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A new darkness has taken root in the Everfree Forest, and ponies are going missing. Does Fluttershy's new pet hold any answers? Or is Ponyville, and eventually all of Equestria, doomed?

Special thanks to SoFDMC for the cover art!

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:fluttercry:"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about your secret dead fish fetish.":rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I didn't laugh super hard, but all I could think about on seeing that line was that it was AWESOME! I'm not sure RD would actually be that mean, but considering the pranks she's pulled so much of the time.... :eeyup:

Oh sweet Celestia, a xenomorph in Equestria. This can only mean one thing.:rainbowdetermined2:

GOD DAMMIT FLUTTERSHY!:flutterrage: WHY!?!?!?

Sweet!!! I can be the first to say that i read this story first on Fanfiction.

Alien meets Ponies?

Cool beans.

That ending... Please say that you have an reason for implying there was an incredibly large spaceship in orbit over Equestria, blocking out an entire constellation... or conversely, the new presence of said spaceship, with a mostly working cloaking device, but some little spots/stars shining through.

PLEASE. :pinkiehappy:

Awesomesauce i read this story first on fanfiction too when i saw it was here i almost did a backflip:pinkiehappy:

I remember this from Fanfiction as well, loved this story. :twilightsmile:

I could have sworn this fic has beem made before a long while ago...

923858 It was, but he only just now posted it. I re-read it because it was so FUCKING AWESOME!

Oh, I am so looking forward to this!

Really? Scuttles:facehoof:? but I can't help but wonder where it's getting all of the eggs?

I'm trying to decide if I should be scared for the safety of the town, or if I should laugh at the fact that Fluttershy has been promoted to hive queen.

I wonder how the Changelings would react to this?

I wonder where that Predator got to? I guess I'll keep reading.

aww, poor Roseluck.... at least that's a hefty meal for the critter

Nuke the entire site from orbit--it’s the only way to be sure! ^^

Fluttershy tames the xenomorph... 0_o
Head goes BOOOM!

The idea is from a deleted scene from Alien.
There the Xenomorph transforms the crew members it captures
into eggs.
Should still be on YouTube.

If you think about it so long as there is no queen a standard xenomorph could be trained. Hell it could be the ultimate guard dog/pet/alien/thing.

how on earth did you manage to make me terrified and yet again made me laugh with mirth wile i'm scared out of my socks?On another note, I applaud the ships my ship-goggles detected at the end and I hope your next fic wile be as awesome as the ones I have read so far :ajsmug:

Glad to see you choose to post this here as well.

I sure hope you can write a sequel or a story about the last section of the story (with the constellations appearing, and the mystery behind them).


scuttles vs. pinkie pie:pinkiesmile:wins

really, with the end, i expect a sequel.:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


I'm building up to something! Slowly. It's very messy, but I do have a plan. Hopefully the show won't be over before I'm done. :derpytongue2:

I am no longer impotent.

So Celestia purged the last Xenomorph of it's "evil" instincts and gave it intelligence so it can be with the ponies, but not body of a pony?
If this was the resolution to "Human in Equestria" story you would probably be drowning in down-votes and the comments would be screaming bloody murder.
Isn't this fun? :trixieshiftright:

Why does nopony ever listen to Angel?:derpyderp2:

Dear sir, I believe shutaro is referring to the incredibly horrid cliche that says being turned into a pony somehow negates all violent instincts and thoughts.


Because he's a dick.


I was not aware such a cliche existed! ...that doesn't even make any sense, ponies can totally be violent. :pinkiecrazy::flutterrage::twilightangry2:

Thank you, that was exactly the point I was trying to bring across.

Right you are, that doesn't make any sense. Yet this is one of the main arguments in many TCB-related discussions.:facehoof:

One might argue, that Angel does not speak, ergo he can not be listened to.:pinkiehappy:

It mostly stems from the Conversion Bureua sub-fandom.


That long, huh? So... we can expect a sequel in about sixteen years?

hu now I really really didn't see that happening but I like it

lol fuckin scuttles

So the xenomorph has hooves..... can someone illustrate this for me? I simply can't even imagine what it would look like :rainbowhuh:

:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: pinkie vs xenomorph? Damn alien better watch out!

Oh shit. They better get her to surgery.

This was awesome. ALSO this deserves more views... or attention... or all the above.

I absolutey love everything about Xenomorph not the pony one human breed one from biology to just everything and I was just dripping with exitment as soon as I saw this eer read this. fluttershy being a surrogate queen to the Xenomorph. the thing I liked the most was how much this gave me the chills. the normal Xenomorph excites me this one actually seemed very terrifying like the dog alien or the newborn what I'm trying to say in laimens terms is this thing scared th shit outa me.:heart::rainbowkiss::fluttershysad::pinkiehappy:fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/318/0/1/my_little_pony_colonial_marine_by_corruptionsolid-d4g78t3.jpg Left to right fluttershy as Sgt Appone. Rarity as bishop. Spike as Newt. Twilight as Lt. Ellen Ripley. Pinky as Private Hudson. Rainbow dash as Vasquez. Apple jack as Corporal Hicks. MAKE IT HAPPEN

That was nice!

I loved how you carefully avoided most of the pitfalls associated with this kind of fanfiction.

No idiot ball, characters act according to what they know and to the best of their ability. Thus the plot progression did not feel forced.

No Twilight nerf. Lots of fics have Twilight (and/or Rarity) forget about their abilities when they need it.
I find it extremely frustrating when T/R is put in a situation where a canon use of one of her standard magic ability would allow her to get her out of it, and she conveniently doesn't, "for the plot" :twilightangry2:
Here Rarity simply removed the facehugger, as expected. I did a fistpump upon reading that.

And Celestia wasn't occulted, the characters warn her as soon as they have reason to and she reacts as fast as the situation demands. That was refreshing.

All of the above should not be remarkable, and yet it is exceptionnal :raritydespair:

The number of times when you point such anomalies in a fic, and you get "otherwise they would be no story" as an answer :twilightangry2:

You don't need big ugly plotholes when you're good. You are good.

I look forward to your remaining fics I still have on my backlog.

Face full of alien wing-wong! :heart:

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