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Esle Ynopemos

Was that me? Or was it... somepony else?

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And with that, Esle Ynopemos became a clop writer, never to be heard from in decent circles again. :fluttercry:

In all seriousness, though, this was an idea that just would not leave me alone while I was trying to work on a more... Legitimate? Family-friendly? Not-pony-sex-ish? ...piece I was working on. How often I update this will depend on how easily distracted I am from that project.

Egads, Twinkie is like one of my least favorite ships ever, and I make it my first published sex scene? What the hay is wrong with me?

liked and favorited, i must see how it ends
i think rhyming clop might be a new trend! :yay: :trollestia:


reading that in zecoras voice is hilarious

Oh my, this certainly is interesting. Never have I seen a clop in rhyme.

I can't not read it in Zecora's voice. Which makes it all the funnier. Well played.

Not a bad idea, and actually well-written. Very much enjoyed this, good sir :twilightsmile:

Tracking this with great interest!

I havn't read this yet but im going to later. I send the link to my friend that is a 50/50 brony but he loves Zecora.

By god it's like Dr. Suess decided to make porn. It's surprisingly awesome.

I'm not gonna fave, But have a thumbs up and a moustache :moustache:

I could not contain my laughter~ :rainbowlaugh:

Well done good sir!

God this is awesome im totally following this:rainbowkiss:

:rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::eeyup::moustache: So enjoying this. The rhyming just makes it.

950247 lol.... Twinkie. I like Twinkies, but not the Twi Pinkie

1007608 It gets worse! Chapter 2 is going to be one of my other least-favorite ships. It's almost like I'm punishing myself for writing clop by making it about my least favorite pairings!

The worst part is that I don't think of it as Zecora writing, but as some warped X-rated Dr Seuss book, printed on demand by a secretive publisher and sold in brown paper bags!:duck:

Please continue.:trollestia:

I am glad that my pony porn has pleased all of you.
I hope you are as pleased with chapter two!

Have I said this was amazing yet? Because it totally is. I seriously can't believe you're writing the whole fic in rhymes!


Thank you. I am rather concerned myself that I will run out of good rhymes for certain body parts before I get through six chapters, but I suppose I'll just have to get extra creative about it then.

I'm amazed you can create this much rhyme,
It must take up a lot of your time.

1160301 More of my time than I'd like to admit.
But when it's this fun to write, I'd say it's worth it! :coolphoto:

(Durn it all, I need me a Zecora emoticon!)


your ryming skill's are very by most of perfect
but some of the rymes flow seems a bit incorect
for a simple sample to put on the spot
but it is till asome, you ryme like a god.

Fluttershy varied her rhythm—one long stroke, then a flick.
Dash's hoof slipped off the bed with an unconscious kick.
The yellow mare nibbled the Best Young Flier of Equestria,
who cried out hoarsely, “Ohh, Sweet Celestia!”

it gives a better flow to the words to show
but who im i to tell your chosen flow.
by any change you have a other story as well?
becus your rymes make me dwell.
i get lost in your words of this chapter, and cant wait for the next.
i will wait untill you wrote the text.

I've edited my story to add this because
I agree, it's better that way than it was.
For my other stories, click on my profile.
The rest aren't in rhyme, but they may make you smile.
I have four more chapters to write for this fic.
That's enough rhyming clop to make a pony sick! :pinkiesick:


a remedie for sickness, eat some ginger root
but why stop after all this?, your quet good.
i wonder about Ditsie Doo
she should have a sex live two.
Golden Harvest or Carrot Top.
would be using the vegatables non-stop.
what a bout the spa sisters, Aloe and Lotus
trying with out sucsses, making a foetus.

many more come to mind.
all the positions and all that kind
but if you diside to do no more
i think its time for me to go gore.
i dont give much about the clops
but it is zecora,(i think she rocks)
it would be a shame if you leave like that
i would make me rater sad.

maby a story with zecora as main caracter
not every thing has to ryme, but i would prefer
hope it aint a final good bye
clop aint bad, i think your yust shy

respect v-_-

sweet celestia you have an amazing talent.
also "Hard water,” 'Shy interrupted, unusually brash" LOOK OUT WE GOT A BADASS OVER HERE :trollestia:

:yay: "I was going to get a water softener installed, but... *hic* Oh, excuse me, ...but then I decided, 'now why would I want that?' ...*hic*"

Great chapter. I can't even begin to image the work to let this flow so good.

