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Pascal is an avid reader who is interested in trying his hand at writing fiction for fun.


Lyra and Bon Bon are working in a warehouse, but Lyra quickly wonders if there's more going on than meets the eye.

Based on a true story.

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Manual labor can drive one to crazy things, that worker should be glad they didn't try to smite him. When in Rome...
Something about this seems like it would make a great episode for a cartoon

That's funny but you said it's based on a true story right? So did this happen to you or someone you know?


I work in a warehouse, and I had this very discussion with one of my co-workers yesterday while we were taping boxes and setting them in a pile.

The part where they went crazy and hijacked a forklift didn't really happen though. That was artistic license.

Reminds me of John Campbell before he started being weird for the sake of being weird. I liked the little touches, like Bon Bon mummifying herself in tape.

Also, it is good to see that Lyra was not deterred. If she keeps guessing that she's in Hell, she will eventually be right.

And that's when Bon Bon discovers that Hell is other ponies. :ajbemused:

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I see putting Lyra and Bon Bon in philosophical situations is all the rage now

On a side note, this was funny as fuck

This was literally, the funniest story I have ever read. Any other comedy would be just random crap happening with recycled jokes everyone's used or try to break the fourth wall to do something unexpected. But this, this is a truly funny situation. Also, imagine the voices for Lyra and Bon Bon are the ones for lamas in hats.

Lyra's not in hell, but Bon Bon is :pinkiehappy:

I :moustache: you if you and your coworker ever did get your break, or did you write this while taping boxes?

I feel your pain. I work in Amazon as a picker (Though the roads are too iced to safely get there right now and they still said 'business as usual *Happy voice*. They must want us to die or something) and on the days when time really seems to drag you do start to wonder if THIS is Hell. Like that guy from Greek myth that rolled the boulder forever.

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