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Sadly, my first attempt at a contest didn't work out so well so here it goes again, but this time things are going to be just a bit different. Please read carefully.

Rules- 1. You must use the two ponies/creatures that are generated for you. You are allowed 1 reroll if you can't think of anything.
2. There's no length limit this time. Go nuts.
3. The two ponies must be romantically involved in the fic.
4. You will HAVE to choose one of the six prompts below. Each prompt is different. I realize some will have the same prompt but you can still be creative based on the ponies you get.
5. Lastly HAVE FUN.

Prizes- 1st place- 30 dollars via Paypal. A drawing of your Oc, plus a 1,000 word one shot of your favorite pairing, plus a follow.
2nd place- A chibi drawing of your Oc, plus a follow.
3rd place- A random 1,000 word one shot, plus a follow.

Honorable mention: Follow, plus a comment on one of your stories you've written, plus a random favorite of said story.
All stories must be marked complete and submitted here: before the deadline. The stories must be written specifically for this contest and cannot have been published on Fimfic before January 1st.

Judges: eevee123
Dreams of Ponies
If you have suggestions for prizes let me know. Obviously I'll be judging. Now here comes the prompts.

Prompt 1: The two ponies/creatures decide to go on a camping trip, but it doesn't go exactly as planned, and the two end up in a fight against a powerful ghost, and they'll have to work together to escape.

Prompt 2: The two ponies decide to go to an amusement park together, only to be locked in it. Of course all the rides work even without operators. The two ponies have to work together to figure out how to get out.

Prompt 3: The gala! One of the ponies/creature invites their friend/lover to the gala. Pretty simple prompt. Go nuts.

Prompt 4: The two ponies/creatures end up in a D&D scenario where death is very much a real thing. Can they rely on one another to find their way home? Or is there relationship not as strong as they think and will it be the thing that breaks them?

Prompt 5: EqG Prompt. Luna and Celestia decide it's time for someone to head the fall formal once again and after that one year they really want this year to be special, so there will be a lot of intense drama and competition. Will the two ponies/creatures be able to keep their heads together or will the competition be the nail of their relationship?

Prompt 6: Aliens have invaded Equestria! It's up to you and your mate to find a way to stop them but when they kidnap your lover, you know it's gone too far. Now it's up to this pony/creature to not only save their lover but save Equestria!

(If you have a suggestion just pm me, only reply here if you wish to enter this.)

Deadline for submissions: March 21st.

Ooooh doing it again eh? Sounds interesting. The prompts are interesting too. So what the hay I'll give it another go too. Hehe I wonder if my pair will be as strange as last time. :pinkiecrazy:

Awesome. Thanks. I guess you and Robin were the only ones to submit last time. It was very depressing. But I appreciate your efforts!

Randomized Pair: Mr. and Mrs. Shy (you can pick one if you wish or use both.) and Trixie.
(Warning: Pets are on this list. It may get weird for some.)

6271973 As with all the contests, I will promote this one on my user page in an attempt to secure you more contenders. Good luck!

Yeah that is depressing. Hopefully it was only because people were busy in December? I know the month got pretty insane for me at times. Here's crossing my hooves things go better this time! Of course! It was an interesting pair you gave me last time, so I had a lot of fun with trying to figure out how to make it work. ^.^

Oooooh a pair even shyer than our dear Fluttershy, and the braggart of a mare Trixie? Can there be a more opposite pair?:derpytongue2: But then they do say opposites attract soo... this could be fun! :pinkiecrazy: Not sure which prompt to use yet, but will figure it out little later.
Oooo pets eh? Hehehe now I'm excited to see what other people get if they get a pet! :rainbowlaugh:

Good luck and thanks for entering this contest.

