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A collection of some of my shorter or more experimental pieces of fanfic that don't really merit standalone status. Updated at random as I write additional bits and pieces that I can't do anything else with. Rated teen for bathroom humor, drug use, and sad ponies.

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I've read clean before. Amusing enough for what it was. Not quite "LOL" material.
Looking forward to checking out the rest as well.


Nobody gets it. :derpytongue2: Clean is just kind of silly and intentionally ambiguous. I was trying for something a little bit meta with it. I don't think I succeeded.

So this is what you did with Rarity and Fluttershy getting high. When I read that, I was sure you'd do this well- and you sure did. I usually don't like stuff like this, but it was just the perfect blend of weird and funny.

Well, I liked it. :twilightsmile: And I haven't seen "April 20th" before! Stonershy and Raritrippy are amusing.

“It’s just the way the song goes,” she said carefully. “It’s an older one, from before...”
"...from before I stopped watching anime like Outlaw Star..."

945278 Something similar to a bidet (the squirty toilets) I'd imagine. But with rainclouds, and maybe a small tornado.

Is it like one of those crazy Japanese spraying toilets?

Stoner pony is best pony.

Stoner ponies are funny, 'nuff said. :rainbowlaugh:

still doesn't answer the basic question:
whence goeth the residue?! :pinkiegasp:

hmmm, might not be a good idea to build a house below a cloud dwelling......

Up-thumbed for epic oblique Pokémon reference. Will read later.

Bah, who needs drugs when you have ponies?:raritywink:

So when you flush a pegasus toilet they flush the whole room?
That's actually a pretty clever idea considering the whole "wiping problem", just a little wasteful on the water.


Yeeesssss... I was wondering how long it would take for someone to get that. You win a No Prize sir/ma'am.

Fluttershy and Rarity getting high. Surprisingly an interesting read, and rather deep. I like how the two of them discuss matters while stoned and how these matters still have quite the amount of emotional wait to them. The friendship line that Fluttershy would still be there when Rarity got back from space was sweet.

Damn ponies be getting high as fuck

Oh shit lunas a ho

Ha, you made a Discworld reference that is in turn a They Might Be Giants reference. :pinkiesmile:

:facehoof:That title took me far too long to get. I really liked these, although 'Clean' was my favorite. Leave it to Pinkie to interrupt adorable frollicking with plumbing questions.

That was so Pinkie Pie, that I could see her asking something like that in canon. I've probably commented this a thousand times, but you are a pro at writing Pinkie Pie even to the point that she's in character in the most out of character situations.

Not sure if meta or philosophical... crap! I think I got a contact high.

FYI: Stonershy is canon:

"Stare Master," right after Fluttershy puts the CMC to bed and tells herself how easy it is to take care of 3 fillies.

Yes! So much ROFL! :rainbowlaugh:

They Might Be Giants in the house! Peace! :rainbowwild:


948839 Ever talked to someone who was stoning? Soul-searching and airing out of feelings is par for the course.

I got it! I swear! I understood that not knowing exactly what happens is the point, and that any explanation destroys it. It's like the noodle incident in Calvin and Hobbes; if you ever learnt what happened it wouldn't be any fun anymore.


I liked all of these, although I must say I liked this one the best. Something about it just felt right, but I am really not sure how to describe it beyond that. The second was also very amusing, although I am inclined to agree that the first one did not quite work. I think it might be because you showed a little too much for a proper noodle incident and did not have any really strange tidbits afterwards. It might help if you cut out everything after Fluttershy's house and then wrapped it up with a scene the next day where Fluttershy asks Pinkie how it went which results in a traumatic flashback due to something really weird like a noodle (you come up with something original, I am too lazy).

I love how they ALL start with Flutters. Lol


There may be a reason for that... :yay:

"What's a little buttdiving between friends!?"

.... I am going to find a situation somewhere in my life where I can use this line. Preferably in a large crowded location, screaming it as loud as I possibly can.

Chapter 1: Hah, quite funny. Poor Pinkie. I'm assuming she got flushed out of the cloud or something, though maybe I'm just missing an obvious joke or something. :trixieshiftright:

Chapter 2: I laughed so hard at this. It took me way too long to realize the significance of April 20, though. :facehoof: But seriously, this story was amazingly funny. But also sweet! Rarity and Fluttershy pouring out their souls was very touching, and good character examination and development. Once again, I find myself jealous of your creativity and talent, good sir. :moustache:

Chapter 3: The touching sweetness! It burns! :raritycry: No but really, another great story. Hurray for excellent character analysis and portrayal! :twilightsmile:

Looking forward to the next chapter, and the inevitable Fluttershy awesomeness! :yay:

:raritystarry:This story be awesome mon... nuff said :yay:

945298 you liked 'thanks'?

Brilliant, jus' brilliant:pinkiehappy:


Normally I tend to roll my eyes at stonedfics. This one has heart to it, and actually manages to be humorous, as opposed to 'lolrandom hayguys stonervision lolololol'


Nice to see a Stonershy that doesn't just turn into a generic teen movie.

Not sure what I just read, but I liked it:yay:

Hey, hey Fluttershy... Friendship.

Scare target.
Hug target.
Sniff mane.

Fluttershy nodded. "Yes, she said I had to be very careful that the space pony didn't see me, because if it did then it would probably want to touch my butt."

Fair enough on that point.

and I really don't think it wants to do anything to your butt.

Well you see Twi, that's where you'd be wrong.

You know, if I somehow ended up there... I'd probably pull the same thing.... with Fluttershy. The rest would clearly involve more, but just randomly show up, hug Fluttershy and walk out. It sounds like a plan.

LOL! :heart:

I likes it


Best HiE fic EVER. Hands down. It took me until almost the very end until I figured it out, VERY CLEVER! And oh God Pinkie has read too much clopfic. I wish I could thumb up this story again, but I already did for one of the previous "chapters." :derpytongue2: Why can't I thumb up this set of stories more than once? :rainbowkiss:

Although "Glancing around, Fluttershy slowly extricated one of her arms from the embrace..." Ponies don't have arms.
Also "When she'd completed her search and found nothing any more intimidating than a rabbit..." Rabbits are intimidating as hell. Especially Angel Bunny. :twilightoops:

Did they have sex?



Yes, but that's only because Angel's no ordinary rabbit! He has a viscous streak a mile wide! That thing's a killer! He has huge sharp... He can leap about... J-just look at the bones!!!


The upper portion of a horse's front leg is actually called the forearm, oddly enough.


Wasn't my intention to imply that they were going to do so. I'm not saying Fluttershy and Rarity have never made slow, gentle love to each other while under the influence of cannabis. Not saying they have either. I can neither confirm nor deny any rumors of pony lesbianism spurred on by the use of recreational mind-altering substances.


Angel awaits with big, nasty, pointy teeth.

All the stories are Fluttershy.

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