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Always a fan of futa rarity and raribelle. This was a great combo.

Glad you had a good time with it :twilightsmile:

...So, despite the title this isn't a watersports fic?

The phrase "wee hours" is an expression that refers to the early hours of the morning, when this story takes place.

Glad you had a good time, or so I assume :raritywink:

She turned, and in the doorway cast her eyes upon a middle-aged mare in a burgundy trench coat and matching fedora,

Are you sure you mean "middle-aged", here? That usually implies fifty or sixty, whereas I would think Rarity here would be in her thirties.

Middle aged is more like 40s. The average human lifespan is only about 80. Admittedly I do operate off of the assumption that ponies age as humans do, though.

Most sources define middle-aged as 45-65, but I guess there's leeway. You're really having Rarity 20 years older than Sweetie, though? That's quite a gap for siblings.

Glad you had fun :scootangel:


"Wee" means "small". Small hours of the morning. No one uses "wee" for piss once they're out of diapers!

Not even when it serves a pun or double entendre?

60-65 is definitely senior citizen age, but I can see middle age potentially lasting into one's 50s or so.Though being 40 myself, I can attest that life definitely changes there - it really is the end of "being young". As for the ponies, well, there are many different interpretations of how old they actually are in relation to one another (and eqg does us no favors in figuring it out). I think early 20s is too young for the canon mane 6 considering they all seem to be established in their lives and 21-24 is basically just starting out on life, so I put the gap between Rarity and her sister around 15 years, give or take.

It's an interpretation. Others might think that gap too large, and I get that. Also I thought an older Rarity gave this piece a bit more character.

Glad you had fun :scootangel:


Especially not then. Puns, for shame. For shame!

Hmm, not quite sure how healthy this relationship is for Sweetie, though it's probably fine in a masochistic kind of way. The main issue with this though, urinary tract infection, not fun.

Meh, world of magic. I'm sure Rarity has a quick cleaning spell.

Admittedly I'm not big on pun comedy, though I can't say I've never done it. But no, 'wee' as a reference to watersports never entered my mind there, heh.

Disease and pregnancy are thankfully something entirely controlled by whether or not you want them to be a part of things in fiction :trixieshiftright:

As for the relationship, the premise isn't so much that SB wants to pursue a relationship with her sister. It's that she's a young professional now, and though she's not unhappy, pressure mounts and sometimes she's just looking for somebody to treat her this way - to break her down a bit, as it were. Rarity is the only one she can trust with it, and since Rarity also knows about it already, she doesn't even have to ask. The 'green light' is perceived to have already been given long before the story starts. SB can't even go to her girlfriend for this sort of thing, but she's not *obsessed* with it. It's just a thing she wants to have now and then.

Fair enough.

You might be in the wrong fandom.


Right fandom. We can all share in the shame of our terrible, terrible horse puns forever. Together.

Oh yes, it was very good :twilightsmile:

Worth a like, but there is one item I'm squeamish about. When you go from the back door to the front door, you need to wash, or pregnancy is the last thing you'll worry about.

Well this one's certainly getting along better than I'd hoped. Glad to see it worked overall for folks :twilightsmile:

9464598 Oh I get that, it only concerned me a bit that Rarity seemed to completely steamroll her autonomy. Things like 'when we disagree, who is always right?', that kind of thing. As long as that doesn't carry over to their general relationship as sisters then I guess it's fine as it is only a part of the whole dom/sub thing.

Yeah, just part of their fetish fun :)

A comment from horsedicks can only be a good thing

Heck, that was hot, and with great characterisation throughout

I'm glad you had a good time with it :raritywink:

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