Thanks, and of course you're welcome! Always fun to have something other than the usual to write. I love my main stories, but other little things like this to just help keep me writing are fun too. ^.^

And if you wanna see my list here it is! Bottom is the generator I use.
6.Spike Dog
17.Sunny Daisey
18.Peachy Pie
19.Tender taps
20.Silver Spoon
21.Diamond Tiara
24.Doctor Hooves
25.Timber Spruce
27.Snips ands Snails
28.Vynil Scratch
34.Cranky Doodle Donkey
37.Flash Sentry
38.Bulk Biceps
39.Trouble Shoes
40.Quibble Pants
42,Tree Hugger
43.Moon Dancer
44.Cheese Sandwich
45.Cherry Jubilee
47.Filthy Rich
48.Fancy Pants
50.Sapphire Shores
51.Daring Do
57.Principal Sinch
59.Doctor Caballeron
61.Flim and Flam
63.Pumpkin Cake
64.Pound Cake
65.Mr. and Mrs. Cake
66.Mr. and Mrs. Shy
67.Zephyr Breeze
68.Maud Pie
70.Big Mac
71.Granny Smith
72.Prince Blueblood
73.Prince Rutherford
74.Princess Ember
75.Shining Armor
78.Bab Seed
79.Sweetie Belle
81.Apple Bloom
82.Sunset Shimmer
83.Starlight Glimmer
90.Rainbow Dash
91.Pinkie Pie
95.Flurry Heart
97.Twilight/Sei Twilight
98.Luna/Nightmare Moon
100.Star Swirled the Bearded'

Generator used:

6271973 So do those of us who participated in the original contest have to start off with new pairs or can we keep our original pairing and use one of the prompts you give us?

I just figured I would ask.

New pairs obviously.

6272073 I guess I'm willing to give it a try again. Just remember my personal beliefs make it so that I can only do certain pairings.

BonBon and Big Mac. Will this work?

Hey there!

I have 2 questions:

1) I'll have to write a fic for each prompt or choose one?

2) Do I use the pairing generator myself or do I need to be appointed a pairing by someone else?

Gloriasa and .Tender taps

Choose 1 prompt. All six would take WAY too long to write and judge silly.
And I use the generator not you.

Randomized pair: Trixie and Sweetie Belle

Romancily involved in general means in a relationship, if you want that relationship to be purely smut rather than an actual relationship then go ahead. Does that answer your question?

Your randomized pair: Maneiae and Flim and Flam.


Randomized pair: Trixie and Sweetie Belle

Ouch... ok then, I'll try! :twilightoops:

6272104 Yep, I can make that work. :pinkiesmile:

I still might try to do something goofy with it like I did with Trixie and Filthy Rich. :rainbowlaugh:

As for the open prompt, what do you think about aliens?

would you like the reroll? You get one. I'm offering if you can't think of anything.

Hmm if I keep the six prompt as Open it means you could do anything. So alien invasion kind of prompt for the sixth one?
I just couldn't think of a sixth one yet so I can use that if you want me too.

Quibble Pants and Filthy Rich

Tirek and Opalescence
Wow not sure if this is better....

Asked for reroll. lolz.

Twist and Derpy

Well, if I'm able to choose to continue with my old roll in case I get a worse reroll :derpytongue2:

Prompt 6: Aliens have invaded Equestria! It's up to you and your mate to find a way to stop them but when they kidnap your lover, you know it's gone too far. Now it's up to this pony/creature to not only save their lover but save Equestria!

Thanks to Robin for the idea for the sixth prompt. :pinkiehappy:

Here's your reroll: Cadence and Big Mac.

I'll keep trixie and Sweetie Belle :rainbowlaugh:

I mean if your worried about Sweetie Belle's age just have her be adult so it's not foalcon. I understand some would think foalcon is weird. Including myself. And heck it could just be Sweetie "crushing" on Trixie and not actually be them as a couple. Just some advice to help ya out. Thanks for entering.

So I didn't think Cadence and Big Mac was that bad. Most ponies think she will sleep with ANY PONY lolz.

