like a 'normal' pony, stripping her title and just acting like anyone else would in appropriate situations. Great work with this one.

This. I like it. Another!

No but seriously, this does a good job of showing the mighty glory of the Princess Celestia from the perspective of the common pone. And how much she doesn't want to be that. Still from the common perspective. Nicely done that!

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