1190694 Some of the time I can type through it at nearly the same speed as a regular story.

And then there are some lines that I just get stuck on and agonize over for days on end. It is a curious state of mind to be standing in the checkout aisle of the grocery store while pondering how to describe a mid-air orgasm using words that are easy to rhyme.

I can seriously see Zecora narrating this. Excellent work. :pinkiehappy:

950247 there are no more twinkies left because Tallahassee ate the last one

Edited a few lines for better continuity with chapter 3, which will be coming sometime in the next few weeks, probably.

Her rain-cloud, filled to brim with thunder
burst, and wet those standing under
Looking up, the sky was plain
"Strange," they said, "it feels like rain!"

But rain was only fleeting wishes
For this liquid smelt like fishes.

...... :rainbowkiss:

Oh Esle Ynopemos. I normally try to wait until a story is complete, but having read your 'Stubborn as Ponies', I will have to read this. I could see this story coming from one of those challenges, but for this to come from your subconscious like that? I could tell there was something "special" with you. I will be watching with great interest for more of this, and anything else you care to share! :twilightsmile:

Aaaaand... I'm done. With the story, that is! :duck:
What were you thinking, what gives? :trixieshiftright:
Some stories can be read, just for the joy. :twilightsmile:
That's all that I'm saying, I mean to be coy. :twilightblush:
Zecora should never give up on this clop, :rainbowhuh:
It's really too funny, to consider a flop. :rainbowwild:
It's also quite hard, this rhyming to stop. :pinkiecrazy:
It's like something inside burst with a pop. :twilightoops:
I can't stop laughing, this is really quite straining! :twilightangry2:
But I have more stories on my list remaining. :twistnerd:
And now, please excuse me. I'm off, see you later! :twilightsmile:
And if anyone bugs you, ignore all the haters! :moustache:

1834963 (Let's see if I can still do this...)

I'm glad that you think that this story is neat.
It'll be awhile yet before it's complete.
Chapter three will come out in the next few weeks
to bring lovely blushes to everypony's cheeks.

Or, at least that is my best estimation.
It's hard to account for procrastination.
Rest assured, I am not going to stop.
It's too much fun to write Zecora's clop!

Glad to know you still got it! :ajsmug:

Behold the zebra named Zecora.
She lived Everfree midst the flora.
In her dark hut,
She'd write lots of smut.
For not all poor ponies can rut.
-Oaten Mash, 'The Zebra'
(excerpt from "Smoot Smites Smut") :duck:

And yes, I know my sourcing is wrong, but I couldn't pass it up. Please ask if you don't know who I am pitifully plagiarizing , he's old-school hilarious! :pinkiehappy:

1838892 Uncultured philistine as I am, I'm afraid I don't quite follow the reference, though I do recognize that it's almost a limerick (the last line is supposed to rhyme with the first two in a regular limerick).

Limerick, shmimick. I thought something felt 'off'

Oaten Mash = Ogden Nash, a very silly American writer (is there another kind? -- just kidding) 1902-1971 famous for nonsensical verse. My mother would amuse me with his doggerel before I was old enough to have taste (I'm still waiting to be old enough for taste!) :rainbowwild:
My personal favorite *clears throat*

A wonderful bird is a pelican,
His bill will hold more than his belican.
He can take in his beak
Food enough for a week;
But I’m damned if I see how the helican.
-Ogden Nash
Man, I can't believe I had to look that up, I remembered it all wrong! :facehoof:

love it,
As I lay here alone reading clop in my bed,
I can't seem to keep zecora's voice in my head,
Tim Burtons "Vincent" vies for my attentions,
as I slip in to Vincent Price's tone and inflection.

These are not giant monsters or vampire bats,
strange children, zombie dogs or mutated rats,
these are pastel pony friends with depraved sexual habits,
screaming "Celestia!" while shagging like rabbits .


... No rhyme, I'll leave that to you since you're so much better at it.

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