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An alt for porn commissions.

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Now all we need is one with Sweetie Belle being tied up.

That was really quite well done.

She grabbed some of the tissues Rarity kept by her bedside and wiped it down as best she could, though she was a bit lust-drunk and trying really hard not to think about what she’d been thinking about. She hid the toy back where she found it as best as she could

Rarity sighed. She didn’t know how she knew so easily, but Sweetie Belle had been snooping in her room. Sweetie had been careful, but she hadn’t put everything back the exact same way, and it set the alarm bells off in her head without quite knowing what she’d been incautious about.

Did something go missing here? Feels like it. That was copied and left as is, by the way, no extra spaces added and such.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Missing line break. No text.

Comment posted by Skadia deleted Apr 20th, 2019

It's from a comic series, shouldn't be too hard to look up. Artist is FearingFun.

Comment posted by Skadia deleted Apr 20th, 2019

Jesus H. Fhqwhgads, this is on another level entirely.

That was very, very nice. Sisterly love is something truly wonderful.

Very nicely done. I hope there'll be a sequel with THAT ending...:duck:

Also...Rarity got to fall asleep with her ass still filled out, didn't she? Could be an interesting start to the next chapter... :rainbowwild:

wtf second incest third w.t.h

the Irony of having a problem with incest when your profile picture features vore between underage characters is astounding

It's a bit weird in its execution but I'm a sick bastard... So, 6/10

Great more. Are we to expect a sequel, where Sweetie becomes the toy and Rarity is mistress.

Sweetie yawned, nuzzling deeper into Rarity’s side. “Want to tie me up some time and use me like a toy for a few hours?”

“I always wanted a doll as pretty as you are.” Rarity kissed her horn again.

Oh Rarity:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Simply adorable:heart:.

The toy didn’t reply, obviously too ashamed.


hey eating and sex are two different things buster deal with it :rainbowhuh::moustache:


Vorarephilia ("vore") is an infrequently presenting paraphilia, characterized by the erotic desire to consume or be consumed by another person or creature

exactly it has nothing to do with sex

You clearly have no idea what Erotic means


The toy didn’t reply, obviously too ashamed.

This was my favorite line.

Also, this exchange... :raritystarry:

“Kiss me.”
“So you can practice kissing?”
“No, because I really want to make out with you.”

Contest judge, thoughts.

Oh.. This is really nice.

I could talk about how the psychic distance was a little claustrophobic at times or how some of the word phrasing was a bit odd here or there.. Maybe even how I'd argue a single PoV would've been better(although using scene breaks is greatly appreciated for switching PoV!)...

But that would all betray the fact I just liked the fic. It's very close. Very intimate. It uses simple language to convey a lot of complex feelings and ideas. For that I have a lot of respect. You've made me want to see more of these two, written by you.

I'm becoming quite a fan of Raribelle I just realized...

Good work.


This is a commissions account, so if that's the case-

That being said, I was also going to write a sequel/more if this placed/honourable mentioned. That was a less daunting prospect back before there were, like, 100+ entries though hahaha.


So you know I want more and you're suggesting doing a follow up if you win/get an honourable mention...

Are you trying to bribe me? :rainbowhuh:

I mean it might work. No one's ever tried before. Not sure how low I'll stoop!

Nah, probably not..

definitely not. don't ban me Shake


Pfft. "I promise to write a better sequel" seems like a very lame bribe after this contest resulted in about 15% of all stories submitted last month.

Quality over quantity.

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