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Pinkie Pie touches King Grover's crown, and is periodically thrown back in time to the days of his rule.

Hopefully she doesn't cause any paradoxes. Or alter history in any fashion. Or fall in love.

Chapters (2)
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What if Pinkie ascended using the magic of the crown..? XD

I place this unapologetically. *Note, no threats are meant to be implied from this photo. This is for joke value only.

Some nice story you got here.
Time Traveling Pinkie Pie can only lead to greatness.

You have my interest let's hope you can get my attention

Is this or is this not a Chronicles of Narnia crossover?

Well it doesn't say crossover in the tag and Narnia isn't mentioned at all so I'm gonna say no.

Wardrobe probably sounded better than saying Pinkie's in the closet.

Later, that man somehow survives and ends up writing that Narnia Crossover anyways.

We should probably call Twilight. She might get all nervousy and twitchy and breathing-too-fast on us if we wait too long before telling her.

That's okay. I suspect she's going to get all nervousy and twitchy and breathing-too-fast anyway. :rainbowlaugh:

Ooh, another really interesting premise. :pinkiehappy: Definitely following!

Nah. Here's a friendly, funny jab. Its still a jab, tho.

Well that... is interesting. Insta-faved

...huh. Alright then.

Super excited for this! Not to concern you or anything... but I've checked this story five times times already, hoping it would miraculously update...
But no pressure! Take your time, this is great! :pinkiecrazy:



Poor King Grover's in for a time... :rainbowlaugh:

I'm liking this more and more...

Insane? Perhaps.

You’re king of all griffons, Grover, a burden that will surely kill you and yet you bear it willingly. The canvas is already painted; what’s one more stroke of madness on top?

oh man I like this story and the interactions between pinkie pie and grover

“Wow, ‘back in the day,’ that was almost nine years ago, now!”

Or more accurately, away however many years between here and now with Grover and Pinkie's present...minus nine. :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder if the reason Pinkie's getting thrown back into the past like this is so to maintain a chain of events...you know, Novikov self-consistency principle and all that...:rainbowhuh:


“There was a celebration,” Grover informed her. “The night of my coronation. It was...lively.”

“But not fun?”

“A fight broke out, and I had to break it up by banishing one of my most influential allies out of Griffonstone.”

I imagined it being something like this:

When pinkie mentioned singing I kid of imagined that I’d the reasons giggind banned singing. Lol

Alright, I'm interested.

I'm interested in this story but, ah will read it lat'er.

More please

Wow I have read this story a few times now and I love it <3 You know for quite a while I searched for a story with Pinkie Pie and King Grover but people normally write about them as a crack ship T.T (like pinkie actually dating the statue etc) but I reallyyyy wanted to read something like this! Like a real interaction between them so thank you sooooooo much for writing this story <3 I normally write a comment just in the last chapter but it seems that you wont continue this story soo I want to say thanks for this story in this comment. It made laugh, it was fun and really it was hearthwarming to think Grover would appreciate Pinkie because he feels safe with her <3 I will leave this story in my tracking list just in case but either way thanks and have a wonderful day, it's truly a well written story :3

I’m enjoying the weirdness done seriously here. Keep it up!

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