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The man who likes ponies but also likes monsters... so what's wrong with him combining the two? ;P


This story is a sequel to Snakes, Tricks and Treats

Note on Sex Tag: There is no actual sex scene or any sexual descriptions in this story, just an implied instance. The tag is just to be safe.


Sweetie Drops and Big Mac go out on a date to the Weeping Willow theme park. After getting lost on one of the rides, the couple find that they are locked in the park after closing hours.

Surely nothing could possibly go wrong.


This story was written in response to the NEW! Random Contest of January, hosted by Nailah, where I was given the random pairing of Big Mac and Bon Bon (who I refer to as Sweetie Drops in this story).

Of course, I decided to bring Gorgony Trixie back, just cause. :raritywink:

As a result it is also a part of my: Gorgony-Verse.

Story edited by: The Crystal King

I created the image using GIMP and what little drawing talent I have.

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Now I'm really worried. I just wish more people would comment on my stories. :ajsleepy:

8725519 This was a nice story. A bit anticlimactic, but still nice.

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