6272476 Wow, I would have taken Cadence and Big Mac. :rainbowlaugh:

But that is just my opinion. Oh well. :twilightsmile:


Now I know your not a big fan of gore, but dark fics are okay, right?

No idea if I'll find the time to enter, but I'd like to give it a shot. Roll me.

That moment when you have two great ideas for a story and you have no idea which one to use. <-- Oh and you have a bloody head cold!:pinkiesick:

I'll figure something out.

I'm completely fine with gore, I've even written some Fallout: Equestria fics. I'm just not much into gore in clopfics but I do read some of this more extreme stuff some times

The first fic I've ever read about mlp was A cut too cruel! That coucpled with cupcakes and rainbow factory was what made me discover the wonderful world of fan fiction :pinkiecrazy:

As for the Cadence x Big mac, well at least I can work with some of the prompts with Trixie and SB, but cadence and mac would be a bit harder for me :rainbowlaugh:

Nah, I'm fine with foalcon I just can't write any clop in general so I wasn't planning to.

Just wanted to see if I would get lucky with a more common couple :raritywink:

Get well soon.

I didn't enter the December contest because I didn't have any ideas that I could use, plus the pairing thing would have been a bit too much forcing things. I did get an idea, like, the very last week, but it's for an OC pairing since I doubted I could make it work with anything else save some very, very specific characters.

Also, if I enter this one, I might be tempted to write clop again, if that's acceptable, hit it!

Now I just wish I don't get any pets/animals... would you believe that I had some weird ideas just as I was typing that?

Sapphire Shores and Zecora
best of luck.

clop is perfectly fine so go nuts.
your pair is: Discord and Angel.
um well then... the dice have spoken....

Dammit, I want the reroll. If it's somehow WORSE, then all bets are off and I'll take as full advantage of Discord as I can.

Bulk Biceps and Luna/Nightmare Moon.

Yeah I probably could do something crazy with Discord and Angel but it would be just that CRAZY. The dice weren't not with you on that one. Hope this one's better.

Maybe, maybe...

I have had some weird, weird ideas lately, and this could be an outlet. While I wasn't going to use Discord to change things to Alice in Wonderland levels, it most likely would have still been somewhat strange for any (honest) attempt at romance fiction; NMM is much more manageable.

EDIT: And no, I am not going to use Prompt #6 and have Bulk be Duke Nuke'em, as hilarious as that would have been. My apologies.

lolz. That would be funny to see though! I'm a huge disney nut. xD
You can choose any prompt you wish you don't have to use six if you prefer Prompt 2 for example.

Oh I know, I'm just saying that with those characters, it is actually really easy to go that route (it was the second thing that jumped to mind and did so a minute after the first), although I don't think I can do it justice.

Not to mention that I have minimal exposure to the Duke's games.

As for the first draw, maybe if it had been... Opal or something that was a girl.

Oh I see. Fair enough.
Don't know what you mean by Duke's games but okay.

Well it is Discord wouldn't put it against him to turn Angel into a girl. You know what I just might take this just to see what I can do with it. It's so crazy and random it has to be written. xD. (Obviously I'm not in the contest this is just for fun.)

Hell, I might even end up combining them.

As for what I meant, it was that I only played a level or two of a shareware version of one of Duke Nuke'em's games, waaay back in an old Windows 95 computer.

Ah I see. Well either way best of luck.

I am now suffering the conundrum that that shapeshifter from gravity falls had. Out of the 2 stories ideas do I pick? Should I pick one or the other?... why not both?

Something is wrong with me, but I don't have a fever so it isn't the cold (thought someone was saying that it might be some weird flu that is running around).

Thanks! Interesting pair...
How flexible are the prompts? For most of them, the prompt seems to start with the characters already being romantically involved, or at least friends. Is that 100% necessary, or could I, say, use prompt 3 but they meet at the gala instead? Or prompt 6 but they meet during the invasion?

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